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Zionism in the Age of the Dictators

Lenni Brenner

Zionism in the Age of the Dictators

Glossary of Jewish and Zionist Organisations

Agudas Yisrael (Union of Israel) – an anti-Zionist Orthodox movement.

Alliance Israelite Universelle – French Jewish philanthropy.

American Jewish Committee – Right-wing assimilationist grouping.

American Jewish Congress – Zionist-dominated organisation identified with rabbi Stephen Wise.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee – Major bourgeois overseas charity.

Anglo-Palestine Bank – Zionist bank in Palestine.

Betar – Revisionist youth organisation. See Revisionists.

B’nai B’rith (Sons of the Covenant) – conservative assimilationist fraternal order.

Board of Deputies of British Jews – Major Jewish organisation in Britain.

Brit Habiryonim (Union of Terrorists) – Revisionist Fascist organisation.

Brith Hachayal (Union of Soldiers).

Brith Hashomrim (Union of Watchmen) – Revisionist organisation in Nazi Germany.

Bund (General Jewish Workers League) – Yiddish socialist movement in Russia and Poland; anti-Zionist.

Central Bureau for the Settlement of German Jews – Headed by Chaim Weizmann, it organised German immigration to Palestine.

Centralverein (Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith) – defence organisation of assimilationist bourgeoisie.

Comité des Delegations Juives (Committee of Jewish Delegations) – post-First World War international Jewish defence organisation dominated by Zionists.

Emergency Committee for Zionist Affairs – Official voice of World Zionist Organisation in the United States during the Second World War.

Far Eastern Jewish Council – Organisation of Japanese collaborators.

General Zionists – Bourgeois Zionists divided into rival factions.

Gentile Friends of Zionism – Pro-Palestine Committee in Austria.

Ha’avara Ltd. – Trading company set up by World Zionist Organisation to trade with Nazi Gerrnany.

Hadassah – Zionist women's organisation.

Haganah – Underground militia in Palestine, dominated by Labour Zionists.

Ha Note’a Ltd. – Citrus corporation in Palestine which entered into trade agreement with Nazi Germany.

Hapoel (The Worker) – Labour Zionist sports movement.

Hashomer Hatzair (Young Watchmen) – left Zionist youth movement.

Hechalutz (Pioneers) – Labour Zionist youth movement.

Histadrut (General Federation of Jewish Labour in Palestine).

Hitachdut Olei Germania (German Immigrants' Association in Palestine).

International Trade and Investment Agency – British affiliate of Ha’avara Ltd.

Irgun Zvei Leumi (National Military Organisation) – Revisionist underground.

Jabotinsky Institute – Revisionist research centre.

Jewish Agency for Palestine – Central office of World Zionist Organisation in Palestine; originally it nominally included non-Zionist sympathisers.

Jewish Colonial Trust – Zionist bank.

Jewish Fighting Organisation – One of two Jewish underground movements in the Warsaw ghetto, incorporating the left-Zionist youth groups, the Bund and the Communists.

Jewish Labor Committee – American organisation, dominated by Bundist sympathisers, anti-Zionist in 1930s.

Jewish Legion – Zionist military organisation in British Army during conquest of Palestine in the First World War.

Jewish National Fund – Zionist land fund.

Jewish Party (Romania) – Zionist party.

Jewish People’s Committee (USA) – Communist front group.

Jewish People’s Council – Community defence movement against Mosleyites in Britain.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency – Zionist news service.

Jewish War Veterans – Right-wing American ex-servicemen’s organisation.

Joint Boycott Council of the American Jewish Congress and the Jewish Labor Committee – Anti-Nazi boycott organisation.

Judenrat (Jewish Council) – Nazi puppet council in the ghettos.

Judenstaat Partei (Jewish State Party) – Revisionist splinter group, post-1934, loyal to World Zionist Organisation.

Jüdische-nationale Partei (Jewish National Party) – Austrian Zionist party.

Jüdischer Verlag (Jewish Publishers) – German Zionist publishing house.

Jüdische Volkspartei (Jewish People’s Party) – right-wing party in German Jewish communal politics, dominated by Zionists.

Keren Hayesod (Palestine Foundation Fund).

Labour Zionists – See Poale Zion.

Left Poale Zion – Labour Zionist splinter grouping with a strong Yiddishist orientation.

Leo Baeck Institute – German Jewish exile research organisation.

Lohamei Herut Yisrael (Fighters for the Freedom of Israel – Stern Gang) – Revisionist splinter group.

Maccabi – Zionist sports organisation.

Minorities Bloc – Coalition of bourgeois nationalists in Poland set up by Polish Zionists.

Mizrachi – Religious Zionist party.

Mossad – Bureau in charge of illegal immigration for World Zionist Organisation.

Naftali Botwin Company – Yiddish-speaking unit with International Brigades in Spain.

Nationale Jugend Ilerzlia – Revisionist youth movement in Nazi Germany.

Near and Middle East Commercial Corporation (NEMI CO) – Affiliated to Ha’avara Ltd.

New Zionist Organisation – Revisionist international organisation set up in 1935.

Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League – Anti-Nazi boycott organisation of the 1930s.

Ordenergrupe – Defence groups of the Bund in Poland.

Organisation of Jewish Centre Party Voters – Grouping of Jewish capitalists who voted for Catholic Centre Party.

Palestine Labour Party – Labour Zionist party in Palestine; see Poale Zion.

Palestine Offices – Fourteen world-wide offices for immigration to Palestine.

Poale Zion (Workers of Zion) - Labour Zionists.

Polish Zionist Organisation – Mainline Zionist federation.

Radical Zionists – Bourgeois Zionist faction, later merged with a faction of the General Zionists.

Reichstag Elections Committee – Short-lived Jewish bourgeois grouping for 1930 election.

Reichsverband jüdischer Kulturebunde (German Union of Jewish Culture Leagues) – segregationist organisation established by Nazis.

Reichsvertretung der deutschen Juden (Reich Representation of Jews in Germany) – united organisation of Jewish bourgeoisie under the Nazis.

Revisionists – Political party established by Vladimir Jabotinsky in 1925.

Staatszionistische Organisation (State Zionist Organisation) – Revisionist movement in Nazi Germany, technically unaffiliated to world Revisionist movement.

Stern Gang (Lohamei Herut Yisrael – Fighters for the Freedom of Israel).

Swit Dawn – Revisionist underground movement in Poland under the Nazis.

Tnuat Haherut (Freedom Movement) – Revisionist party in Israel, founded by Menachem Begin.

United Jewish Parties – Czechoslovakian Jewish electoral bloc including Zionists.

Vaad Hazalah – Jewish Agency's Rescue Committee during the Holocaust.

Vaad Leumi (National Council) – semi-government of Zionist settlement under the British.

Working Group – Jewish rescue group in Slovakia.

World Jewish Congress – Pro-Zionist Jewish defence organisation established in 1936.

World Zionist Organisation – Central body of Zionist movement.

Yad Vashem Remembrance Authority – Israeli Holocaust Institute.

Zidovska Strana (Jewish Party) – Zionist party in Czechoslovakia.

Zion Mule Corp – Zionist unit with British Army in the First World War.

Zionist Organisation of America – Equivalent of General Zionists.

Zionistische Vereinigung für Deutschland (Zionist Federation of Germany).

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