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Bulletin in Defense of Marxism
[New York City]

The Bulletin in Defense of Marxism (1983-1998) was initiated by members of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) in the United States who were expelled for reasons they believed had violated the method and principles integral to the tradition of revolutionary Marxism.

They viewed this tradition as an essential resource enabling working-class activists around the world to struggle against all forms of oppression for the purpose of creating a new society of the free and the equal. This tradition, which had long guided the SWP, was associated with the political orientation of Leon Trotsky. Trotsky himself had produced a book entitled In Defense of Marxism, a work with which these expelled comrades identified.

Those involved with the magazine intended to defend Marxism especi|ally by applying it in a creative manner to the realities and the struggles of their own time. Dozens of people were involved. Their efforts resulted in a remarkable body of analyses, reports, opinions, ideas, insights, and information, spanning a decade and a half in the twilight of the twentieth century.

Three sets of introductory comments – further explaining and contextualizing the magazine – are available from Frank Lovell, Steve Bloom, and Paul Le Blanc, each of whom was involved in the editorial efforts that assured its appearance.

Introduction to this section by BIDOM editor Steve Bloom (2020)
Introduction to this section by BIDOM editor Paul LeBlanc (2020)
Along the Road to the First Hundred by BIDOM founder Frank Lovell (1992)

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INDEX FOR ISSUE NOs. 1-50 1988


No. 51, April, 1988

The February 3 Contra Aid Vote and the U.S. Anti-Intervention Movement
by Samuel Adams 1

Hands off Panama!
Editorial 1

The Rehabilitation of Nikolai Bukharin
by Bernard Daniels 6

A Historical Victory
by Ernest Mandel 7

Abortion Victory In Canada
by Anne MacLellan Brunelie 8

As Early As Possible, As Late As Necessary
Women Fight for Abortion Rights in Britain
by Judith Arkwright 9

New York Picket Opposes Us Aid To the Philippines
by Steve Bloom 11

France: Communist Renovators Challenge Traditional Left Parties
by John Barzman 12

The Threefold Crisis Facing Us Working People 17

The Fourth International Approaches a Turning Point
A Report on Discussions in Europe
by Paul Le Blanc and Barry Weisleder 28

Notebooks for the Grandchildren (continued)
18 a Year of Successes in Astrakhan
19 I Could Have Been Silent About This, Too
by Mikhail Baitalsky 32

No. 52, May, 1988

A Victory for the Nicaraguan Revolution

Disarmament and Socialist Revolution
by Samuel Adams 2

Self-Determination for the Palestinian People! for a Democratic Secular Palestine!
Statement by the National Organizing Committee of the FIT 7

New York Rally Calls for Rehabilitation of Moscow Trials Victims
by Bernard Daniels 9

The Train of History
by Esteban Volkov9

Socialists and the 1988 Elections
by Bill Onasch11

Nine Days That Shook Oregon
Or: How OPEU Became a Union by Ann Montague 15

Revolutionary Perspectives In the Us Trade Union Movement
by Dave Riehle 19

A Perversion of Internationalism
Founding Conference of the Communist League of Britain
by Tom Barrett 24

Cecil Glass (1901-1988) by Frank Lovell 28

From the Arsenal of Marxism: Atomic Bombs Imperil Existence of Humanity
New Imperialist Weapon Razes Entire City
by Li Fu-jen 29

Notebooks for the Grandchildren (continued)
20 Features of the New Order
by Mikhail Baitalsky 31

Letters 35

No. 53, June, 1988

Contradictions Of The Jackson Campaign
by Albert Harris 1

Problems Of Strategy And Organization
For The Anti-Apartheid Movement

by Samuel Adams 3

View From A West Bank Hospital
Epidemic of Army Violence
Reprint from News from Within 5

Israel: Three Myths
by Michael Steven Smith 7

Defend Mark Curtis!
by Bill Onasch 9

Women And Work In The 1980s
by Mary Scully 10

The Socialist Workers Party Today
A Balance Sheet of Degeneration
by Frank Lovell and Paul Le Blanc 13

Let History Judge Me
Trotsky in the Soviet Press
by Vladimir Pimonov 23

Notebooks For The Grandchildren (continued)
21. More About Boris and the Features of the Time
by Mikhail Baitalsky 24

Agenda For A Debate On Revolutionary Program:
A Sandinista Contribution

by Paul Le Blanc 29

Letters 34

No. 54, July-August, 1988

Where Does The Central America Movement Go From Here?
by Bill Onasch 1

May 14 Family Day: Unrealized Potential
by Mary Scully 4

Poland’s Cycle Of Hope And Disappointment
by Tom Barrett 5

When Thieves Fall Out
Manuel Noriega and the CIA Connection
by June Martin 8

Pan-Canadian Trotskyist Organization Formed
by Keith Mann 11

50 Years Of Struggle For Trotskyism
In The U S And Canada

by Keith Mann 12

Soviet Press Denounces Andrei Vyshinsky: Prosecutor In The Moscow Trials
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey 14

From The Arsenal Of Marxism:
The Meaning Of Rakovsky’s Surrender

by Leon Trotsky 18

Notebooks For The Grandchildren (continued)
22 Holy and Unholy Work
by Mikhail Baitalsky 21

Fred Halstead: Fighter For Socialism
by David Williams 26

Daniel Guerin: 1904-1988
by Rafael Sabatini 27

"Nous Sommes Le Pouvoir"
by Charles-Andre Udry 28

The Great-Grandparent Of American Marxism

by Paul Le Blanc 32

The Zionist Fraud
by Haskell Berman 34

Letters 36

No. 55, September, 1988

Fourth International’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Planned for October in New York 1

