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British Trotskyism

Alliance for Workers Liberty. Newspaper and pamphlet collection for a variety of publications of the AWL. The AWL also known as Workers' Liberty, is a Trotskyist group in Britain. The group has been identified with the theorist Sean Matgamna throughout its history. It emphasises working-class political independence, radical democracy and anti-Stalinism. The AWL publishes the newspaper Solidarity. But they have a long literary life with many publications under the belt listed on the AWL publication page.

Pamphlet collection of the International Marxist Group. – British Section of the United Secretariat of the Fourth International. From the Red Mole Rising web site run by Rob Madsen

Newspaper collection of British Trotskyist periodicals. – Numerous British Trotskyists journals and newspapers are available from the this page. Among them are The Newsletter, Workers Press, Socialist Action, Socialist Challenge, Red Mole, Black Dwarf, Red Action, International, International Socialist Journal, Socialist Outlook, Socialist Viewpoint, Socialist Appeal and others.

The Balham Group: How British Trotskyism Began – by Reg Groves, Pluto Press, London 1974
– Complete, 12 separate chapters 200K altogether

Militant Labour League—‘Peace Alliance’: The Road to War—1938

The British Cabinet discusses the Trotskyists – secret wartime Cabinet report (with 2 appendices), introduced by Ted Crawford
– July 1988 – 27K

The Unfinished Revolution? A Critique of Trotskyism – by Paul Thompson & Guy Lewis, Big Flame, Liverpool 1977
– Complete, 16 parts – 413K altogether

More Years for the Locust: Origins of the SWP – by Jim Higgins, International Socialist Group, London 1997
– Complete, 14 chapters, 6 appendices, 1.3M altogether

Go Fourth and Multiply – by John Sullivan, Dialogue of the Deaf, Bristol 1981
– Complete, 2 parts, 62K altogether

As Soon As This Pub Closes – by John Sullivan, Estate of Prunella Kaur, Bristol 1988 (?)
– Complete, 16 parts, 180K altogether

Rolling Your Own: A Guide to Forming Your Own Political Group – by John Sullivan, New Interventions 2004 (?)
– 9K

Leon Trotsky’s Writings on Britain

The Newsletter, from 1956. London: Published by first by “The Club”, Trotskyist lead caucus inside the British the Labour Party and then by the Socialist Labour League (Gerry Healy, Mike Banda etc.). Published until 1969, when it was replaced by the daily Workers Press. Initially weekly, then bi-weekly.

Workers Power. Workers' Power was a Trotskyist group which formed the British section of the League for the Fifth International. The group published the magazine Workers Power and distributed the English language journal Fifth International. The group originated in the International Socialists (IS) as the Left Faction. The Faction argued that IS needed a fully developed programme. It also criticised the stance IS adopted on the Provisional Irish Republican Army's paramilitary actions in 1972. In 1973 it set up a faction, then when it refused to dissolve in 1974 it was excluded from IS and formed the Workers Power Group. In 1975 it briefly joined with Workers Fight to form the International-Communist League which split into its constituent parts soon afterward. Full text on the Workers Power page.

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