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Pamphlet Collection of the International Marxist Group

Pamphlets and bulletins

Here are just some of the many pamphlets published by the IMG or under the imprint of various publications eg Red Mole, Red Weekly, Socialist Challenge, Socialist Action.

Also, a number of locally produced pamphlets, leaflets and bulletins.

Check back regularly for updates.

IMG Pamphlets:

Abortion, Liberation and Revolution (1979)

After The Miners Strike What Next (1970)

IMG What We Stand For

British Troops Out Now

Chile a first balance sheet

Chile an initial balance sheet

Chile- Lessons of the coup

Class Nature of the Workers States - Frank

Cyprus -Anatomy of a Disaster

Defend the Birmingham Five

Defend the NHS Smash Private Practice Now!

Dynamics of World Revolution Today- ISR reprint

In Defense of the Portuguese Revolution

Imperialism Stalinism and Permanent Revolution

Indochinese Revolution and the Fourth International

Ireland Unfree

Lessons of May 1968 (by Ernest Mandel)

Marxist Education- Readings on State Capitalism February 1973

Mystifications of State Capitalism (by Ernest Mandel)

No To The Capitalists Common Market

Portugal The Fight For Workers Power

Proposed Statutes of the Fourth International

Reorganisation of the Party - Lenin

Shrewsbury- Repression and Class Struggle - 1st Edition

Shrewsbury- Repression and Class Struggle 2nd edition

Socialism and Man - Che Guevara

Teachers Salaries The Way Forward

The Fight For Control

The Leninist Theory of Organization by Ernest Mandel

Unemployment a Weapon of the Capitalists

Ceylon and the Healy School of Falsification

A Marxist Debates The Socialist Labour League

The Credibility Gap- the politics of the SLL

On The Pablo Tendency- Ernest Mandel

Portugal Spain Towards the Iberian Socialist Revolution

The Inconsistencies of State Capitalism

Defend the NHS Smash Private Practice Now!

The Industrial Relations Bill A Declaration of War

On Bureaucracy

Genesis of Trotskyism

Statutes of the Third International and the 21 Conditions

Martyrs of the Third International Karl Liebknecht Rosa Luxemburg

Class Consciousness and the Leninist Party

The Struggle in Bengal and the Fourth International

Portugal: Our Struggle

For A Revolutionary Party

Revolutionary Socialism- why and how

The Indochinese Revolution

Lessons of May 1968 and The Commune Lives!

The Leninist Theory of Organization

On Trotskyism and the Fourth International

No to the Capitalist’s Common Market

A Declaration of War: The Prior Proposals

Insurrection In Tehran

Iran The Unfolding Revolution

Zionism- What it is and how to fight it

Ireland Unfree (via the excellent Cedar Lounge site)

Abortion, Liberation and Revolution

A Womans Right to Work

British Labour and Ireland 1969-79

The Transitional Program

IMG new member’s introduction and education kit

Lessons of the Steel Strike

Post Office Workers v The State

FI Manifesto Europe 1979

The Tory press and how to fight it

Free Abortion On Demand!

Strikers guide to supplementary benefits plus leaflet

Fascism- How to smash it

Fascism Smash It Now- the case for no platform

Chile- There is only one road to socialism and workers power

Chile- Lessons of the coup- which way to workers power

Women and the Tory offensive

Building Workers Organisation and the Lump

Crisis in the Health Service

Shrewsbury the Next Stage

Shrewsbury What Now?

Socialist Policy for Defence of Trades Unions

Communism versus Stalinism series

No1 Pyotr Grigorenko

No2 Russian Intellectuals in Revolt

No3 The Revolutionary Left in Czechoslovakia

No 4 A Womans Place In the USSR

Manifesto of the Revolutionary Socialist Party Czechoslovakia

IMG Students

Fascists and Racists- free speech will not stop them

Revolutionary Student Hull IMG Autumn 1975

Revolutionary Student Hull IMG January 1976

Spartacus League

Changing Role of the Bourgeois University- Mandel

FI publications

Approaching a decisive turn in Gt Britain

RED WEEKLY pamphlets

NUS Services crash- a socialist answer

The Socialist Challenge to Racism

The Socialist Challenge to Labour’s Cuts

Southern Africa In Crisis

Fight for Democracy in the Labour Party


The Battle of Grunwick

Petr Uhl and the jailed Chartists in Czechoslovakia

Unemployment- a 35 hour week now

No cuts, no rates or rent rises!