How To Prevent Mistakes 1

Soviet CP Holds 19th All-Union Party Conference
by JL Lauria 2

Soviet Minister Tells Delegation: Trotsky Will Be Rehabilitated
by JL Lauria and Roy Rollin 4

Mexico: Elections Destabilize Regime
by Ariane Merri 6

The Rainbow at Atlanta or: ‘Gone with the Wind’
by Bill Onasch 7

Exchange Of Views:
Revolutionary Marxists and the Jackson Campaign
by Joanna Misnik 9
A Reply to Joanna Misnik
by Bill Onasch 11

No New Abortion Law
by Anne MacLellan Brunelle 14

What Can Be Done About the Scabs?
by Richard Scully 15

SWP’s ‘Action Program’: The Latest Guide to Inaction
by Tom Barrett 18

Is There a Simple Solution to Nicaragua’s Economic Crisis?
by Steve Bloom 21

A View from Managua
by Michael Frank 24

Notebooks for the Grandchildren (continued) 23 My Second Arrest
by Mikhail Baitalsky 27

New Developments in Mark Curtis Case 31

Contempt Charges and Jail Sentences Against Seattle Socialists Dismissed 31

Reclaiming the Truth: Materials for a History of Trotskyism in the United States
by Tom Barrett 32

New Australian Magazine Launched. 36

No. 56, October, 1988

Polish Workers Confront Government in New Strike Wave
by Tom Barrett 1

After Eight Years of Death: Cease-fire in Iran-lraq War
by Tom Barrett 3 Vote Socialist!

Statement of the Fourth Internationalist Tendency 5

FROM THE ARSENAL OF MARXISM: Johnson vs Goldwater—How Deep Are the Differences?

The Lesser-Evil Yardstick
by George Breitman 6

Negro Leaders and Capitalist Politics

The Two-Party Swamp
by George Breitman 7

The Consequences of Historical Ignorance
The SWP and the P-9 Strike by Dave Riehle 9

What Working People Can Do About the Child Care Crisis
by Evelyn Sell 12

EXCHANGE OF VIEWS: A German Reader Questions FIT Perspectives and A Reply 15

The Fourth International: Fifty Years of Struggle Interview with Livio Maitan 17

Program, Organization, Revolution: Lenin and the Bolsheviks, 1905-1917 (part 1)
by Paul Le Blanc 19

Notebooks for the Grandchildren (continued) 23 My Second Arrest (continued) 24 ‘We Know All About You’
by Mikhail Baitalsky 22

REVIEWS: Reflections on Revolutionary Strategy
by Paul Le Blanc and Tom Twiss 27

An Appreciation of Gorbachev
by Frank Lovell 30

Letters 34

No. 57, November, 1988

Jordan, Israel, and the PLO
by Chris Faatz 1

Warshawsky Trial Begins October 19 in Israel 4

Mark Curtis Convicted in Rape Trial:
Stepped-up Defense Effort Projected

Sesquicentennial, Trail of Tears 5

Mexico After the Elections 6

Why the Central America Movement
Must Focus on Central America

by Samuel Adams 10

Withdraw the Troops

US Radicals and the Trade Union Movement
by DaveRiehle 17

Program, Organization, Revolution:
Lenin and the Bolsheviks, 1905-1917 (part 2)

by Paul Le Blanc 23

An Appeal to the SWP
by John Daniels 27

Notebooks for the Grandchildren (continued) 25 Butyrka Humanism
by Mikhail Baitalsky 29

The Transitional Program Today

by Paul Le Blanc 32

A Look at 1968
by John A Kovach 34


No. 58, December, 1988

The 1988 Election Campaign A Year of Missed Opportunities
by Tom Barrett 1

Special Feature: Anniversary New York Celebration of the Fiftieth of the Fourth International

Fourth International 50th Anniversary Celebration Held in New York
by David Williams 5

The Fourth International and the Fight for Socialism in the World Today
by Paul Le Blanc 7

The Historical Balance Sheet of the Fourth International
by Claudio Mangani 8

Revolutionaries Forge indissoluble Links Through Struggle
by Rosario Ibarra 10

They Could Not Kill the Ideas of Leon Trotsky
by Jake Cooper 10

Trotsky’s Historical Defense of Marxism
by Esteban Volkov 11

The Dialectical Method of the Fourth International
by Alan Waid 12

Socialist Challenge/Gauche Socialiste Statement of Principles 14

Toronto Anti-Intervention Conference Planned
by Barry Weisleder 18

The Rise and Fall of Maoism
by Lin Yifeng 19

Program, Organization, Revolution:
Lenin and the Bolsheviks, 1905-1917
by Paul Le Blanc 26

Notebooks for the Grandchildren (continued)
26. Acquaintance with Vorkuta

by Mikhail Baitalsky 29

Reviews: Marxist Theory, Revolutionary Program, and Socialist Action
by Albert Harris 34


No. 59, January, 1989

The Anti-Abortion Offensive and How Women Can Combat It 1 by Mary Scully

Cleveland Anti-Intervention Conference 3
by Steve Bloom

How Can We End U.S. Intervention in Central America? 3
by James Lafferty

The Situation in the Philippines
Interview with Zenaida Uy 6

1,000 Days of Corazon Aquino

From the Arsenal of Marxism
General MacArthur Represses Filipino Guerrilla Fighters
by Li Fu-jen

November 5 Action Against the Kian Held in Philadelphia 14
by Haskell Berman

Sylvia Bleeker (1901-1988)
Union Organizer, Socialist Agitator, and Lifelong Trotskyist
by Frank Lovell

Glasnost and Perestroika—
The USSR Today
Panel Discussion with: Marilyn Vogt-Downey
Gerry Foley, and Esteban Volkov

