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Acronyms of international tendencies

FI Fourth International 1938–1953 LRCI League for a Revolutionary
Communist International
FI-IC Fourth International –
International Committee
FI-La Verité Fourth International – formerly
the FI-(ICR)
FI-IS Fourth International –
International Secretariat
FI-USFI Fourth International
United Secretariat of the FI
ICFI International Committee of
the Fourth International
FI-P Fourth International – Posadas
ICL International Communist
FI-UIT Revolutionary Socialist League
iSt international Spartacist tendency IWL International Workers League –
Fourth International
IST International Socialist Tendency CWI Committee for a Workers' International


4 Internazionale [4th International, it, ??-??]


Abern, Martin


Ackernecht, Erwin (Eugene Bauer)

Alexander, Neville

Ali, Tariq

Alliance des Travailleurs [be, AT, Workers' Alliance, be, FI-La Verité]

Alliance For Workers Liberty [uk, AWL, inside Labour, formerly Socialist Organiser Alliance, International-Communist League, Workers Fight]

Alliance For Workers Liberty [au, AWL-AU]

Ambrogi, Ersilio

American Trotskyism

Anderson, Perry

Andrade, Juan

Anti Poll Tax coalition (uk)

Anti-Nazi League (uk)

Aragon, Antonio

Arbeiter/innen Standpunkt [?] [at, Workers Perspective, LIRCI]

Argentine Trotskyism

Associazione Bandiera Rossa [ it, Red Flag Society, FI-USFI, 1997-present day]

Associazione Marxista Rivoluzionaria Proposta [it, Revolutionary Marxist Society Proposal, 1995-present day]

Associazione Quarta Internazionale [ it, Fourth International Society, FI-USFI, 1989-1997]

Associazione Voce Operaia [??] [ it, Workers' Voice Society, ??-present day]

Avanguardia Operaia ( it, Workers Vanguard, 1967-1976)

Avant-garde [il, former FI-CIR section]

Avanzata Socialista [ it, Socialist Advance,??-??]

Avanzata Proletaria [ it, Proletarian Advance, 1976-82]


Bagarolo, Tiziano

Banda, Mike

Bavassano, Mario

Bandiera Rossa [ it, Red Flag,1943-47] - organ of MCd'I

Bandiera Rossa [ it, Red Flag, it, 1948-present day] - organ of GCR-LCR-AQI-ABR

Behan, Brian

BIDOM [us]

Bisceglie, Vito

Boero, Giovanni

Bollettino dell'opposizione comunista italiana (PCI) [it, Bulletin of the Italian Communist Opposition (CPI), 1931-33]

Bollettino della Frazione Marxista Rivoluzionaria [ it, Bulletin of the Revolutionary Marxist Faction]

Bollettino della sinistra rivoluzionaria del PSIUP [ it, Bulletin of the revolutionary left of the PSIUP, 1965-67] -- [name to be verified] -- Posadist entry organ in PSIUP

Bollettino Sindacale [Trade Union Bulletin, it, ??-??]

Bolcheviques-Leninistas [es, Bolshevik-Leninists]

Bolshevik Current for the Fourth International [us, split from CWG, 1997]

Bolshevik-Leninist Group [ro, 1935-?]

Bolshevik Tendency [us]

Bolshevik Mazdoor Party [Bolshevik Workers Party] of India

Bolshevik-Leninist Party of India

Bolshevik-Leninist League [us,1993?-???]

Bornstein, Sam

Barnes, Jack

Beiner, Alain

Belgian Trotskyism

Bengochea, Angel A.

Birney, Earle (E. Robertson)

Blanco, Hugo

Bleibtreu, Marcel

Bloc (see also "Propaganda Bloc")

Bloc of Four

Bloc of four classes

Bolivian Trotskyism



Bordiga, Amadeo

British Trotskyism

Browder, Earl

Braccini, Marcello

Bureaucratic collectivism

Burnham, James


Caby, Robert (L. Biline)

Cadogan, Peter

Callinicos, Alex

Camejo, Peter

Canadian Trotskyism

Cannon, JP

Candreva, Luigi

Carena Leonetti, Pia

Carlson, Grace

Casciola, Paolo

Cascone, Alfredo

Castoriadis, Cornelius

Cellula Trotzkjista d'Italia [it, Trotskyist Cell of Italy, 1973-74]

Centro provvisorio nazionale per la costruzione del Partito comunista internazionalista (it, IV Internazionale) [Provisional National Center for the construction of the Internationalist Communist Party (Fourth International), 1944-45]

Chitarin, Attilio

Class Struggle League [us, 1929-38?]

