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International Workers Unity
(Fourth International) [us]


International Workers Unity (Fourth International), Detroit, Michigan, USA

Formerly known as the Trotskyist Organization that published a newsletter under several titles including Truth. The date of their origin (70s?) and the size of their current are unknown. They are currently are oriented toward support of the US Labor Party. Their current publication is has recently been renamed Socialism!. In their a recent edition of its predecessor, New Life: A Socialist Bulletin Published in the Interests of the Labor Party Movement:

New Life is part of International Workers Unity, an organization of the Fourth International formed in 1995 by uniting the CIR (Corriente Internacional Revolucionario) and the ILRFI (International League for the Reconstruction of the Fourth International). The main national organizations of the CIR were the MST of Argentina (Movimiento Socialista de los Trabajadores) and the CST of Brazil (Corriente Socialista Trabahadores), which is currently inside the Workers Party, with 2 Workers Party deputies in the Brazilian parliament. The CIR also had organizations in Mexico, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia and Paraguay. The main national organization of the International League is the POR of Spain (Partido Obrero Revolucionario). The ILRFI also had organizations in France, Poland and the US. Since the founding of International Workers Unity, the French organization La Commune has also joined. International Workers Unity publishes Correspondencia Internacional, several of which have been translated into English.

Socialism! contact information in the U.S. is Socialism!, Box 11128, Detroit, MI 48211, with the phone number: (313) 730-4089. (SR)

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