Notebooks for the Grandchildren (continued) 30
27. At the Brickworks

by Mikhail Baitalsky


No. 60, February, 1989

Black History Month:
The Revolutionary Quality of Malcolm X
by Steve Bloom

Stop U.S. Aggression Against Libya

Labor’s Stake in the Fight Against Tier Plans
by Richard Scully

Trinidad in Crisis
by Uoyd D’Aguilar

The Radicalizing Effect of the New York City Public Schools
by Anna Goodman

The Trail of Tears and Radical Consciousness in the United States
by Jack Bresee

Conversations in the USSR
Diary of a Trip
(part 1)
by David Seppo

On the Rehabilitation of Sergei Sedov
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

From the Arsenal of Marxism:
A Chance Encounter with Sergei Sedov

by Joseph Berger

Notebooks for the Grandchildren (continued)
28. Tents for the Condemned

by Mikhail Baltalsky

Max Geldman (1905-1988)
by Evelyn Sell

Fifty Years of the Fourth International

by Frank Lovell

No. 61, March, 1989

New Challenge for Polish Working Class
Government and Solidarity Agree to Negotiate
by Tom Barrett

James Kutcher 1912-1989

Palestine at a Turning Point
by Tom Barrett

New Democratic Party Fiasco Sparks Debate in Canada by Barry Weisleder

Ontario Federation of Labor Retreats
by Barry Weisleder

Mexican PRT Comrade Kidnapped

Hugo Blanco Abducted in Peru
by Bill Onasch

Caribbean Scene
State of Human Rights in Jamaica

by Uoyd D’Aguilar

Mark Curtis Defense Effort Attacked by Workers League
by Stuart Brown

Mobilize for Spring Anti-Intervention Demonstrations
by Samuel Adams

Pro-Abortion Rights Forces Mobilizing for National Demonstration by Evelyn Sell

Exchange of Views

More Radical Pro-Abortion Movement Needed
by Sue Smith and Larry Murdock
Mary Scully Responds

Current Events In the Soviet Union 20
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

Conversations in the USSR Diary of a Trip (part 2) 26
by David Seppo

Notebooks for the Grandchildren 31
29. Borya Elisavetsky

by Mikhail Baitalsky

Milton Genecin 1908-1989 34

A Socialist Dreamscape on Public Television
by Steve Bloom

No. 62, April, 1989

In Defense of Salman Rushdie 1
by Tom Barrett

Building for April 9 Abortion Rights March 2
by Sarah Lovell

The History of Anti-Abortion Laws in the U.S. 4
by Gayle Swann

Caribbean Scene The Jamaican Masses Search for a Way Out 6
by Lloyd D’Aguilar

James Kutcher (1912-1989)
The Man Who Never Gave Up 8
by Frank Lovell
The Case of the Legless Veteran
A Letter to James Kutcher 10
by James P. Cannon

Hugo Blanco Released 15

PRT Leader Still Missing in Mexico 16
by Michael Frank

Mixed Decision in Seattle Freeway Hall Case 16

Mass Executions in Iran Protested 17
by Gary Kennedy

Behind the Struggle in Nagorno-Karabagh 18
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

Marxism, the National Question, and the Crisis of Stalinism 24
by Haskell Berman

Conversations in the USSR
Diary of a Trip (part 3)
by David Seppo

Notebooks for the Grandchildren
29. Different Categories of Criminals
by Mikhail Baitalsky

Letters 36

No. 63, May, 1989

Exxon’s Big Blunder 1
by Carmen Wynn

Two Major Oil Spills That Could Have Been Averted 2
by Burt Vulliet

Editorial: 3 Capitalist Anarchy

Los Angeles Pro-Choice Activists 4
Celebrate Victory Over Operation Rescue

by Evelyn Sell

Modest March 18 El Salvador Protests Held 5

Special Section — Issues Facing Labor:

Problems of the Eastern Airlines Strike 6
by Bill Onasch

Collective Bargaining and Democratic Unionism 10
by Richard Scully

The Left and Electoral Politics: Lesser Evil, Populism, 15
or Working Class Independence?

by Wayne McElyea

Exchange of Views:
Corporate Campaigns, the Trade Union Movement,
and the Hormel Strike
by Bernard Daniels

Dave Riehle Responds

Centennial of Vincent R. Dunne 19
by Dave Riehle

From the Arsenal of Marxism:
Revolutionary Tasks and
Work in the Trade Union Movement
by V. R. Dunne

A Question for the SWP:
But What Is Happening Among the Soviet Masses?
by Steve Bloom

An Old House in Coyoacan 31

Notebooks for the Grandchildren (Continued)
30. Vorkuta, Kotlas, Kirov
by Mikhail Baitalsky

No. 64, June, 1989

Historic April 9 March Shows Way Forward for Women’s Movement
by Mary Scully

City University of New York—Students Fight Tuition Raise and Cutbacks
by Michael Frank

Polish Solidarity Gains Legal Status
by Tom Barrett

Student Revolt in China
by Tom Barrett

The Signature Campaigns for the Release of Political Prisoners in China
by Xiao Dian

Special Section—Recent Events in the USSR

Soviet Elections—Rumblings Below the Surface by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

The Attack on Soviet Georgia and Gorbachev’s Policy on the National Question
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

The Impact of Glasnost and Perestroika

Interview with Catherine Samary

Michel Warshawsky Faces Jail for Political Activities
Israeli Activist Tours U.S.

by Steve Bloom

Solidarity, Regroupment, and Socialist Renewal Editorial Introduction to a Discussion Article