Cochrane, Bert

Comités Communistes pour l'Autogestion [fr, Communist Committee for Self-Management (CCA, previously named Revolutionary Marxist Alliance, now dissolved, it was the TMRI section)]

Courante Communiste Internationaliste [fr, Internationalist Communist Current, inside Parti des Travailleurs (Workers Party)], which is not formally a Trotskyist party, affiliate to FI-La Verité, formerly Internationalist Communist Party, Internationalist Communist Organization]

Communist Internationalist Organizing Committee [us, formed 1994]

Communist League[us, split from RWL, 1994; fused with Trotskyist League,1994]

Communist League of America [us,1929-34, ILO]

Communist League of Struggle [us, 1929, Weisbord]

Communist Workers Group [us]

Communist Workers Organization [us, split from BT]

Communist League [is, part of SWP/USA current]

Comunismo Internazionale [it, International Communism, 1996??]

Corneli, Dante [it, "Il redivivo tiburtino"]

Corvisieri, Silverio

Canadian Trotskyism

Cannon, James P.

Castro, Fidel

Centrism -- Left centrism -- Right centrism


Ceylonese/Lankan Trotskyism

Chen Tuhsiu

Ciliga, Anton

Citizens Alliance

Cliff, Tony (Ygael Gluckstein)

Communist International

Comunismo Internazionale [it, International Communism, 1996??]

Cooper, Jake

Coral, Juan Carlos

Craipeau, Yvan

Critical (electoral) support

Critica Comunista [it, Communist Critique,19??-79] - LCR

Critica Comunista [it, Communist Critique, it, 1951-??], bollettino di opposizione nel PCI

Cuban missile crisis (1962)

Cuban Revolution (1959)

Curtiss, Charles


Dahl, Nils

Dauge, Walter

Daum, Walter

Davis, Mike

De Boer, Harry

Deformed Workers State

Degenerated Workers State (also "bureaucratically dws")

Democratic Socialist Party [au, DSP, formerly SWP, formerly affiliated to the FI-USFI]


De Robe October

Deiana, Elettra

Democrazia Proletaria (it, Proletarian Democracy, 1976-1991)

DeRegis, Giancarlo

Desafio Militante [ar, Militant Challenge, Ted Grant tendency]

Deutscher, Isaac

Dewar, Hugo

Di Bartolomeo, Nicola ["Fosco"]

Dobbs, Farrell

Dondero, Luciano ["Federico Parodi", "Fred Purdy"]


Dowson, Ross

Draper, Hal

Draper, Theodore

Driester, Hendrik Theodor ("Theo") van

Dublin Spartacist Group [ie, ICL, Spartacist]

Dunayevskaya, Raya (Rae Spiegel, etc.)

Dunne, Miles

Dunne, Vincent R.

Dutch Trotskyism


Eastman, Max

Entryism -- Entry work (also "French Turn")

Epe, Heinz (Walter Held)

Etchebehere, Hippolyte (Juan Rustico)


FAQ (apst FAQ) (Trotsky FAQ)


Falcemartello [it, Hammer and Sickle, 19??-present day]

Falcemartello [it, Hammer and Sickle, 1963-??]

Falcemartello [it, Hammer and Sickle, 197?-??]

Farrell, Michael

First Four Congresses of the Communist International

Ferrando, Marco

Fischer, Ruth

Foot, Paul

Forrest, Freddy (RS, Raya Dunayevskaya)

Fourth International

Fourth International

Fourth International Caucus [Solidarity]

Fourth Internationalist Tendency [us, of SWP, then independent]

Fourth International, Founding Conference (1938)

Fourth International, History of

Frank, Pierre

Frazione Marxista Rivoluzionaria [it, Revolutionary Marxist Faction, FI-USFI,??-??]