Don’t Die for Thatcher

Solidarity with Solidarnosc

Socialist Challenge to Immigration Controls

CND 1958-65: lessons of the first wave


Forward Ever Backward Never

Socialist Action What We Stand For

Black Sections Yes!


Socialism After Stalinism

Bosnia 1994 Armaggeddon in Europe

Maastricht Misery


International Women’s Day- Alexandra Kollontai

Abortion Rights- A Socialist Perspective

The Housewife and her Labour Under Capitalism

Fighting for Womens Rights- Socialist Woman pamphlet

Women Workers in Britain – Socialist Woman pamphlet

Black Liberation and Socialism

Black Liberation and Socialism 5 Oct 1978

IMG Scotland

IMG Scotland- The Market and the Multinationals

IMG Teachers

IMG Teachers- Crisis- Education on the cheap

IMG Teachers- From a London to a national pay fight

The Struggle In Education – A contribution to the discussion in Rank and File

Local pamphlets and bulletins

Notthingham IMG-Nottingham Worker no 1 plus leaflet June 29th 1972

Nottingham IMG-Nottingham Worker no 2

Nottingham IMG-Nottingham Worker no 3

Nottingham IMG-Nottingham Worker no 4

Nottingham IMG-Cracks in the Welfare State

Nottingham IMG-Pay freeze- how to fight back

Nottingham IMG-The Housing Crisis in Nottingham

Nottingham IMG-Unemployment- what it is and how to fight it

Nottingham IMG-Women in society

Cowley- Women and the unions- IMG Pamphlet

Cowley IMG- Leyland in Crisis- Cowley under Fire

Coventry IMG Pamphlet no2 – Free The Coventry Seven

Lancaster IMG Pamphlet – Is The Soviet Union A State Capitalist Society- David Riddell

Sheffield IMG pamphlet- Workers Control

Hull IMG- Red Herring May 1976

Hull IMG- The Case of Jean Jepson: Victimisation Bureaucracy and Mass Struggle

Stoke on Trent IMG- 3rd Conference of Ligue Communiste

Oxford IMG- Readings on State Capitalism

Hackney IMG- The politics of rates increases…

Birmingham IMG- Red Notes 1

Birmingham IMG- Defend the Birmingham Five

Birmingham IMG – Ligue Communiste Revolutionaire founding conference resolution

Birmingham IMG – Why the Fourth International? – Ernest Mandel

Merseyside IMG- Ireland Pamphlet

Socialist Action Manchester Bulletin 1

Socialist Action Manchester Bulletin 2 April 1988

Socialist Action Manchester Bulletin 3 May 1988

Nottingham Socialist Action leaflet- Hands Off Libya

International leaflet- US Bases Out

Other pamphlets by IMG or FI supporters

Ken Coates- Labours First Year- extract from International Socialist Journal

The Dirty War in Mr Wilson- Ken Coates / Vietnam Solidarity Campaign

Why They Invaded Czechoslovakia- Ernest Mandel / Spokesman Pamphlet

Socialist Strategy for Western Europe- Ernest Mandel- Institute for Workers Control

NAC Pamphlet Abortion Where We Stand

(This pamphlet was published by the National Abortion Campaign. It is included here as some of the named contributors were members of the IMG.)

Left – Hull University Socialist Society Spring 1967- special issue on Workers Control

Nuclear Disarmament and the Labour Party by Tony Southall (Scottish Labour CND, 1983)

A Womans Right to Work



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