Where We’ve Come From, What We Face, Where We Go From Here
by Paul Le Blanc

Notebooks for the Grandchildren (Continued)
31. Russian Patriots

by Mikhail Baitalsky

No. 65, July-August, 1989


Chinese Students Change the Course of History
by Tom Barrett 1

Bloodbath in Tiananmen Square 1

Call to Form a Coalition of Self-Governing Workers’ Organizations 7

For a Thorough Antibureaucratic Revolution
Letters by the Chinese Revolutionary Communist Party

Political Revolution in China? 9
by Steve Bloom

Solidarity with the Chinese Students 9
by Jerry Gordon

Mexican Hunger Strike Gets Results10

Free the Upington 26! 10

The Latest Threats Against Panama 11
by Tom Barrett

Brazilian Workers Party Presidential Candidate Speaks in New York 14
by Roger Kraft

From International Viewpoint on Brazil:
Lula for President!
General Strike by 35 Million Workers 16
The Strike and the Political Crisis 17

Victory in Los Angeles Teachers’ Strike 19
by Evelyn Sell

Union Activists Discuss Political Action at Labor Notes Conference 22
by Dave Riehle

200th Anniversary of the French Revolution
The French Revolution and Bourgeois Ideology
by George Plekhanov

Congress of People’s Deputies Widens Cracks in Bureaucratic Rule 31
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

Unrest Continues in Caucasus 35
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

Notebooks for the Grandchildren (continued)
31. Russian Patriots (continued)
by Mikhail Baitalsky

Letters 40

No. 66, September, 1989

Pro-Choice Forces Say: NEVER AGAIN! 1
by Evelyn Sell

NOW National Convention Charts Fight
To Defend Abortion Rights
by Helen Grossmann

The Struggle for Women’s Liberation in the United States 5
by Evelyn Sell

Pittston Strike: Pivotal Battle in Coal Field War 7
by Bill Onasch

Al Shiminsky (1917-1989) 11

Historic Strike by Soviet Miners
Demands Are Won
by Tom Barrett

Repression Continues in China
As Does Economic and Political Collaboration with the West
by Tom Barrett

The Significance and Lessons of the
Antibureaucratic Revolutionary Struggle
from October Review

Democracy and Revolution in China 18
by Steve Bloom

Sandinista Leaders on the Nicaraguan Crisis
Tomas Borge and Orlando Nunez

Interview with Filipino Labor Leader 25

C.L.R. James, Writer and Revolutionary 27
by Charlie van Gelderen

From the Arsenal of Marxism
Revolution and the Negro
28 by C.LR. James

Capitalism Gets Its Priorities Straight
35 by Stuart Brown

Letters 36

No. 67, October, 1989

Jaruzelski’s Big Gamble 1
by Steve Bloom

Pro-Choice Activists Galvanized by Supreme Court Ruling 3
by Evelyn Sell

Central America Solidarity in Canada 5
by Barry Weisleder

Letter from the ENC 6

Call for October 8 National Meeting on Central America 6

Revolutionary Marxists and the Anti-Intervention Movement Today 7
by Michael Livingston

Understanding the Nicaraguan Revolution
A Critical Review of Some of the Literature
by Paul Le Blanc

UAW Loss at Smyrna 16
by Bill Onasch

A Visit to the USSR 18
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

Prospects for the Situation in China 24
by Yang Hai

What Was C.L.R. James’s Contribution to Revolutionary Marxism? 26
by Lloyd D’Aguilar

Michael Harrington, 1928-1989 31
by R. L Hubner

Notebooks for the Grandchildren (Continued) 33
32. They Even Found Me Here

by Mikhail Baitalsky

No. 68, November, 1989

Protests Escalate as Apartheid Regime Holds Elections 2
by Tom Barrett

For a World Without Borders!

Issues in the Women’s Struggle

In Support of NOW’s Call for a New Party 3
by Carol McAllister

Women of Color and the Reproductive Rights Movement 8
by Claire Cohen

Women Challenge Rape Myths and Realities 11
by Evelyn Sell

For a Constituent Assembly
Statement of the Revolutionary Socialist Party 16
Chilean Section of the Fourth International

Democracy and the Bolshevik Revolution 18
by Paul Le Blanc

TROTSKY: On the Road to the Truth About Him 22
(Interview from Komsomolskaya Pravda)

Stalinism in Crisis
‘Difficult Days’ for the Communist Party, USA
By Samuel Adams

Exchange of Views:
Where Tom Barrett Goes Wrong on China
by Myra Tanner Weiss

Recognizing Reality in the Anti bureaucratic Struggle 30
by Tom Barrett

Notebooks for the Grandchildren (Continued)
33. My Co-Butyrnik
by Mikhail Baitalsky

Socialist Workers Party Wins Important Victory 36
by Stuart Brown

No. 69, December, 1989

U.S. Anti-Interventionists Move Toward United Action 1
by Jean Tussey

The Nicaraguan Elections and the International Solidarity Movement 3
by Steve Bloom

Trotsky’s Voice Heard Again in the USSR 4
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

Exchange of Views
Lech Walesa, Darling of Reactionary Forces
by Samuel Adams

Let’s Not Forget the Role of the Masses 9
by Steve Bloom

Declaration of the Wroclaw Regional Workers’ Committee 11
of the Polish Socialist Party-Democratic Revolution

For the Beijing Commune
For the Political Revolution in China
by Ernest Mandel

The U.S. Union Movement Today 18
by Dave Riehle

Southern Workers Announce Plans for Midwest Tour 21
by Theresa El-Amin

Notebooks for the Grandchildren (Continued) 34. You Don’t Get Something for Nothing 25
by Mikhail Baitalsky

Reviews Let the Soviet Workers Judge 28
by Frank Lovell

Seattle 1919 Strike Set to Music 36
by Anise Arr


No. 70, January, 1990

November 12: One Million Rally for Abortion Rights National Focus on Washington, D.C. 1
by Melanie Benson