Freedom Socialist Party

French Trotskyism

Freund, Hans David

Frias, Ismael

Friedman, Josepg (Joseph Carter)

Frous, Jean

Fryer, Peter


Gambino, Renzo

Garcia Lavid, Francisco (Henri Lacroix)

Garganas, Panos

Gauche Révolutionnaire [fr, Revolutionary Left,CWI section]

Geier, Joel

Geneva, Switzerland official location of 1938 Founding Congress of FI

Germain, Ernest (Ernest Mandel)

German Trotskyism

Gervasini, Virginia

Glass, Frank (Li Fujen, John Liang)

Glotzer, Albert

Gluckstein, Ygael (Tony Cliff)

Goldman, Albert

Gordon, Sam

Gorla, Massimo ["Ilario Rivera"]

Gould, Nathan (Anton)

Gramsci, Antonio

Greek Trotskyism

Grisolia, Franco

Group of Bolshevik Leninists [ne, GBL]

Grogan, Brian

Groves, Reg

Grupo Obrero Revolucionario [bo, Workers Revolutionary Group, UIT]

Gruppe Arbeitermacht [de, Workers Power Group, LIRCI section]

Gruppi Comunisti Rivoluzionari [it, Revolutionary Communist Groups, FI-USFI, 1948-79]

Gruppo Bolscevico-Leninista [it, Bolshevik-Leninist Group, 1974-1980]

Gruppo Bolscevico-Leninista d'Umbria [it, Bolshevik-Leninist Group of Umbria, 1977-78]

Gruppo Operaio Rivoluzionario [it, Revolutionary Workers Group,1980-??]

Grylewicz, Anton

Hallas, Duncan

Hansen, Joseph

Harman, Chris

Harris, Connie

Harris, Nigel

Haston, Jock

Hauser, Joseph

Healy, Gerry

Healy, Paddy

Heijenoort, Jean van

Held, Walter (Heinz Epe)

Hippe, Oskar

Hirson, Baruch

Ho Chi Minh

Hot Autumn (it, 1969)

Il Comunista [it, The Communist 1980-??] -- GOR/AVO

Il Militante [it, The Militant,1974-1986?]

Il Soviet [it, The Soviet, 1972-??]

In Lotta [it, In Struggle, 1994-present day]

Independent Socialist League [us, ISL, 1951-1956?]

Institute Leon Trotsky [fr]

Internationale Arbeidersliga/Ligue Internationale des Travailleurs [be, LIT, Interntional Workers League, IWL]

International Committee of the FI,

Internationalist Group [us, split from SL, 1996]

International Left Opposition

International Marxist Group [uk, FI-USFI, 1968-1982]

International Secretariat of the FI


International Socialists [ca, IST]

International Socialists of Germany [de, ISD, IST]

International Socialists [dk, IST]

International Socialist League [uk, affiliated LIT]

International Socialist Organization [us, IST]

International Socialists [us, includes FI-USFI supporters]

International Socialist Tendency

Internationalist Tendency [us, split/expelled from SWP in 1974]

International Workers Correspondence [de, IAK, FI-La Verité section]

International Workers Unity [uk

International Workers Party [us, IWP, 1983-1992, LIT]

Iannacone, Leonardo

Iraci, Leone

Irish Workers Group [ie, LIRCI section]

Isaacs, Harold R.

Italian Trotskyism 

Jaffe, Hosea

C.L.R. James

Johnson J.R. (C.L.R. James)

Johnson-Forest Tendency in SWP

Jones, Alan

Jordan, Pat

Jungclas, Georg

Justo, Liborio

Kahlo, Frida

Karsner, Rose

Kissin, Siegfried

Klement, Rudolf

Kolpe, Sitiram B. (Kailas Chandra)

Konikow, Antoinette

Korner, David (Barta)

Kronstadt (1921 Revolt)

Labor Militant [ca, CWI]

Labor Militant [us, CWI]

*La Classe* [it, The Class]

La Commune [fr, UIT section, Pedro Carrasquedo group, formerly in PCI]

La Lutte [be, LL, The Fight, not affiliated to an international tendency, but it has contact with Lutte Ouvrière in France]

Lambert, Pierre

Landy, Sy

Lawless, Gerry

Lawrence, John

*La Verità* [it, The Truth, 1927-29??]

