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The Spanish Left in its Own Words


Revolutionary History, Vol.1 No.2, Summer 1988. Used by permission.


Santiago Carillo The Spanish revolution in practice: why we make this invitation

The Programme of the POUM in 1936

The Communist Party Denounces the POUM

The Communist Party Calls for a Professional Army

The POUM attacks the Nationalism of the Spanish Stalinists

The Anarchists Defend the Gains of the Spanish Revolution Against the ‘Communists’

Negrete and Oehler report from Barcelona

Manifesto of the POUM During the Barcelona May Days

POUM Policy During the May Events

Manifesto of the National Committee of the CNT regarding the May Days in Barcelona

Counter-Theses for the Conference of the POUM

The Programme of the Spanish Bolshevik-Leninists


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