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Marxist Studies Series

Introductory note on this Studies series by the Riazanov Library Project: This page contains all of the Marxist Studies published by the Spartacist League. This series was developed for internal cadre development but were sold to the public as well. In some cases there are two copies of the same Marxist Studies ... one of a first edition printing, one of a later edition printing (even though the two may indeed be identical).

No. 1 Program of the Fourth International

Nos. 2 & 3 Trotsky and Munitions Industry

No. 4 Return to the Road of Trotskyism

No. 5 State Capitalism: The Clock Without a Spring

No. 6 The Fourth International and Our Attitude Toward It

No. 7 Discussion of the World Wide Radicalization of Youth

No. 8 Workers Democracy and Soviet Economy

No. 9 The First Four Congresses of the Communist International