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Fourth International, February 1942


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, vol.3 No.2, February 1942, p.34.
Transcribed, Edited & Formatted by Ted Crawford & David Walters in 2008 for the ETOL.


We have received several letters during the past month endorsing our belief that the Fourth International is getting better and better:

From Kansas: “Enclosed is $2.00 to take care of the January Fourth International bundle order. It is certainly a splendid issue. We distributed them immediately with much enthusiasm.”

From New York: “Enclosed is my check for $ZOO; my subscription to the FI expired In December and I want to renew it for a year. Please send me the January Issue ... I am told the whole FI for January is very good.”

*   *   *

And now we want to quote from a class war prisoner:

“I am suddenly being released for the purpose of deportation this morning ... During the years of my incarceration you have sent me your magazine from which I could follow the struggles out there, the various changes and alignments. I was glad to have been able to receive your publication so well as other literature sent me through the years. As I say, I am now leaving this prison, so will you kindly cancel the arrangements you had made and not send the magazine to this prison, for the only purpose served would be that of having it destroyed”.

We are happy in the proof the following letter offers that the Fourth International still reaches our subscribers in England:

“I enclose five shillings for Fourth International and The Militant. Could you let me know how many issues that would cover?

“I am a member of the Labor Club at New College, Oxford, and I support the Trotskyist group in this country. The Trotskyists suggested that as there are not exactly a surfeit of your magazine here, I should send for the FI on my own.”

So that we can continue to publish our magazine regularly, we must attempt to place Fourth International on a sound financial footing. This can be done only by prompt and regular payments from all our agents. We want to stress the importance of promptness and regularity because some of our agents allow their accounts to grow until they reach a substantial sum and then send in a payment covering the full amount of the account. This large payment is very welcome, of course, and alleviates our financial worries for the moment, but it is the regular payments that really send Fourth International to press each month.

To those agents who have not been in the habit of sending in prompt and regular payments each month on their Fourth International account, we make the following suggestion: Beginning with this issue of the magazine you send us full payment of your February bundle, plus a few dollars on your back balance which has grown to considerable size because of tardiness and irregularity of payment.

At the expense of repetition, we hammer for prompt and regular payments and that you make a concerted effort to clean up as much of the old account as possible.

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