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Mieczyslaw Bortenstein (M. Casanova)

Spain Betrayed

How the Popular Front Opened the Gates to Franco

From Revolutionary History, Vol.4 Nos.1-2. Used by permission.

This account was first published over the pseudonym of M. Casanova as a pamphlet in the Le Tract collection (no.3) and in Quatrième Internationale, no.17, May 1939.



Author’s Introduction

1. The Tragic Exodus

2. Why Barcelona Was Given Up Without A Fight

3. And the CNT?

4. The Republican Army and its Contradictions

5. The Ideological Factor in the Civil War

6. Can the Francoist Army be Disintegrated?

7. Once More on Technique

8. War Industry

9. What Happened on 19 July?

10. Was there a Proletarian Revolution in Spain?

11. The Events of May 1937

12. The Economy of the Popular Front

13. Food Supplies

14. Republican Order

15. The Withdrawal of the Volunteers

16. The Republican Ideology

17. The Workers Party of Marxist Unification (POUM)

18. The Anarchists of the Left and the ‘God-Seekers’ in the Light of the Spanish Experience

19. The Fourth International in the Spanish Revolution

20. The Miaja-Casado Pronunciamento

21. What else could have been done?


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