*La Verità* [it, The Truth, 1933-34]

*L'avanzata del socialismo* [it, The advance of Socialism,1983-85] - LSR

League for Socialist Action [ca, FI-USFI]

League of Revolutionary Socialists [nl, LSR]

*Lezioni d'Ottobre* [it, Lessons of October, 1977-??] - GBLd'U/GOR

*L'Internazionale* [it, The International, 1944-??] - organ of bolscevico-leninista per la costruzione del POC

Lega Comunista [it, Communist League]

Lega Comunista Rivoluzionaria [it, Revolutionary Communist League, FI-USFI, 1979-1989]

Lega Operaia Rivoluzionaria [it, Revolutionary Workers League, 1980-1985??]

Lega Socialista Rivoluzionaria [it, Revolutionary Socialist League, 1976-??]

Lega Trotskista [it, Trotskyist League, 1980]

Lega Trotskista d'Italia [it, Trotskyist League of Italy, 1978-80]

Lega Trotskista d'Italia [it, Trotskyist League of Italy, 1980] -- autonomous grouping

Lega Trotskista d'Italia [it, Trotskyist League of Italy, ICL, 1980-present day]

Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire [fr, Revolutionary Communist League, FI-USFI section, formerly Communist League and Internationalist Communist Party]

Liga Comunista Internacionalista [mx, LCI]

Liga Comunista Revolucionaria [mx, LCR]

Liga Comunista [mx, LC]

Liga Socialista-Clave [mx, 1974-1977, FI-USFI, part of SWP-us, Leninist Trotskyist Faction]

Liga Socialista-Militante [mx, 1976, FI-USFI, part of SWP-us Leninist Trotskyist Faction, later the Bolshevik Faction]

Liga Socialista Internacionalista [co, Socialist Internationalist League, affiliated UIT]

Ligue Socialiste des Travailleurs [fr, Workers Socialist League, LIT section]

Ligue Trotskyste de France [fr, Trotskyist League of France, ICL, Spartacist]

Ligue Ouvrière Révolutionnaire [fr, Revolutionary Workers League, it was the section of the FI-Reconstructed, and then of the Int. League for the Reconstruction of the Fourth International]

Leone, Pietro

Leonetti, Alfonso

Luchi, Angiolino

*L'Internazionale* [it, The International, 1946-48] - organ of del POC

Lenin's Last Will

Lequenne, Michel

Lesoil, Léon

Liga Socialista Revolucionaria (Unificada) [ar, Revolutionary Socialist League, Unified, fusion of two groups splintered from MAS, 1996-]

Linksruck [de, Left Shift, IST, 1995- (formerly Sozialistische Arbeitergruppe]

Lora, Guillermo

*Lotta Anticapitalista* [it, Anticapitalist Struggle, 1970-72??] -- local PCR(t) paper

*Lotta Operaia Liguria* [it, Workers Fight Liguria,1970-72??] -- local PCR(t) paper

*Lotta Operaia* [it, Workers Fight, 1962- present day]

*Lotta Studentesca Rivoluzionaria* [it, Revolutionary Student Fight, 1966??-72??] -- sectional PCR(t) paper]

Lutte Ouvrière/Union Communiste [fr, Communist Union, affiliated ICU]

McCann, Eamonn

MacIntyre, Alastair

Mage, Shane

Mangano, Romeo

Marcy, Sam

Matgamna, Sean (John O'Mahoney)

Mazdoor Trotskyist Party of India

Marx-Lenin-Luxemburg Front [nl]

Marxist Party [uk, founded by Healy-Redgrave after WRP implosion]

Marxist Workers Group [us, 1976]

Massari, Roberto

Militant Labour [uk, now Socialist Party, CWI]

Militant Labour [il]

Militant Links/ Militant [be, ML, Militant Links/Militant, CWI]

Mineo, Mario

Minneapolis Teamster Strike, 1934

Monfalcon, Fausto ["Rado"]

Moneta, Jakob

Moscato, Antonio

Movimento Comunista d'Italia [Communist Movement of Italy, 1944-45??]