Los Angeles Rally Draws 100,000 4
by Evelyn Sell

‘Women of Color’ Contingent Mobilized in Pittsburgh 4
by Claire Cohen

The Revolutionary Offensive in El Salvador 5
by Tom Barrett

Overturn Conviction of Michel Warshawsky 8
and the Alternative Information Center

On Events In the USSR and Eastern Europe:

Revolution and Counterrevolution in Eastern Europe 9
by Steve Bloom

NY Moscow Trials Campaign Holds Successful Rally 11
by Ben Stone

The Political Revolution—and the Dangers That Threaten It 13
by Ernest Mandel

New York City Election Poses Challenge for
Black and Working Class Movements
by Lloyd D’Aguilar

The Drug Epidemic and The War on Drugs 21
by Shafik Abu Tahir

Notes on a Thermidorian Bicentennial 24
by Keith Mann

Notebooks for the Grandchildren (Continued)
35. A Credo in the Area of Wages 30
by Mikhail Baitalsky

Obituaries: 32
Leonard Boudin, Mary McCarthy, Christy C. Moustakis

The Erratic Career of Karl Radek
by Ben Stone

No. 71, February, 1990

The U.S. Invasion of Panama
Misnamed ‘Operation Just Cause’
by Tom Barrett

Haitian Masses Resist Right-wing Crackdown 4
and Government Austerity Drive
by Michael Frank

Rumania Joins Revolutionary Wave in Eastern Europe 5
by Steve Bloom

A Letter from Berlin 8

Which Way for Poland and Solidarity?
by Samuel Adams

Exchange of Views:
Open Letter to Barry Sheppard
by Steve Bloom

In Reply to Steve Bloom’s Open Letter 18
by Barry Sheppard

An Appeal to Reason-The SWP and the Central America Struggle 20
by Samuel Adams

Interview with Turkish Revolutionist 22

Notebooks for the Grandchildren (Continued)
36. A Woman’s Scream in the Corridor
by Mikhail Baitalsky

Political Insights on Lenin’s Organizational Practice
by Steve Bloom

Marxism and Liberation Theology 35
by R. L Huebner

Pathfinder Mural-Masses Take a Back Seat 36
by Roy Rollin

No. 72, March, 1990

South Africa:
Response to President De Klerk’s Announcements
by the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU)

National Actions Planned for March 24
‘End the U.S. War in Central America’
by Keith Mann

Mexican Auto Workers Under Attack 4

Interview with Sergio Ramirez in Nicaragua 5
‘To Put Aside Ideology and Polarization
in Order to Reach a Real Coordination and Reconciliation’

What Is at Stake in Poland
A Reply to Samuel Adams
by Steve Bloom

National Struggle and Political Revolution in Armenia and Azerbaijan 15
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

National Liberation Struggles as a Casualty of Ending the Cold War 21
by LJoyd D’Aguilar

Eastern Strikers Face Huge Obstacles
Militant Newspaper Sees Victory in Each Setback
by Bill Onasch

Two Years of a Frame-up—The Case of Mark Curtis 28
by Ben Stone

Background Studies: Future of USSR
by Haskel Berman

Notebooks for the Grandchildren
37. ‘Consider Yourself Lucky!’
by Mikhail Baitalsky

Editorial from October Review:
The Tide of Democracy Is Irresistible!

No. 73, April, 1990

Defend the Nicaraguan Revolution! 1
by the United Secretariat of the Fourth International

The Electoral Defeat in Nicaragua 2
by Paul Le Blanc

Central America, the Caribbean,
and the Nicaraguan Revolution
by Paul Le Blanc

The New Situation in South Africa 10
by Tom Barrett

The Health Care Issue-Cutting Edge for Labor’s Fightback 15
By Richard Scully

Pittston miners can instruct, invigorate U.S. labor movement 18
by Peter Rachleff

Comments on German Reunification 19
by Steve Bloom

The Future of Communism 21
by Ernest Mandel

National Struggle and Political Revolution 25
in Armenia and Azerbaijan (Part 2)

by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

News from the USSR 27

Why We Need a Programmatic Discussion 31
In Response to Barry Sheppard

by Steve Bloom

Important Victory in Freeway Hall Case 33

Notebooks for the Grandchildren 34
38. Distinguishing Stuffing from Substance
by Mikhail Baitalsky

Letters 36

No. 74, May, 1990

On-the-Scene Report from Germany:
East Germans Go to the Polls for a
‘Coca Cola Election’
by Marc Levy 1

Theses on Poland and Solidarity 4
by the National Organizing Committee of the FIT

Modest Turnout for March 24 Actions 5
by Keith Mann

No More Delays-Establish a National
Anti-Intervention Coalition Now!

The Case of Daniel Libreros and the A Luchar Prisoners in Colombia 7

South Africa Hospital Workers Strike 8

Selma to Montgomery—25 Years Later
Black Electoral Politics Today
by Claire Cohen

Message of the Greyhound Strike:
‘Replacement Workers' Threaten the Labor Movement
by Naomi Allen

How Should UAW Respond to Crisis in Auto? 12

Interview with Soviet Trade Union Activists: 13
Problems Facing Workers in the USSR Today

In Defense of Socialism 19
by Roy Rollin

Eleven Years After the Iranian Revolution 22
by Tom Barrett

Notebooks for the Grandchildren 29
39.1 End Up in the First Circle
by Mikhail Baitalsky

Letters 34

No. 75, June, 1990

Commemorating Malcolm X—
an Act of African-American Self-Determination
by Claire Cohen

UAW Leaders Say ‘No’ to ‘COLA on Pensions’
Confrontation Grows Inside Union
by Richard Scully

