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Fourth International, March 1942


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, vol.3 No.3, March 1942, p.66.
Transcribed, Edited & Formatted by Ted Crawford & David Walters in 2008 for the ETOL.


We believe the following extracts from letters of readers amply support our claim that the February issue of Fourth International was a particularly good one:

And we want to quote from a letter we appreciate because it indicates the growing prestige of our magazine: “While not necessarily in agreement with the views expressed in your publication, I wish to state that I have found them very helpful in interpreting world events and I sincerely hope that you may be able to continue publication.”

*   *   *

We know that all of you look forward each month to the interesting letters we receive from friends in other countries.

And above all, as this issue of FI shows, with its publication of two basic documents from the Fourth International sections in France and India, the international connections of FI are being maintained one way and another!

* * *

We are pleased to report a pick-up in Fourth International bundle payments during the past few months. Some of our agents have cooperated in a commendable fashion with us in our attempts to establish regularity of payment. For instance, we know that every month we can depend on a payment from Montana, Boston, Chicago, Newark, Allentown,Minneapolis, Detroit, Quakertown, New Haven, Kansas, Buffalo, Cleveland, Philadelphia. In fact, some of these agents’ accounts usually show a credit balance. Even though payments have increased during the past few months, however, they have not as a whole yet become stable. There are still those agents who remit in a more or less haphazard fashion, every other month, every three months, and there are a few who really keep us guessing as to just when they will make a payment. We once more urge these agents to regularize their payments quickly as possible.

Subscriptions continue to come in quite regularly. For February, Local New York tops the subscription list, followed by Minneapolis, Chicago, Flint, Boston, Akron, Youngstown, Seattle, Detroit, St. Paul and Stockton. We would like to see the subscriptions increase, of course, and believe they will if you make it a regular habit to get a sub into the hands of every contact, and follow up on expired subs to make sure that they are renewed.

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