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The Bulletin/Marxist Bulletin


London. Not associated with the US paper of the same name, this is the newsletter of those expelled from Gerry Healy's Socialist Labour League who sided with the French OCI (International Communist Organizations) associated with Stephen Just and Pierre Lambert. Originally called the “The Bulletin Group” This group eventually was called Socialist Labour Group (SLG) and represented the OCI's international current in the UK. Eventually the the Marxist Bulletin became the Socialist Newsletter became the organ of the SLG.

Bulletin Cowley special May 1974
Bulletin no3 Apr 1974
Bulletin no5 Jun 1974
Bulletin no6 Aug 1974
Bulletin no7 Dec 1974
Bulletin no8 Feb Mar 1975
Bulletin special Dec 1974
Marxist Bulletin no1 1975 summer 1975
Marxist Bulletin no2 - 3 winter 1976
Marxist Bulletin no4 autumn 1976
Marxist Bulletin no5 spring 1977
Marxist Bulletin no6 1978



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