Movimiento Socialista de los Trabajadores [bo, Workers Socialist Movement, LIT]

Movimiento Socialista de los Trabajadores [ec, Socialist Workers Movement, UIT affiliated]

Maitan, Livio

Mandel, Ernest

Mangan, Sherry (Terence Phellan)

Mao tsetung

Martin des Pallières, Jeanne

Martorell, Jose

Marxism space at Spoons


Maslow, Arkadi

May 1968 (F)

Marx Engels Internet Archive (MEIA)

Mestre, Michèle

Mill, Michel

Molinier, Henri

Molinier, Raymond

Monat, Martin (Widelin)

Moreno, Nahuel (Hugo Bressano)

Morris Stein

Morrow, Felix

Morrow Goldman Tendency in SWP [us]

Moscoso, Hugo Gonzalez

Munis, Grandizo

Must, AJ

Naville, Pierre

Nationaal Arbeids Secretariaat - [nl, NAS, trade union body]

Nardini, Bruno

New International [in]

New International [us]

New Life Party/ Detroit Trotskyist Committee [us]

New Sama Samaja Party [in, NSSP- USFI, formerly CWI]

Nuclei Comunisti Rivoluzionari - frazione Soviet [it, Revolutionary Communist Nuclei - Soviet faction,1968-72??]

Nuclei Comunisti Rivoluzionari [ it, Revolutionary Communist Nuclei,1968-72??]

Nucleo Spartacista d'Italia [it, Spartacist Nucleus of Italy, 1975-77] -- section of the iSt

Nucleo Spartacista d'Italia [it, Spartacist Nucleus of Italy, 1977-78?] -- autonomous grouping

Nuova Opposizione Italiana [New Italian Opposition, 1930-33]

Neurath, Alois

"New World Reality"

Nin, Andrès

Novack, George

Novack, George


Oehler, Hugo

O’Mahoney, John (Sean Matgamna)

Open Letter (1953). SWP's "A Letter to Trotskyists..."

Open Letter. Generic definition and description of usage

Oposicion Trotskysta del Partido Obrero Revolucionario [ar, Trotskyist Opposition of the POR, co-thinkers of PO-Argentina]

Opposition Oppositionist


Organizacion Socialista de los Trabajadores [cr, OST, Workers Socialist Organization, 1976-?, FI-USFI]

Organizacion Socialista de los Trabajadores [mx, OST, Workers Socialist Organization, formerly the Marxist Workers League, affiliated to FI-La Verité]

Orthodoxy Orthodox Trotskyism

*Ottobre* [October, it, 1973-74??]

Pablo, Michel (real name Raptis)

Pabloism Pabloist Pabloite

Pedrosa, Mario (A. Lebrun)

Peng ShuTse

Pereyra Perez, Daniel Alberto

Permanent Revolution

Peruvian Trotskyism

Phillips, Martha

Paolicchi, Silvio

Partito Comunista Italiano (Italian Communist Party,it, 1921-1991)

Partito Comunista Rivoluzionario (trotskista) [it, Revolutionary Communist Party (Trotskyist), FI(P), 1962-present day]

Partito della Rifondazione Comunista [it, Party of the Communist Refoundation, 1991-present day]

Partido Obrero Revolucionario - Unificado [bo, Workers Revolutionary Party - United, 1984- , POR-Combate fused with Vanguardia Obrera [Workers Vanguard] of POR]

Partido Obrero Revolucionario [bo, POR, Revolutionary Workers Party1934-]

Partido Obrero Revolucionario Trotskista-Posadista [bo, PORT-P, Revolutionary Workers Party Trotskyist-Posadist [1963-]

Partido Obrero Revolucionario-Combate [bo, POR, Revolutionary Workers Party, FI-USFI]

Partido Obrero Revolucionario de Espana [es, Revolutionary Workers Party of Spain]

Partito Operaio Comunista (bolscevico-leninista) [it, Communist Workers Party (Bolshevik-Leninist), 1945-48]

Parti Ouvrier et Paysan [ht, Workers & Peasants Party, FI-La Verité]

Partido Obrero Marxista Revolucionario [pr, POMR, Revolutionary Marxist Workers Party, OCRFI]

Partido Obrero Revolucionario [pr, POR, Revolutionary Workers Party]

Partido Obrero Socialista [mx, POS, Socialist Workers Party, LIT]

Partido Socialista Obrero Internacionalista [es, PSOI, Internationalist Socialist Workers Party, FI-La Verité]

Partido Obrero Zapatista [mx, Zapatista Workers Party, formerly the POS, LIT]

Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores [cr, PRT, Workers Revolutionary Party, affiliated to the FI-USFI]

Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores [mx, PRT, Revolutionary Workers Party, 1976-1994? FI-USFI]

Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores-Combate [mx, PRT-C, Revolutionary Workers Party, 1971-1976? FI-USFI]

Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores [pr, PRT, Revolutionary Workers Party, FI-USFI]

Partido Socialista de los Trabajadores [es, PST, Socialist Workers Party, LIT]

Partido Socialista de los Trabajadores [uy, PST, Socialist Workers Party, FI-USFI, formerly the LIT]

Partido Socialista Revolucionario [co, Socialist Revolutionary Party, affiliated to the FI-USFI, now dissolved]

Partido Socialista de los Trabajadores [co, Workers Socialist Party, formerly LIT]

Partido Socialista de los Trabajadores [cr, PST, Socialist Workers Party, LIT]

Partido Socialista de los Trabajadores [pr, PST, Socialist Workers Party, FI-USFI then LIT]

 Partito Socialista Italiano (Italian Socialist Party, 1893-1994)

Partito Socialista Italiano di Unità Proletaria (Italian Socialist Party of Proletarian Unity, 1964-1972)

Parti Socialiste Ouvrier-??? [be, Socialist Workers Party, POS-SAP, FI-USFI, formerly Workers Revolutionary League, 1971- ]

Partido Socialista Revolucionario [pr, PSR, Revolutionary Socialist Party]

Partido Trabajadores [pr, PT, Workers Party, FI-La Verité]

Pasquinelli, Moreno ["Dino Albani"]

Pellegrini, Edgardo

Pistone, Renato Matteo

Puletti, Guido [1953-1993]

Poder Obrero [bo, Workers Power]

Political Revolution

Popular Front (or People's Front) Popular Frontism

Posadas, J. (Homero Cristalli)

Pouliopoulos, Pantelis

Proletarian Bonapartism

Proletarian Tasks Tendency [us, was Socialist League-Democratic Centralist]

*Praxis* [it, 1976??-79??]

*Proposta* [Proposal, it, 1993-present day]

*Prospettiva Socialista* [Socialist Perspective, it, 1982-??]


*Quarta Internazionale* [Fourth International, it, ??-??]

"René van Rial" (pseudonym of an Hungarian T.)

Ravazzoli, Paolo ["Santini"]

Recchia, Teresa

Renzi, Dario

Reorganized Minority Tendency in SWP

Restoration of capitalism


Red Flag Group [us, split from BT, 1994-1988]

Revolutionary Communist League [jp, FI-USFI section]

Revolutionary Communist League [jp, Middle Core Faction]

Revolutionary Communist League- Internationalist [us, split from Marcyites, ???; joined Socialist Action, mid-1980s, joined CPUSA mid 1990s]

Revolutionary Communist League [sl, now the SEP, ICFI]

Revolutionary Communist League [Iceland, previously associated to SWP/USA current inside FI-USec]

Revolutionary Communist Party [au]

Revolutionary Communist Party [uk, 1945?]

Revolutionary Communist Youth [us, SL youth]

Revolutionary Marxist Committee [us, fused with SWP 1976, came from RSL]

Revolutionary Marxist Organizing Committee [us, from IT, 1974-75]

Revolutionary Socialist Group [us, expelled from Solidarity,1994]

Revolutionary Socialist League [us, split from IS]

Revolutionary Socialist Party [lx, FI-USFI]

Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party [nl]

Revolutionary Tendency [us, SL tendency inside SWP, 1963]

Revolutionary Trotskyist League [us, became Workers Voice]

Revolutionary Marxist League [Jamaica, Supporters of the US based Revolutionary Socialist League]

Revolutionary Workers League [us, Oehlerite - 1936 1951?]

