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1938 through 1945

Socialist Workers Party [US]

A Note on SWP Internal Discussion Bulletins

This set of bulletins from the internal discussions of the U.S. Trotskyist movement represents the continuity of the pervious bulletins put out by the U.S. supporters of the Trotskyist Left Opposition. Previous incarnations of these bulletins going back to 1930 are listed the bottom of this page or, you can go to the Internal Documents Library of the Socialist Workers Party [US].

The nomenclature, volume and numbering of these bulletins is not consistent. This set of Bulletins begins with volume 1 as it represents the first internal discussion of the newly formed SWP as the Trotskyists emerged from the Socialist Party in January of 1938 having been a faction inside it for almost 2 years. Published parallel to these bulletins was an International Bulletin series that tightened up the discussion leading up to the founding of the Fourth International restricting itself to international discussions. This English language bulletin was published for the Movement for the Fourth International and is published irregularly from 1938 onward. More on this below.

Regarding Volume numbering for SWP Internal Bulletins:

The relationship between volume numbering and year of publication is very odd for the first three volumes of the SWP Internal Bulletins starting in 1938.

Volume 1 covers 1938 and some 1939 issues.
Volume 2 covers 1939 and some 1940 issues.
Volume 3 covers some 1940 issues, of two types:
There's first a SINGLE ”Internal Bullein” (labelled as such explicitly), Vol 3 No 1.
THEN there are three more issues in Volume 3, all published in 1940.

But: (1) These are all called on their cover NOT “Internal Bulletin”, but instead “Pre Plenum Discussion Bulletin”.

(2) These Pre Plenum Discussion issues bear the volume and issue numbering:

Vol III No 1, Vol III No 2, and Vol III No 3. Note that there are two “Vol 3 No 1” issues, and a total of 4 issues! Note that the first of them has the volume number printed with the Arabic number “3”, and the next three have the volume number printed using the Roman Numeral “ III” .

There were NO Internal Bulletins printed in 1941.

Starting with Volume 4, 1942, volume numbering becomes ordinary, sane, and expected: One volume number per calendar year, with the numbering increasing sequentially: Vol 5 is 1943, Vol 6 is 1944, Vol 7 is 1945, and so on. But in 1950, the SWP began publishing, along with “Internal Bulletins”, “Discussion Bulletins” that basically had the same function as “Internal Bulletins. Publication of Internal Bulletins continued until the last of the Internal Bulletins published (a single one), Vol XVI (Vol 16) No 1 of 1954, after which the transition from “Internal Bulletins” to “Discussion Bulletins”, which began in 1950, becomes complete.

Beginning in 1950, another bulletin begins to be published called the Discussion Bulletin and later as SWP Discussion Bulletin. There is no apparent difference in content between the Internal Bulletins and the Discussion Bulletins. Both served as a means of communications between the SWP leadership and the membership, and form members raise political differences within the party prior to a Convention or during important events and occurrences in the class struggle.

While both IBs and DBs are published during the same periods, after 1954, only the SWP Discussions Bulletins were published.

While these Bulletins were published, along with the above mentioned International Bulletins various other internal bulletins were published for different purposes. The Party Builder began publishing in bulletin newsletter format in 1944 for several years until it stopped in 1947. It picked up again in the new period leading out of the McCarthy period in 1960 with one issue that year and another again in 1963. Skipping 7 years it resumed publication as The Party Organizer in 1970 and continued to publish a few issues a year from then on. The purpose of the Party Builder/Organizer was to inform members in the branches of the SWP around the country what the other branches were doing, notes from trade union fractions, organizational matters stemming from national Conventions and Plenums and publication and election campaign activities of the party.

Several more bulletins can be added to this list. Starting in 1964 one of these was the Internal Information Bulletin (IIB). The IIB was a bulletin that served not for internal debate prior to a Convention of the party, but as a means for the leadership to circulate important documents of all sorts to the membership only for informational purposes. Often times Plenum discussions and decisions were distributed this way. The SWP was in the midst of an important internal crisis in 1964 which provided the impetus for the leadership to start this publication.

