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Black Question and Marxist Theory

Published: New York City
Scanning and Digitization: Marty Goodman from the Riazanov Library Project.
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Table of Contents

Black History and the Class Struggle [Series No. 1]

On the Civil Rights Movement [Series No. 2]

Massacre of Philly MOVE [Series No. 3]

Black Soldiers in the Jim Crow Military [Series No. 4]

Finish the Civil War! [Series No. 5]

Touisant L’ouverture and the Hatian Revolution [Series No. 6]

Black Soldiers Fight for Freedom. Review of Glory [Series No. 7]

South African and Permanent Revolution [Series No. 8]

L.A. Explodes [Series No. 9]

Malcolm X [Series No. 10]

Stop the Klan! For a Workers America [Series No. 11]

South Africa Powder Keg [Series No. 12]

Fight for Black Freedom, Fight for a Socialist Future! [Series No. 13]

Capitalist Rulers Wage War on Blacks, Immigrants [Series No. 14]

Free Mumia! [Series No. 15]

South African Workers Battle Neo-Apartheid [Series No. 16]

War On Terror Means War on Immigrants, Blacks, Labor [Series No. 17]

Life in Black Panther Party [Series No. 18]

New Orleans: Racist Atrocity [Series No. 19]

From Mumia Abu-Jamal to Jenna Six: Capital Justice = Racist Repression [Series No. 20]

Obama: CEO of Racist American Capitalist System [Series No. 21]

Open Letter to the Black Panthers [Series No. 22]

The Rise and Fall of the Black Panther Party

Break with the Bourgeois Tri-Partate Alliance, from Spartacist South Africa