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Prometheus Research Series No. 2

Documents on the “Proletarian Military Policy”

With Introduction by the International Executive Committee of the international Spartacist tendency

Published: 1989
Source: Prometheus Research Library, New York. Published as Prometheus Research Series No. 2, 1989.
Transcription/Markup/Proofing: David Walters, John Heckman, Prometheus Research Library
Public Domain: Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line 2006/Prometheus Research Library. You can freely copy, display and otherwise distribute this work. Please credit the Marxists Internet Archive & Prometheus Research Library as your source, include the url to this work, and note the transcribers & editors above.

Table of Contents



“Trotskyist Policies on the Second Imperialist War,” by the International Executive Committee of the international Spartacist tendency

Appendix: “Proletarian Military Policy”

Appendix: “Trotskyists in World War Two,” by Pierre Vert

Socialist Workers Party

“Resolution on Proletarian Military Policy,” adopted at Plenum-Conference held in Chicago 27-29 September 1940

Max Shachtman's Polemics

“Fascism and the World War,” 4 November 1940

“Working-Class Policy in War and Peace,” January 1941

Britain: Resolutions from the Founding Conference of the Revolutionary Communist Party, March 1944

“Resolution on Military Policy,” submitted by the Workers International League and the Trotskyist Opposition of the Revolutionary Socialist League

“On National Defence,” submitted by the Militant Group of the Revolutionary Socialist League

“Attitude of the Proletariat Towards Imperialist War,” submitted by the Left Faction of the Revolutionary Socialist League

Appendix: “Britain's War Production Is in Chaos!” flyer for 22 February 1942 public meeting of the Workers International League

France: Committees for the Fourth International, April 1941

“A Propos of 'Trade-Union Control of National Defense',” by Comrade C.

“The Committee's Reply to Comrade C.” 


Material by Trotsky and Cannon on the “Proletarian Military Policy”