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Description: This is the international tendency rooted in the British Socialist Workers Party tradition. The most significant difference between this extremely large tendency in the world movement and that of orthodox Trotskyist groups is its characterization of the USSR, China, etc. as state capitalist. It characterizes its tradition as “Socialism from below.” The IST has sections in 27 countries.
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Address International Department
Socialist Workers Party
P.O. Box 82
London E3 3LH
+44-171 538 5821 
+44-171 515 2237

Sections of the International Socialist Tendency 
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Australia International Socialist Organisation
Austria Linkswende
Brazil Socialism Internacional
Britain Socialist Workers Party
Canada International Socialists
Cyprus Ergatiki Dimokratia
Czech Republic Socialistická Solidarita
Denmark Internationale Socialister
France Socialisme par en bas
Germany Linksruck
Ghana International Socialist Organisation
Greece Sosialistiko Ergatiko Komma
Holland Internationale Socialisten
Indonesia Suara Sosialis
Ireland Socialist Workers Party
Italy Comunismo dal basso
Malaysia Suara Sosialisme Malaysia
New Zealand Socialist Workers Organization
Norway Internasjonale Sosialister
Poland Pracownicza Demokracja
South Africa Keep Left
Spain En Lucha
Sweden Internationella Socialister
Thailand Klum Prachatipatai Rangarn
Uruguay Izquierda Revolucionaria
Zimbabwe International Socialist Organisation

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