The last of the publications involves discussions and documents of the Fourth International. In this note above, it is pointed out that there exists an International Bulletin. This bulletin changes its name to International Information Bulletin in1941 and stops in 1944. It picks up again in 1951 during the beginning of a major crisis in the Fourth International. Stopping in 1954 it picks up again in 1961 and runs until 1972. Publications resumes in 1977 but with another name change to International Internal Information Bulletin or IIIB. The publication of this Bulletin ends when the SWP abandons the Fourth International.

The IB served as an informal line of communication between the leadership of the FI in WWII located in New York City, the members of the FI in other countries and the membership of the SWP. Since it was always wholly published by the SWP it was never an official publication of the FI itself. Later on it served as a document dispensing tool for the SWP lead wing of the Fourth International providing documentation for arguments being put forward by the leadership of the SWP to support it's positions internationally but also served to document the positions of other leaders and currents in the Fourth International that were not necessarily appropriate for a World Congress discussion.

Lastly, from 1972 to 1983, as a courtesy to the Fourth International, the SWP published the International Internal Discussion Bulletin, or IIDB. This served the purpose for debating the vast number of discussions tearing at the Fourth International. Documents could be submitted by individuals, tendencies and sections in the Fourth International if they were approved for publication by any national section.

This monumental contribution to the history of the Trotskyist movement is made possible by the tireless effort of Marty Goodman of the Riazanov Library Project, the Holt Labor Library and the Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line

Volume 1, 1938 — 1939

Volume 1, No. 1, 1938, SWP Internal Bulletin:

Draft Theses “The Death Agony Of Capitalism And The Tasks Of The Fourth International”

Volume 1, No. 2, 1938 (undated), SWP Internal Bulletin:

The Resolution Of The Political Committee Of The N.C. On The Decline Of American Capitalism And The Revolutionary Transitional Program For The Next Period
Amendment, by Cannon
The Problem Of The Labor Party
Statement On The Labor Party, by Glen Trimble
Minority Statement – Substitute For Section On Labor Party In Thesis Of P.C. Majority by Hal Draper
Remarks On The Transition Program, by Crux [L. Trotsky—Transcriber]
Remarks On The Labor Party, by Crux [L. Trotsky—Transcriber]

Volume 1, No. 3, 1938 (undated/missing page 26), SWP Internal Bulletin:

Notice By The International Secretariat
The Life Of The Fourth International
Letter Of Ver.
Resolution Of The Belgian Central Committee
On The Caricature Of Defeatism by Trotsky
Comments On W. St. And The I.S.
Second Letter Of Ver.
Must We Modify Our Thesis On War, by Camille
Answers To Questions, by Crux [L. Trotsky—Transcriber]
The Czechoslovakian Question, by Crux [L. Trotsky—Transcriber]
“For” The Fourth International? No! The Fourth International!, by Trotsky

Volume 1, No. 4, 1938 (undated), SWP Internal Bulletin:

Introduction by the International Secretariat
The New Revolutionary Upsurge and the Tasks of the Fourth International
The International Bureau for Revolutionary Socialist Unit (“London Bureau”) and the 4th International
Decision on the Case of R. Molinier
Resolution on the Anti-War Congress of London BureauThe 4th International and the Soviet Union
The Youth and the Fourth International
The Evolution of the Comintern (A Study)
Rules Governing the Directing International Organs

Volume 1, No. 5, 1938 (August), SWP Internal Bulletin:

On the Revolutionary Calendar
Letter of Trotsky, Dec. 2, 1937
Open Letter to “Nieuve Fakkel”:
    The Anathema of Coyoacan by H. Sneevliet
Resolution of the RSAP on the Fourth International an the 2nd International Conference for the Fourth International
Editorial of “De Enige Weg”
The Task of the B.L. of Holland and the 4th International
Jan. 23, 1938 Resolution of the B.L. of Holland.
I.S. Criticism of the Dutch S.L.
Reply of the Dutch B.L.
Letter of Trotsky Jan. 21, 1938
Resolution of the I.S.
Trotsky Letter of July 18, 1936
The RSAP and the Spanish Resolution (Two Quotations from “Nieuve Fakkel”)
Letter of the Bureau for the Fourth International to the Revolutionary Socialist Party of Belgium

Volume 1, No. 6 July 1938, SWP Internal Bulletin:

