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Iranian Revolutionary Socialist League [ir]


International Affiliation None
Best known members None
Journal Kargar-e Socialist (Socialist Workers) – monthly newspaper in Farsi,
Didgah-e Socialism Enghelabi (Revolutionary Socialism Review)
Address Write to their e-mail address.
Telephone, Fax N/A
Web site(description)

Although Iranian Revolutionary Socialists League (IRSL) began its activity in 1995 in its present form, its co.founders began their political activities 26 years ago (1971) by publishing a journal called Kando Kav (socialist journal) and established the section of Fourth International (USec)in Iran during the 1978 Revolution in Iran. During the Revolution in Iran, the members of this organisation formed Iranian Socialist Workers Party (Hezb-e Kargaran Socialist) and published weekly Kargar, Che-Bayad Kard, Kargaran Socialist and Nazm-e Kargar until 1983. Since 1983, in exile, they have been publishing several journals including Socialism Va Enghelab and Workers Socialist Notebooks. IRSL has recently gone on the Internet:

Web site: In this site IRSL views and political anaylsis about Iran is reflected in Farsi and English. The IRSL has translated all major works by Trotsky into Farsi (see publication one site). The history of the IRSL is written in Farsi and will be translated soon and placed on the IRSL and the ETOL web sites.

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