Call for General Strike in Canada Against New Tax 4
by Barry Weisleder

Human Rights Abuses Continue in El Salvador 5
by June Martin

José Tomás Mazariego-1949-1990 5

Discussion on Nicaragua:
Nicaragua and the Pitfall of a Mixed Economy
by Lloyd B’Aguilar

Reflections on Permanent Revolution in Nicaragua 12
by Paul Le Blanc

The Aftermath of Chernobyl:
Four Years After the Nuclear Disaster in the Ukraine
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

New Revelations About Trotsky in the USSR

Interview with Ernest Mandei
Fifteen Years of Inprecor

The Health Care Crisis: One Worker’s Experience 30
by Tom Barrett

AIDS Activists Demonstrate in Chicago for Improved Health Care 32
by Jeff Brown

Notebooks for the Grandchildren 33
40. We Delve Into the Psalms of the New David
by Mikhail Baitalsky

No. 76, July-August, 1990

Gorbachev Forced to Retreat on Economic Plans:
Soviet Masses Intervene
1 by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

Labor Movement Today

Union/Management Negotiations in Auto, 1990 8
by Frank Lovell

Mexican Ford Workers in Day-to-Day Battle for Survival 11

The Crisis of the U.S. Union Movement-Part I 12
by Dave Riehle

The Continuing Scandal of Child Labor in U.S 16
by Evelyn Sell

South Africa
Resolutions of the Workers’ Organization for Socialist Action

Nicaragua and Revolutionary Marxism 23
by Paul Le Blanc

Notebooks for the Grandchildren 34
41. The Cunning Machine of the Secret Judicial Sessions
by Mikhail Baitalsky

The French Revolution Survives Another Attack:
A Critical Look at Simon Schama’s Citizens Morris Slavin

Sam Randall (1914-1990)

Letters 43

No. 77, September, 1990

U.S. Troops Out of the Middle East 1
War In the Persian Gulf by Tom Barrett

The Socialist Workers Party Formalizes Break from the Fourth International 1

A Hero’s Welcome
Nelson Mandela Tours the United States
by Tom Barrett

On the Scene Report 5
Class Struggle in Nicaragua Today
by John Daniel

NOW Confronts the Future
A Report on the 1990 National Conference
by Carol McAllister

The Crisis of the U.S. Union Movement—Part II 14
by Dave Riehle

Soviet Communist Party Congress
Registers Dramatic Changes
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

People’s Daily World Reduced to a Weekly
Lessons for the Left
by Samuel Adams

The Capitalist Market and the Workers’ State
Assessing the Reforms in Eastern Europe and the USSR
by Steve Bloom

Reba Hansen (1909-1990)
Louis Sinclair (1909-1990) 33

Michael Warshawsky’s Conviction Upheld by Israeli High Court Review 35

Yugoslavia and the Market Economy 26 by Doug Buchholz

Notebooks for the Grandchildren 38
41. The Cunning Machine of the Secret Judicial Sessions (Continued)
by Mikhail Baitalsky

No. 78, October, 1990

FIT National Conference Sets Goal of a New, United
Fourth Internationalist Organization in the U.S.
by Steve Bloom

A Call by the Fourth Internationalist Tendency:
For the Reconstitution of a United Movement of the
Fourth International in the U.S.

Bush Golfs as Opposition Grows to Middle East War 2
by Tom Barrett

Notes on Kuwaiti History and Society 3
by Anu Kumar Munroe

Discussion on the Middle East
Iraq’s Invasion of Kuwait: What Position for Revolutionary Socialists?
by Dave Riehle and Samuel Adams

Imperialist Troops Out of the Gulf! 6
by the United Secretariat Bureau of the Fourth International

U.S. Unions Seek Legislative Ban on Scabs 7
by Richard Scully

Savings and Loan Bailout—Welfare for the Rich and Corrupt 11
by Richard Scully

Amnesty Campaign Organized for U.S. Political Prisoners 12
by Lloyd D’Aguilar

An Extraordinary Event: 14
Ernest Mandel and Gregor Gysi Debate in East Berlin!

Potential for a Conscious, Working Class
Revolutionary Movement in the USSR
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

Discussion by Soviet Revolutionaries 21

Fourth international Youth Camp—1990 24
by Tammy Hall, Lisa Landphair, and Keith Mann

Appeal to Members of the Socialist Workers Party
by the FIT National Organizing Committee

Open Letter to Jack Barnes
by Ben Stone

‘Why Does the SWP Still Exclude the FIT 27
from Its Bookstores and Public Events?’

Obituaries 30
Jake Cooper (1916-1990), Tamara Deutscher (1913-1990)

From the Arsenal of Marxism
Socialism and Democracy
by James P. Cannon

Reviews 37
Story of Steel, by Haskeli Berman
The German Greens: Socialism and Ecology, by Michael Lowy

No. 79, November, 1990

On the Mideast Crisis

Forging Unity in the
Mideast Anti-intervention Movement
by Steve Bloom

U.S. Labor and the Persian Gulf Crisis 4
by Richard Scully

Discussion article
Is There Any Progressive Content to Iraq’s Invasion
and Annexation of Kuwait?
by Steve Bloom and Tom Barrett

No Honeymoon for NDP
Election Victory in Ontario Signals Opening for Left
by Barry Weisleder

Canadian Mohawk Struggle
Native Americans Confront the State

Latin American Marxism—The Relaunch 15
by Sergio Rodriguez

Poverty and Income Trends in the U.S. Today
From the ‘War on Poverty’ to the War on Welfare
by R. L. Huebner

Draft Political Resolution of FIT
Revolutionary Internationalism and the Struggle
for Socialism in the United States

From the Arsenal of Marxism
Malcolm X Spurs Civil Rights Forces
His Stand Can Unite and Build Movement
by George Breitman