Goldman Amendments – Labor Party
Carter Letter (Containing Amendment to International Thesis)
Cruz Article (“It Is Necessary to Drive the Bureaucracy and the New Aristocracy Out of the Soviets”)
Discussion with the Crux on the Transitional Program
Kogan Article (“For An Effective SWP”)
Girodano Article (“For a Labor Party, But ...”)
Fox Article (“Our Perspectives and the New Line”)
Draper Article (Minority Resolution on the Labor Party)

Volume 1, No. 7 August 1938, SWP Internal Bulletin:

Conversations With Crux On The Labor Party
Labor Party — Progressive? Reactionary? By Hal Draper
Is The Labor Party Movement Progressive? By Albert Goldman
Which Way — By David Cowles
Two Widespread Misconceptions On The Labor Party By Jack Cope
Draft Resolution On The Labor Party By the Louisville Branch
For Independent Labor Political Action By Dan Leeds, Chicago
Amendments To Transitional Demands By Kathleen and Arthur Burch
Resolution On The Drat Thesis Pages By F.K. Ferry and Roger Cross, South Side Br., Chicago
On The Slogan For “A Workers Government” By James Burnham
Conversations With Crux On The Slogan For “Workers And Farmers Government”
For “Workers And Farmers Government” By Jack Weber
Supplementary Statement On The Labor Party By Glen Trimble
Article On The Labor Party -- By L. Kogan

Volume 1, No. 8 May 1939, SWP Internal Bulletin:

Political Resolution (PC Draft)
Amendment to the Declaration of Principles – Hermen Stern
For Or Against Isolation – Sydney Moroff
Labor Party Resolution – Emil Revyuk
The Relationship between Free Speech and The Proletarian Revolution – Roger Cross
Comrade Cross Invents a Problem – Felix Morrow
The Crisis Of Our Semi-Weekly Paper – Sherman Stanley

Volume 1, No. 9 June 1939, SWP Internal Bulletin:

Preliminary Notes of the Negro Question, by J.R. Johnson
Self-Determination for the American Negroes (Discussion held April 4, 1939)
A Negro Organization (Discussion held April 5, 1939)
The Negro Question, by J.R. Johnson
Plans for the Negro Organization (Discussion held April 11, 1939)

Volume 1, No. 10 June 1939, SWP Internal Bulletin [missing page 30]:

Before the POI Congress (Extract from Letter of Clart, Dec. 6, 1938)
Before the POI Congress (Extract from “The Tactic vis a vis the PSOP — Where are we?” by Naville) Dec. 13,1938
Letter from Clart, March 16, 1939
The French Question (Speech of James P. Cannon, April, 1939)
Letter of Clart, June 2, 1939
The PSOP Turn (By Joe Green and Carl Hanley)

Volume 2, 1939 – 1940

Volume 2, No. 1, October 10, 1939, SWP Internal Bulletin:

Letter to the Branches on the Russian DiscussionMotion adopted by Plenum of N.C.
Resolution on the Soviet Union in the Present War (Minority Resolution) by Shachtman
The U.S.S.R. in War by Trotsky
The Defense of the USSR and the Present Imperialist War by Johnson
Shall We Revise the Slogan of Unconditional Defense by Goldman

Volume 2, No. 2, November 6, 1939, SWP Internal Bulletin:

Again and Once More Agan on the Nature of the U.S.S.R.. by L. Trotsky
On the Character of the War, and the Perspectives of the Fourth International. by James Burnham
Letter from Stanley to Crux.
Letter from Crux to Stanley.
The Referendum and Democratic Centralism. by L. Trotsky
Letter from Stanley to Crux.
Against the Shachtman Resolution. by J.G. Wright
Comrade Shachtman’s Use of the Term "“Imperialism”. by W. O’Rourke
Shachtman Discovers Something New by. J.G. Wright
For Unconditional Defense of the Soviet Union. by D. Cowles

Volume 2, No. 3, November 14, 1939, SWP Internal Bulletin:

Joint Statement on Party Unity
Speech on the Russian Question by James P. Cannon (N.Y. Membership Meeting, 10-15-39)
Speech on the Russian Question by Max Shachtman (N.Y. Membership Meeting, 10-15-39)

Volume 2, No. 4, December 20, 1939, SWP Internal Bulletin:

Letter to Shachtma on Lund
Letter on the Russian Question, by Joe Hansen
Stalin's War in Poland, by Ben Hall
Stalinist Imperialism and the Colonial Revolution, by Sherman Stanley
The Role of Soviet Russia in the Present Epoch, by Victor Fox
The Fourth International in Europe
Notes on Shachtman's Speech, by Albert Goldman