Revolutionary Workers League [us, RWL, formerly affiliated with the ITO 1978?-] 
Revolutionary Tendency in SWP

Revolutionary Workers Party [sl]

Revolutionary Workers Party [uk, Trotskyist] [RWP(T), 1962, Posadist]

Richardson, Al

Rigaudias, Louis (Rigal)

*Ritorniamo a Lenin* [Let's return to Lenin, it, 1962-63??] - Posadist entry organ in PCI

*Rivista Marxista Europea* [European Marxist Review, it, 1967-80??] - PCR(t)

*Rivoluzione Permanente* [Permanent Revolution, it, ]

*Rivoluzione Socialista* [Socialist Revolution, it, 1967-68??] -- Posadist entry organ in PSIUP

Rivera, Diego

Robertson, Jim

Robles, Juan

Rogers, Ernest

Rosenthal, Gérard

Rosmer, Alfred

Rousset, David (D. Georget)

Russian Question

Russian Trotskyism

Ryan, Sam

Salus, Wolfgang (Wolfgang Kriger)

Samarakkoddy, Edward

Santucho, Mario Roberto

Schuesschler, Otto (Oskar Fischer)

Sect Sects Sectarianism

Salini, Cristofaro ["Tosca"]

Sedgwick, Peter

Seidenfeld, ["Barbara"]

Skoglund, Carl

Slaughter, Cliff

Socialismo Rivoluzionario [Revolutionary Socialism, it, 198??-present day]

Spinelli, Veniero

Seipolf, Oskar (Weiss)

Shachtman, Max

Shawki, Ahmed

Simpson, Penny

Sinclair, Louis

Skandera, Vaclav

The Smith Act

Sneevliet, Henricus

Sozialististische Arbeitergruppe [de, Socialist Workers Group, SAG, IST, 1971-1994]

Sozialististische Alternative [at, Socialist Alternative, SOAL, USec, formerly Revolutionary Marxist Group,1972-]

Scottish Militant Labour [uk, Scottish section of Socialist party, affiliated to the Scottish Socialist Alliance & CWI]

Socialist Action [ca, FI-USFI]

Socialist Action [uk, formerly FI-USFI, inside Labour]

Socialist Action [us, FI-USFI]

Socialist Appeal [uk, Ted Grant]

Socialist Equality Party [uk, formerly International Communist Party, ICFI, split from WRP]

Socialist Outlook [uk, FI-USFI, inside Labour,]

Socialist Party [uk, formerly Militant Labour and Militant, CWI]

Socialist Workers Party [uk, SWP, formerly International Socialists, Socialist Review Group, IST1950]

Spartacist League/Britain [uk, 1978-, formerly London Station, 1975-78]

Sozialististische Offensiv Voran [at, Socialist Offensive Forward, CWI-affiliated]

Socialist Equality Party [au, formerly Socialist Labour League, 1972]

Socialist Labour League [au]

Socialist Labour League [uk]

Socialist Labour League [in]

Socialist Workers Party [au, SWP, affiliated to the FI-USFI, became Democratic Socialist Party]

Socialist Workers Party [us, SWP, formerly FI-USFI, ICFI, and FI]

Socialist Workers Party [uk, SWP, formerly the IS, IST]

Spartacist League [au]

Souvarine, Boris

Soviet Bonapartism

Soviet Thermidor

Spanish Trotskyism

*Spartaco* [it, Spartacus, 1980-present day]

Spector, Maurice

Split issue

Stalin, Iosif

Stalinophile Stalinophilic

Stalinophobe Stalinophobic

State capitalism

Sterling, Max

Stinas, Agis

Stockfisch, Hersch Mendel

Swabeck, Arne


Thornett, Alan

Togliatti, Palmiro

Tendenza Leninista dell'Associazione Quarta Internazionale [it, Leninist Tendency of the Fourth International Society, it, FI-USFI, 19??-1995]

Tresso, Pietro

Tulli, Tullo

Turigliatto, Franco


Transitional Program


MTrotskyist Organization [us]

Trotsky Internet Archive (TIA)


United Front

United Secretariat of the FI

Varga, Michel (Balazc Nagy)

Vereecken, Georges

Vern/Ryan Tendency in SWP [us]


Wajnsztok, Abraham (A. Leon)

Wall, Pat

Waters, MaryAlice

Weber, Jack

Weber, Sara

White, Geoff

Wicks, Harry

Widgery, David

Wohlforth, Tim

Wolf, Erwin (Nicolle Braun)

Wolf, Winfried

Workers State (also "healthy w.s.)

