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Socialist Appeal [uk]

International Affiliation International Socialist Appeal
Leaders Ted Grant, Alan Woods
Newspaper, journals Socialist Appeal
Address PO Box 2626
London N1 7SQ
Telelphone, Fax (00 44) 171 251 1094
FAX: (00 44) 171 251 1095
Web site(description) In Defence of marxism

Web site: Web site contains articles which use the group’s distinct method. Includes the complete text (400 pages) of Marxism and Modern Science published 1995, their most recent major work with an introduction by Trotsky’s grandson is Russia from Revolution to Counter Revolution is being added
chapter by chapter. The site also contains links to Mexican, Swedish, Belgian, and Spanish co-thinkers.

International affiliation: Since their formation that resulted from a split from the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI), the supporters of Socialist Appeal in other countries have not named their tendency. Until then "International Socialist Appeal" is a default name used by this Encyclopedia.

Currently thie “ISA” is connected with co-thinkers in Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Australia, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Holland.

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Last updated: 16.2.2005