Volume 2, No. 5 December 1939, SWP Internal Bulletin:

Letter On India, by Leon Trotsky
On The Nature Of Stalinist Intervention, by Sherman Stanley
The Soviet Invasion Of Finland (A Statement of Policy by the Political Committee of the Socialist Workers Party)
Resolution On The Soviet-Finnish War (Introduced by the Minority of the Political Committee)
The Majority Of The N.C. by Ben Hall
We Condemn The Invasion: We Defend The Soviet Union, by Albert Goldman
Organizational Methods And Political Principles, by Joseph Hansen
Why Not Analyze The Russian Economy, by Roger B. Cross

Volume 2, No. 6 January, 1940, SWP Internal Bulletin

The War and Bureaucratic Conservatism by (P. C. Minority) Abern, Bern, Burnham, Shachtman
    Burnham and Dialectics, Trotsky to Shachtman
    On Party Unity and Finland, Cannon and Trotsky on Party Unity

Volume 2, No. 7 January, 1940, SWP Internal Bulletin

A Petty-Bourgeois Opposition In the Socialist Workers Party by L. TROTSKY (article missing, see here for text)
The Crisis in the American Party. An Open Letter in Reply to Comrade Leon Trotsky by MAX SHACHTMAN
On the History of the Left Opposition. Discussion between Comrade Crux and Comrade Johnson

Volume 2, No. 8 January, 1940, SWP Internal Bulletin

What Is at Issue in the Dispute on the Russian Question! — Statement of the Minority of the Political Committee

Volume 2, No. 9 January, 1940, SWP Internal Bulletin

The Politics of Desperation by James Burnham
Seeds of Bureaucracy by Hiram Eifenbein
Questions to Comrade Trotsky by M. Morris
An Open Letter to Comrade Burnham by Leon Trotsky

Volume 2, No. 10 SWP Internal Bulletin [page 21 missing]

The Shachtman School of Quotations. by J.G. Wright and Joe Hansen
The Defense of the U.S.S.R. in the Present War. by Lebrun

Volume 2, No. 11 February 1940, SWP Internal Bulletin

From a Scratch — To the Danger of Gangrene. The Meaning of the Present Discussion by Leon Trotsky
On Comrade Cannon’s Formula of Revolutionary Defeatism by Sylvia Remarre

Volume 2, No. 12 February 1940, SWP Internal Bulletin

The Real Issue: ‘Revelation’ or Marxist Analysis by G. Clarke and S. Gordon
Not Soviet Patriotism, But Bolshevist Renaissance by John Brooks Wheelwright
Is the USSR A Workers'State! NEED FOR RE-EXAMINATION by Samuel Meyers
Burnham Revises Marx – And Himself by John G. Wright
Marxist Criteria and the Character of the War by Murry Weiss

Volume 2, No. 13 February 1940, SWP Internal Bulletin

The Struggle For A Proletarian Party By JAMES P. CANNON

  1. What the Discussion Has Revealed
  2. A New Stage In the Development of American
  3. Trotskyism
  4. Their Method And Ours
  5. The Organization Question
  6. The Intellectuals and the Workers
  7. The Case of Burnham
  8. The Evil of Combinationism
  9. Abernism: The Case History of a Disease
  10. The Question of the Party Regime
  11. "Conservatism"
  12. "Bureaucratism"
  13. The "Clique" and the "Leader Cult"
  14. The Proletarian Orientation

Volume 3, 1940

Volume 3, No. 1 April 1940, SWP Internal Bulletin

The Trade Union Movement, and the Immediate Tasks of the Party in the Development of Mass Work (Resolution adopted by the Third National Convention of the Socialist Workers Party)

Volume 3, No. 1 August 1940, SWP PRE-PLENUM Internal Bulletin

Resolution on Proletarian Military Policy (Drafted by the Political Committee for the Plenum-Conference)
Excerpts from Discussions with Lund

Volume 3, No. 2, August 1940 (missing page 13), SWP PRE-PLENUM Internal Bulletin

Discussion with Lund
Party Policy towards Stalinists, by G. N.
Memorandum of Discussion of Party Perspectives: Ohio-Mich. Regional Committee