World Party of Socialist Revolution

Young, Art

Zeller, Fred

[Etc. etc. Trotskyism] 

On-line Encyclopedia of Trotskyist History
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ae United Arab Emirates

af Afghanistan

ag Antigua and Barbuda

ai Anguilla

al Albania

am Armenia

an Netherlands Antilles

ao Angola

aq Antarctica

ar Argentina

as American Samoa

at Austria

au Australia

aw Aruba

az Azerbaijan

ba Bosnia and Herzegovina

bb Barbados

bd Bangladesh

be Belgium

bf Burkina Faso

bg Bulgaria

bh Bahrain

bi Burundi

bj Benin

bm Bermuda

bn Brunei Darussalam

bo Bolivia

br Brazil

bs Bahamas

bt Bhutan

bv Bouvet Island

bw Botswana

by Belarus

bz Belize

ca Canada

cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands

cf Central African Republic

cg Congo

ch Switzerland

ci Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

ck Cook Islands

cl Chile

cm Cameroon

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cx Christmas Island

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eg Egypt

eh Western Sahara

er Eritrea

es Spain

et Ethiopia

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fj Fiji

fk Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

fm Micronesia

fo Faroe Islands

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fx France, Metropolitan

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gb Great Britain (UK)

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gm Gambia

gn Guinea

gp Guadeloupe

gq Equatorial Guinea

gr Greece

gs S. Georgia and S. Sandwich Isls.

gt Guatemala

gu Guam

gw Guinea-Bissau

gy Guyana

hk Hong Kong

hm Heard and McDonald Islands

hn Honduras

hr Croatia (Hrvatska)

ht Haiti

hu Hungary

id Indonesia

ie Ireland

il Israel

in India

io British Indian Ocean Territory

iq Iraq

ir Iran

is Iceland

it Italy

jm Jamaica

jo Jordan

jp Japan

ke Kenya

kg Kyrgyzstan

kh Cambodia

ki Kiribati

km Comoros

kn Saint Kitts and Nevis

kp Korea (North)

kr Korea (South)

kw Kuwait

ky Cayman Islands

kz Kazaakhstan

la Laos

lb Lebanon

lc Saint Lucia

li Liechtenstein

lk Sri Lanka

lr Liberia

ls Lesotho

lt Lithuania

lu Luxembourg

lv Latvia

ly Libya

ma Morocco

mc Monaco

md Moldova

mg Madagascar

mh Marshall Islands

mk Macedonia

ml Mali

mm Myanmar

mn Mongolia

mo Macau

mp Northern Mariana Islands

mq Martinique

mr Mauritania

ms Montserrat

my Malta

mu Mauritius

mv Maldives

mw Malawi

mx Mexico

my Malaysia

mz Mozambique

na Namibia

nc New Caledonia

ne Niger

nf Norfolk Island

ng Nigeria

ni Nicaragua

nl Netherlands

no Norway

np Nepal

nr Nauru

nt Neutral Zone

nu Niue

nz New Zealand (Aotearoa)

om Oman

pa Panama

pe Peru

pf French Polynesia

pg Papua New Guinea

ph Philippines

pk Pakistan

pl Poland

pm St. Pierre and Miquelon

pn Pitcairn

pr Puerto Rico

pt Portugal

pw Palau

py Paraguay

qa Qatar

re Reunion

ro Romania

ru Russian Federation

rw Rwanda

sa Saudi Arabia

sb Solomon Islands

sc Seychelles

sd Sudan

se Sweden

sg Singapore

sh St. Helena

si Slovenia

sj Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands

sk Slovak Republic

sl Sierra Leone

sm San Marino

sn Senegal

so Somalia

sr Suriname

st Sao Tome and Principe

su USSR (former)

sv El Salvador

sy Syria

sz Swaziland

Ttc Turks and Caicos Islands

td Chad

tf French Southern Territories

tg Togo

th Thailand

tj Tajikistan

tk Tokelau

tm Turkmenistan

tn Tunisia

to Tonga

tp East Timor

tr Turkey

tt Trinidad and Tobago

tv Tuvalu

tw Taiwan

tz Tanzania

ua Ukraine

ug Uganda

uk United Kingdom

um US Minor Outlying Islands

us United States

uy Uruguay

uz Uzbekistan

va Vatican City State (Holy See)

vc Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

ve Venezuela

vg Virgin Islands (British)

vi Virgin Islands (U.S.)

vn Viet Nam

vu Vanuatu

wf Wallis and Futuna Islands

ws Samoa

ye Yemen

yt Mayotte

yu Yugoslavia

za South Africa

zm Zambia

zr Zaire

zw Zimbabwe