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Hate Trotskyism – Hate the Spartacist League

A listing of the a series of pamphlets published by the Spartacist League that polemicize with other groups on the Trotskyist left that have polemicized with the Spartacist League at some point


Bulletin No. 1:

Bulletin No. 2:

Bulletin No. 3:

Bulletin No. 4:

Bulletin No. 5: The Bolshevik Tendency

Bulletin No. 6: From Malice to Provocation

  • Introduction
  • The Bund Sozialistischer Arbeiter:
    "Bundestag Election '90-What Do the Others Stand For?:
    The SpAO-Provocateurs Against the Fourth International," translated from Neue Arbeiterpresse No. 633, 23 November 1990
  • The Gruppe Spartakus:
    "Statement of the Gruppe Spartakus on the Bundestag Elections: No Vote to the SPO/No Vote to the POS-Critical Support to the SpAO," translated from a leaflet by the Gruppe Spartakus, German section of the International Bolshevik Tendency, 17 November 1990
  • A Letter on "Spartacism":
    Typescript of a letter by Barry Weisleder, longtime spokesman for the United Secretariat in Canada, 15 November 1990

Bulletin No. 7: Algeria

  • Introduction
  • "Real Trotskyist Platform or Spartacist Platform" Contribution to the Debate with Algerian PST Militants by Damien Elliott, editor of I'Egalite, newspaper of the JCR, youth group of French section of the United Secretariat, August 1992
  • "Open Letter to the JCR-I'Egalite" by the Ligue Trotskyste de France, 27 July 1992

Bulletin No. 8: The Bolshevik Tendency: From the Snake Pit of Anti-Spartacism

  • Introduction
  • The Communist Workers Group: “Bureaucratic Centralism in the IBT and the Intervention of the Working Committee” (undated, published in May 1993)

Bulletin No. 8A: The International Bolshevik Tendency What Is It?

Bulletin No. 9: The Norden "Group": Polymorphous Opportunism

  • Introductory Note
  • "After Spartacist League Purges Leading Cadres, ICL Flees from Class Battle in Brazil—From a Drift Toward Abstentionism to Desertion from the Class Struggle"
    Published by the Norden "group," July 1996

Bulletin No. 10: Defectors, Renegades and Political Pirates More on the Norden Group from the Bolshevik Tendency and the Workers League/Socialist Equality Party

Bulletin No. 11: David North's "ICFI" From Support to Capitalist Counterrevolution in the USSR to Great Russian Chauvinism

  • Introduction
  • "Why Marxists Do Not Raise the Call 'Restore the Soviet Union'"
    Reprinted from Workers Vanguard Nos. 638 and 639, 2 and 16 February 1996
  • "The Spartacists Reject the Slogan of the Restoration of the USSR"
    Translated from Rabochii-Internatsionalist, bulletin of the Chelyabinsk Bureau of the ICFI, May 1996
  • ''Afghanistan, Poland, Chechnya 'ICFI' /Northites: Counterfeit Trotskyists"
    By the Spartacist League, 7 October 1997

Bulletin No. 12: lCL Trotskyism vs. Mandelite "Left" Polish Nationalism
English-language translation of "Hate Trotskyism, Hate the Spartacists" Bulletin No.1, published by the Spartacist Group of Poland (SGP), section of the International Communist League (Fourth-Internationalist)

  • Introduction
  • On the Spartacist Renegades
    Reprint of a polemic by a supporter of the NLR [Revolutionary Left Current], undated, distributed in December 1998
  • For New October Revolutions! ICL Trotskyism vs. Mandelite "left" Polish Nationalism
    Reply of the Spartacist Group of Poland, 14 March 1999

Bulletin No. 1 Workers Power and the Irish Workers Group [Published by the Spartacist League Britain and the Dublin Spartacist Youth Group,]:

  • Introductory note
  • Material by the Irish Workers Group
  • Sectarianism and Stalinophilia: The Politics of the Spartaclsts
    IWG pamphlet (February 1990)
  • The Spartacists: A Poisoned Well
    IWG pamphlet (1 October 1990)
  • Material by the Spartacist League
  • Tony Cliff's stepchildren
    Workers Power: the baggage of State Capitalism
    Workers Hammer No. 100 (September 1988)
  • Soft-core capitalist restorationists
    Workers Power: right turn on East Germany
    Workers Hammer no 113 (March/April 1990)
  • The Butchenko affair: Anti-Sovietism comes home to roost
    Workers Power caught with Russian fascists, Thatcher's scabs
    Workers Hammer No. 116 (September 1990)
  • The Workers Power school of "re-elaboration"
    Turning on the Butchenko spit
    Workers Hammer no 117 (October 1990)

Bulletin No. 1: A Reply to the Workers International Vanguard League [Published by Spartacist South Africa]:

  • Introduction
  • LRP's South Africa Lash-Up"
    Reprinted from Workers Vanguard No. 667, 2 May 1997
  • "Open Letter to the Spartacist League by the National Central Committee of the Workers International Vanguard League"
    Reprinted from an unpublished letter, 1 October 1997
  • "A Reply to the Workers International Vanguard League"
    By Spartacist South Africa, 18 July 1998