Volume 3, No. 3, August 1940, SWP PRE-PLENUM Internal Bulletin

Notes on Proletarian Militarism, by Matthew Roan
The Stalinists and a Revolutionary Mass Party — A Reply to Comrade G.N., by George Storen

Volume 4, 1942

Volume 4, No. 1, 1942, SWP Internal Bulletin

Convention Call
Political Resolution
Trade Union Policy
, by Raymond Rice
Realism in Trade Union Work, by Farrell

Volume 4, No. 2, 1942, SWP Internal Bulletin

Recent Tendencies in our Party, by Russell

Volume 4, No. 3, 1942, SWP Internal Bulletin

The American Negro an the War, by Russell, Lens and Stein
On Revolutionary Defeatism, by M. Morrison
Amendment to the Trade Union Sections of the Political Resolution, by E. Henry
A Few Notes on the Joyce Article, by Joe Hansen
On the Application of Our Transitional Program, by G. Clarke

Volume 4, No. 4, 1942, SWP Internal Bulletin

—Why is this issue missing?

Volume 4, No. 5, 1942, SWP Internal Bulletin

Add No. 9 — “An End to Imperialist War,” by J. Blake
The Significance of Revolutionary Defeatism, by M. Braden

Volume 5, 1943

Volume 5, No 1 March 1943, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Labor Party Discussion
Outline Of Proposal For A Labor Party Campaign (1942)
by James P. Cannon
Comments On The Outline:

Remarks On The Labor Party Campaign (1938) By James P. Cannon.

Volume 5, No 2 1943, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Brief Remarks on the William Ward’s Outline Course on “Dialectical Materialism,” by Mark Loris
In Defense of Materialist Dialectics, an Answer to Comrade Loris, by William F. Warde
The Methodical Point of Departure of Comrade Loris, by John G. Wright
A Doubt-Edged Criticism, by J. Weber

Volume 5, No 3 1943, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Discussion of the Chicago UnIted Front Proposal—

  1. The Chicago Proposal for the United Front, by N. Morrison
  2. Discussion of the Chicago United Front Proposal, by Lydia Bennett
  3. The Notion on the Chicago Proposal, b George Breitman

Volume 5, No 4 1943, SWP Internal Bulletin.

An Answer That Did Not Answer, by Marc Loris
Another Answer to Comrade Loris, by George Sanders
Reply to Comrade Breitman on the Chicago United Front Notion, by N. Morrison

Volume 5, No 5 1943, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Post-Engels, by I. Hyper and Buddy Lens
Marxist Logic and the Objective World — A Second Answer to Comrade Loris by William F. Warde
Anent Unscientific Skepticism, by Ben Maxson
Surplus Value and Exchange of Equivalents — Note on an Example in William F. Warde’s “Introduction to the Logic of Marxism,” by Marc Loris

Volume 6, 1944

Volume 6, No. 1 1944, SWP Internal Bulletin.

On Marx's Method in Capital," by Alex Barbon

Volume 6, No. 2 1944, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Letter to Local New York
Statement of Control Commission
Letter from N. Morrison (July 23, 1944)
Letter from N. Morrison (July 30, 1944)
That Are the Real Issues (An Answer to Comrade Morrison)
, by M. Stein
Letter from P.C. to Comrade Morrison
Reply, from Comrade Morrison
The Control Commission Case
, by Lydia Benett
Letter from Margaret Stewart

Volume 6, No. 3 1944, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Convention Call
Resolution of 15th Anniversary PlenumGlenn on “Perspectives and Tasks of the Coming European Revolution.”
Draft Resolution of the National Committee on “The European Revolution and Tasks of the Revolutionary Party.”

Volume 6, No. 4 1944, SWP Internal Bulletin.