Notebooks for the Grandchildren
42. Conversations in the Main Alley
by Mikhail Baitalsky

The Reality of Cuba Today
by Michael Lowy

Che Guevara’s Economic Theories 34
by John Kovach

Letters 36

No. 80, December, 1990

Thousands Protest on October 20th
by Michael Livingston 1

Massacre in Jerusalem
George Bush Walks a Diplomatic Fightrope
by Tom Barrett

The 50,000th Immigrant 6
by Gabi Nitzan

Union Busting at the New York Daily News 6
by Tom Barrett

Session on Malcolm X Meets in New York
A Radical Conference with
a Revolutionary Message
by Claire Cohen

The Antiracist Struggle in France Today 10
by Keith Mann

The Socialist Workers Party
and the Fourth International
by the United Secretariat of the FI

Notebooks for the Grandchildren
43. To Vorkuta for the Second Time
by Mikhail Baitalsky

A Useful Contribution to the History of the
Vietnam Antiwar Movement
by Samuel Adams

Letters 39

Special Section on the USSR

The USSR: Toward a Major Crisis 12
by Livio Maitan

Mikhail Gorbachev Introduces New Economic Program for the USSR 21
by Steve Bloom

Trotsky's The Stalin School of Falsification Published in USSR 23

Introduction to the Trade Union 'Independence' 26
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

From the Arsenal of Marxism
Planned Economy in the USSR:
Success or Failure?


No. 81, January, 1991

Calls Issued for January
National Anti-Intervention Actions
by Steve Bloom

A Socialist in Congress? 4
by Tom Barrett

National Organization for Women
Begins New Party Hearings in New York
by Lisa Landphai

Fighting Against the Wage Gap
Between Women and Men Workers
by Evelyn Sell

Black Workers for Justice Speak
at the Malcolm X Conference:
Black Workers Organizing Today
by Claire Cohen

Shame on Delta Pride:
Catfish Workers Strike Southern Colonialism

Report from Mexico:
Terror in the Town of Jolalpan

Mass Upsurge in French High Schools 20
by Keith Mann

Trotsky’s Ideas Live Again in the USSR 22
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

Reply to a Reader’s Question:
How Will a U.S. Section of the FI Be Rebuilt?

The Decline of American Unionism
by Frank Lovell

Notebooks for the Grandchildren
43. To Vorkuta for the Second Time (Cont.)
by Mikhail Baitalsky

Letters 35

No. 82, February, 1991

Black History Month

The Legacy of Malcolm X and the Black Liberation Movement Today 18
by Claire Cohen

From the Arsenal of Marxism:
On the First Anniversary of Malcolm X's Death
by George Breitman

How the The New York Times Distorted
Malcolm X's Views on Violence
by Walter Lippman

Bring the Troops Home Now!
No War for Oil!

Lessons of the Vietnam War Are Important Today!
Building a Movement Against U.S. Intervention in the Middle East 1

by James Lafferty

We Need Unity in the Fight Against War 4
Bring the Troops Home Now!

Eyewitness to the Haitian Elections:
The Aristide Victory and Prospects for
Revolutionary Change in Haiti
by Marty Goodman

Coup Attempt in Haiti Ignites
Anti-Macoute Rebellion

The New York City Fiscal Crisis– 11
A Perspective
by Robert Fitch

Labor Conference to Focus on Organizing 13
by Bill Onasch

Campus Women Organize for Abortion Rights
and Feminist Demands
by Evelyn Sell

Student Feminists Share Experiences 16
by Deborah Gould

Treatment of Political Prisoners in the
United States Is Denounced

Revelations and Misinformation:
An Assessment of Trotsky’s Assassination in Ogonyok
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

Trud’s Interview with Brother of Trotsky’s
Assassin and Revelations by His Mother

Walesa’s Hollow Victory 37
by Cyril Smuga

Exchange of Letters: 39
by Simon Pirani and Marilyn Vogt-Downey

No. 83, March, 1991

War and Its Impact at Home

Middle East Crisis in Review

U.S. Rulers Choose War 1
by Tom Barrett

Biggest U.S. Antiwar Actions Since Vietnam5
by Steve Bloom

The Emerging Student Antiwar Movement 8
by Keith Mann

U.S. Foreign Policy in Historical Perspective 10
Paul Le Blanc

NOW Holds First Young Feminist Conference 12
by Sarah M. Springer

Treatment of Political Prisoners in the United States Is Denounced (part 2) 15

Deepening Crisis of Soviet Bureaucracy on National 19
by George Saunders

Condemn the Persecutions by the Chinese CP! 23
from the October Review

Turkey: General Strike and Gulf War 24
by Pinar Selinay

The Workers’ Struggle in the ‘New’ Poland 26
Report of a Participant
by Iwonna Tyszkiewicz

On the Capitalist Reunification of Germany 29
by the United Secretariat of the Fourth International

Notebooks for the Grandchildren 44. To Each His Own (Cont.) 33
by Mikhail Baitalsky

Letter from London 26

No. 84, April, 1991

No complaints! Just remember who won the Persian Gulf War!

