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Documents Related to the Development of the

International Communist League
Spartacist League

The majority of the documents in this library were authored by various sections, individuals and affiliates of the international current of the Spartacist League, known as the International Communist League. However, the purposed of this collection is not only to preserve these documents but also to collect all documents pertaining to the ICL/SL including those in opposition to the politics of the tendency as well as critical documents of opponent organizations and tendencies in opposition to it. Thus the sub-title of this archive: Documents Related to the Development of the International Communist League/Spartacist League.

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Declaration of Principles and Some Elements of Program of the International Communist League – 1998

The SWP and the Fourth International, 1946-54: Genesis of Pabloism – 1972. From Spartacist: A Marxist Journal, No. 21, Fall 1972

The Stalin School of Falsification Revisited – Reply to the Guardian – 1972.

In Defense of a Revolutionary Perspective – Presented to the June 1962 plenary meeting of the Socialist Workers Party (U.S.) National Committee as a Statement of Basic Position by the Revolutionary Tendency (RT) of the SWP. Published as Marxist Bulletin No.1.

Cuba and Marxist Theory – Published as Marxist Bulletin No. 8 (1966) by the Spartacist League

Stalinism and Trotskyism in Vietnam, A Spartacist Pamphlet, 1975

The SWP – A Strangled Party – Published in Spartacist No. 37-38, Summer 1986

Healyism Implodes – Published in Spartacist No. 35-36, Winter 1985-1986

Trotskyism, What It Isn't and What It Is! – A Spartacist Pamphlet, 1990

The Origins of Chinese Trotskyism – Published in Spartacist No. 53, Summer 1997

Stalinism and Spain – by Paul Flewers, and the Spartacist statement in response to it. From Revolutionary History Vol.1 No.2, 1988

The Black Question and the Class Struggle – a series of pamphlets and statements spanning over 25 years of the SL's views on the Black Question and fighting racism

Hate Trotskyism – Hate the Spartacist League

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Prometheus Research Library Series

Guidelines on the Organizational Structure of Communist Parties, on the Methods and Content of Their Work

Documents on the “Proletarian Military Policy”

In Memoriam Richard S. Fraser. Critical documents on the black question from the SWP.

Yugoslavia, East Europe and the Fourth International: The Evolution of Pabloist Liquidationism

Marxist Politics or Unprincipled Combinationism? Internal Problems of the Workers Party, by Max Shachtman.

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Marxist Bulletin Series

Marxist Studies Series

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Special Addition: the Louisiana HUAC Document on the Spartacist League

Full testimony in front of the Louisiana State HUAC in 1967. Subject was on SL activities in the state up through 1967. 11mb PDF file. This document appears here on the ETOL thanks to the Riazanov Library.