The First Phases of the Coming European Revolution, by F. Morrow
Report to Plenum (October 1943), by F. Morrow

Volume 6, No. 5 1944, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Why We Publish All the Plenum Material, by the Political Committee
International Resolution (First Draft of Plenum Resolutions Committee, October 1943)
Proposed International Resolution as Amended by F. Morrow
Morrison Amendments Letter from Cassidy
The Morrison Document
, by Lydia Bennett
Supplement to Discussion Article on Morrow Document, by Lydia Bennett

Volume 6, No. 6 1944, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Letter on Convention Arrangements
Letter from M. Morrison
Comments On the Hansen Article
, by J. Michaels
Why We Publish James T. Farrell's Letter in the Internal Bulletin, by the Political Committee
Letters from N. Morrison
Letter from James T. Farrell
Letters end Article from M. Morrison
Two Conceptions of Our Tasks
, by Joseph Hansen
Why the Political Committee Rescinded the Censure of Four New York Members Found Guilty of Violating Discipline

Volume 6, No. 7 1944,. SWP Internal Bulletin

On the Presidential Election Campaign, by M. Morrison
Letter from Bayonne on the Elections
Our Tactic in the 1944 Presidential Election
, by Jack O'Connell
Why the Political Committee Rejected the Proposal to Give Critical Support to the SP in the Presidential Elections, by John S. Wright
Correspondence on Pardon Applications
Reply to Comrade Margaret Stewart from M. Morrison
Reply to Morris Stein from N. Morrison
On the Functioning of the Notional Committee
, by Lydia Bennett

Volume 6, No. 8 1944, SWP Internal Bulletin.

On the European Situation and Our Tasks (Contribution to a Criticism of the Draft Resolution of the National Committee of the SUP), by Daniel Logan
The European Revolution — Its Prospects and Tasks (Speech of E.R. Frank to New York Membership Nesting, October 4, 1944, as Reporter of the National Committee)
Letter from Casaidy
Comments on the Letter from James T. Farrell
, by Harry Frankel

Volume 6, No. 9 1944, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Resolution on U.S. and Second World War (Draft)
The Organization Methods and Practices of Our Party; What Is at Issue in the PreConvention Discussion
(Speech at New York Membership meeting), by M. Stein
Two Letters on the Soviet Union:

  • Letter from Natalia
  • Letter from Martin

Women Workers and the Post-War Crisis, by Irene James
Review of Our Trade Union Policy, by A. Winters
Party Education and Party Discussion, by Bernard Forrest

Volume 6, No. 10 1944, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Amendments to the Draft Resolution of the N.C. of the SWP on “The European Revolution and Tasks of the Revolutionary Party,” by Daniel Logan
Letter from Martin
On the Situation in Europe
, by a Group of European Comrades
Unemployment — Lessons of the Thirties, by Peter Paul
Democratic -Centralism and Centralist Vulgarity, by M. Brown

Volume 6, No. 11 1944, SWP Internal Bulletin.

A Reply to Comrade Hansen, by N. Morrison
A Letter from N.A.
The Frankel Article and Our Polemical Method
, by James Campbell
Statement Read to New York Membership
Meeting on Censure (July 13, 1944)
, by Sylvie Reiner
Two Tendencies in Chicago, by Ken Hayes, Chicago Branch Organizer
On the Communist Party During the Past Year, by Lou Cooper

Volume 6, No. 12 1944, SWP Internal Bulletin.

A Statement on the Internal Situation, by Oscar Shoenfeld and Alfred Ruaael
We Arrive At a Line, by A. Roland

Volume 6, No. 13 1944, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Comments on the Selection of the National Committee, by Martin
The Internal Party Situation (Report Delivered at National Convention, November 16-19, 1944), by M. Stein
Letter from Natalia
On Atrocities, by Dan Shelton

Volume 7, 1945

Volume 7, No. 1 1945, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Note on the Internal Bulletin, by N. Stein
On the Question of the Slogan "For a Democratic Republic," by Albert Goldman
Minority Report to the National Convention (November 1945), by A. Stain
It Is New But Not True, by Albert Goldman
Letter to F.I.
A Minor Act on the Shady Side
, by Albert Goldman

Volume 7, No. 2 1945, SWP Internal Bulletin.

A Few Words About the Party Regime by Leon Trotsky
Notes on the Party Discussion, by Martin
Reflections on the 11th Party Convention, by Martin
Our Method and Theirs, by Joseph Hansen

Volume 7, No. 3 1945, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Letter from the RCP
Letter from the SWP
Letter from the RCP
Open Letter to SWP Members — A Reply to the Report of Comrade Stuart
A Letter from Stuart

Volume 7, No. 4 1945, SWP Internal Bulletin.

A Balance Sheet of the Discussion on Europe, by Felix Morrow

Volume 7, No. 5 1945, SWP Internal Bulletin.