U.S. Imperialism Seeks Control of Mideast— 1
by Tom Barrett

Balance Sheet on the Gulf War and the U.S. Antiwar Movement— 6
by Steve Bloom

Immediate Taks for Antiwar Fighters—7
by Samuel Adams

African-American Organizing Against U.S. Intervention— 10
by Claire Cohen

Labor Movement Special Section

Rail Workers Under Fire—The War at Home 12
by L.D. Bradley

From the Arsenal of Marxism: The Politics of May Day 13
by Tom Kerry

Become a Labor Party Advocate! 16

Review: The Struggle for independent Unionism 17
by Frank Lovell

Ernest Mandel in Moscow 22

Trotsky’s Economic Ideas and the Soviet Union Today 24
by Ernest Mandel

World Congress of the Fourth International Is Held 27
by Steve Bloom

Declaration on Events in the Baltic Republics 28

Appeal for Solidarity with Algerian Women 28

Greetings from a Veteran Trotskyist 29

Treatment of Political Prisoners in the United States Is Denounced 30

Notebooks for the Grandchildren 44. To Each His Own (Cont.)
by Mikhail Baitalsky

No. 85, May, 1991

Growing Confrontation in USSR 1
by George Saunders

The Soviet Economy: The Fight for Control 5
by David Seppo

Bush’s Hypocrisy on Parade

Report from East Germany
A Mounting Problems for the Bourgeoisie
by Bjorn Kruger

For Direct Democracy 11
Interview with Peter Uhl

FSLN Debates Future of Revolution 13
by Cecilia Garmendia

Going to thge Root of Things 14
by Guadalupe Lopez

‘The Front is Going Through a Crisis” 15
by Dora Maria Tellez

Police Beating in Los Angeles Has National Impact 17
by Evelyn Sell

Black Workers For Justice—Unionizing the South 19
by Mary Scully

African-Americans: No Guilt in Opposing War 20

Progress for Black Women Will Advance the Whole African-American People 21

Focus on Native Americans Leonard Peltier Defense 22

The American Indian Struggle . . . Then and Now 23
by Jack Bresee

Appeal for Aid Rail Union Local Writes Solidarnosc 25

Women and the Persian Gulf War 26
by Sarah M. Springer

Antiwar Activists Speak Out: A View of the Persian Gulf War and a Proposal for the Antiwar Movement 28
by Jerry Gordon

Contradictions of the imperialist Victory in the Gulf 30
by Keith Mann

Review: Cleveland Labor and the Vietnam War 33

Notebooks for the Grandchildren 34
45. Even Those in Exile Voted
46. Joseph ‘Rakhmetov’
by Mikhail Baitalsky

No. 86, June, 1991

The Tragedy of Kurdistan The Devastation of Iraq 1
by Hatice F. and Tom Barrett

Soviet Workers Protest Gorbachev Policies 5
by George Saunders

Urgent Appeal for International Solidarity by the Ford Workers in Cuautitlan, Mexico 7

Solidarity Versus Competition 8
by Hector de la Cueva

Report on 1991 Labor Notes Conference 10
by Frank Lovell

Women at the Labor Notes Conference 14
by Melanie Benson

Socialist Educational Conference 15

Matt Lee—Poll Tax Prisoner 16

China’s Worker Activists Targeted in New Wave of Repression 17
by Yang Hai

Declarations from Soviet Revolutionists 19

Writings By and About Trotsky in the USSR 22

Conclusion of Seppo Series on Soviet Union:
The Difficult Birth of a Workers’ Movement

The Emergence of a Self-Management Movement 28
by David Seppo

Notebooks for the Grandchildren 33
47. A Period of Camp Liberalization
by Mikhail Baitalsky

New Party? Question for NOW National Conference

No. 87, July-August, 1991

Focus on Women's Rights

Editorial: Abortion Rights Under Attack 1

Ohio NOW Holds New Party Hearings 1

Plus: Revolutionary Feminism and the Fourth International 30 by Carol McAllister

Capitalist Trade and International Solidarity 4
by Frank Lovell

Solidarity Day 1991: Another Historic March on Washington Planned 6
by Frank Lovell

The CUNY Student Revolt of 1991 8
by Barry Lituchy

Outrage on the Railroad 13
by L. D. Bradley

Deepening Economic Crisis in the USSR 15
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

Interview with Soviet Miners' Leader 30

Kremlin Attacks Armenian Republic 25
by Marilyn Vogt-Downey

A Somber Anniversary: The French Communist Party at Seventy 27
by Keith Mann

FIT National Organizing Committee Meets 29
by Steve Bloom

The Leninist Party 33
Paul Le Blanc

Notebooks for the Grandchildren 37
47. The Period of Camp Liberalization (cont.)
by Mikhail Baitalsky

No. 88, , 1991

South Africa Denies Black Rights as Bush Ends Sanctions 1
by Tom Barrett

Community Complaints Against Los Angeles Police Confirmed by Official Report 9
by Evelyn Sell

Yugoslavia—A Nation Under Siege 5
by Michael Protenic

The Public Sector, the State, and Quebec independence 7
by Barry Weisleder

Supreme Court Rulings Threaten Civil Liberties 12
by Alejandro Reuss

The 1991 NOW Conference: 'We won't Go Back' 14
by Sarah M. Springer

NOW Continues to Explore Idea of New Party 15
by Carol McAllister

Labor Party Advocates: A Transitional Approach for Independent Political Action 18

UFCW Wins Strike Against Giant-Eagle 20
by Ron Lee

Fourth Internationalist Unity in the U.S. 22
by Paul Le Blanc

FIT National Educational Conference 25

Cross Current: Musical Energy and Social Struggle 26
by Paul Le Blanc

International Class Struggle, Bureaucratic Crisis and the Imperialist Offensive 27
by Manuel Aguilar Mora

Current Realities in Cuba: Prospects for Continuing the Revolution 29
by John Kovach

Solidarity Ecuador 31

Panama and Colombia
by Michael Livingston

Clarence Thomas and the Myth of Equal Opportunity 33
by Steve Bloom

Exchange on the 1991 CUNY Student Protest 34
by Michael Frank and Barry Lituchy

No. 89, October, 1991

No. 90, November, 1991

No. 91 , December, 1991


No. 92, , 1992

No. 93, , 1992

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No. 95, , 1992

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