On the Slogan of the Republic in Italy and its Discussion in the SWP, by Daniel Logan
Answers to Comrade Cannon's Questions, by Albert Goldman
Historical Note, by Albert Goldman
Letter to Participants in Discussion with Trotsky, by M. Stein
Letters of Reply
Comments on a Letter by Martin
, by G. Munis
A Stalinist Attitude to Revolutionary Intellectuals, by Albert Goldmen

Volume 7, No. 6 1945, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Is There a Stalinist Danger in the SWP,? by J. Lyons
Some Facts About the Shachtmanites, by Milton Alvin
Los Angeles Anti-Fascist Campaign
The RCP and the ILP Left Wing
, by J.E. Stuart
The Political Committee's Motion on the Belgium Crisis, by Felix Morrow

Volume 7, No. 7 1945, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Party Policy in the New York Election Campaign (Adopted by P.C., July 12, 1945)
Statement of Minority of Political Committee on New York Election Campaign
Resolution On Unity with the Workers Party
, by Morrow, Goldman and O. Williams
Wrong Policy and Falsification, by Albert Goldman
Call for the Formation of a Faction to Support the P.C. Minority Resolution on Unity with the W.P.
On Unity with the Shachtmanites
(Speech by J.P. Cannon, at N.Y. Membership Meeting, July 25, 1945)

Volume 7, No. 8 1945, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Report on the Los Angeles Anti-Fascist Campaign, by Marry Weiss
Bolshevik Tactics or Irresponsible Adventurism, by Marry Weiss
Where I Stand, by Felix Morrow
Extracts from P.C. Minutes of August 27, 1945
Correspondence with the Workers Party

Volume 7, No. 9 1945, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Again: On “Unity with the Shachtmanites,” by James P. Cannon (Speech at New York Membership Meeting of the SWP, Sunday, September 2, 1945)
Summary Speech at the New York Membership Meeting, by James P. Cannon
Unity with the Workers Party and the Organizational Question, by Albert Goldman

Volume 7, No. 10 1945, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Some Arguments Heard Against the Slogan of the Republic in Italy, by Felix Morrow
The New Opposition in the SWP: Its “Theory” and Its Methods, by William F. Warde
The Bureaucratic Tendency in the SWP: An Answer to J. Lyons, by A. Stein
Petty-Bourgeois Politics and the War, by Milton Alvin
Fact and Fiction on the Workers Party, by James Campbell
An Answer to Comrade Weiss, by Dan Leeds

Volume 7, No. 11 1945, SWP Internal Bulletin.

The Unity Proposal of the Workers Party — Report to the October 1945 Plenum, by M. Stein
Summary Speech, October 1945 Plenum, by M. Stein
Questions, Answers and Arguments at the Plenum, by Albert Goldman
Resolution on the Unity Proposal of the Workers Party, Adopted by the Plenum
Minority Resolution on Unity with the Workers Party
Statement of Plenum Minority on the Cannon-Stein-Frank Resolution

Volume 7, No. 12 1945, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Two Letters by Felix Morrow

  1. To the European Secretariat
  2. To All Sections of the Fourth International

Volume 7, No. 13 1945, SWP Internal Bulletin.

Letters from Jerry Alberts
Letter of Resignation from Minority Faction
, by Jeffries and Lyons
Correspondence Between WP and SWP Minority
PC Motion on Correspondence Between Minority Faction and WP
Motion on Preparing for Unity
, by Felix Morrow.
Letter from Brussels
Letter from Argentina
Resolution of the RCP
Minority Statement on PC Motion Re: Correspondence Between Minority and WP
Resolution on Faction Orientation
, by Jeffries, Lyons end Allen
Motion on Comrade Cannon’s Speech on the Russian Revolution, by Felix Morrow
PC Counter-Motion to Morrow’s “Motion on Comrade Cannon’s Speech on the Russian Revolution”
Statement to PC on Party’s Attitude
Toward UAW Arbitration Proposal
, by Felix Morrow
Statement on Party Policy Toward UAW
Arbitration Proposal
, by M. Stein
Minority Report on the Plenum to New York Membership Meeting, by Felix Morrow
Summary for the Minority at New York Membership Meeting, by Felix Morrow
Our Differences with the WP on Military Policy, by Felix Morrow