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Fourth International, June 1942


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, vol.3 No.6, June 1942, p.162.
Transcribed, Edited & Formatted by Ted Crawford & David Walters in 2008 for the ETOL.


The Fourth International Group of Capetown, South Africa, sent us the following welcome letter:

“Our Group is glad to report that at last we have received one copy each of Fourth International and The Militant … Please continue to send these papers. Please send also bound volumes of Fourth International for 1940 and 1941, for which we sincerely the trial and any other literature ... We shall send you money from time to time for literature. We send cornradely greetings to the Party and to those comrades on trial.”

J.D. of England:

“Thanks for your letter dated March 11. We have received books as listed, as well as the New International and Fourth International for 1939, 1940 and 1941, for which we sincerely thank you. We have not, as yet, received any current issues of Fourth International or Militant. No doubt they are on their way. The material which arrived was in excellent condition.

“No words of mine can express the pleasure with which the material was received. Still less is it possible to express what the material means for the educating of our friends.”

Another letter from a friend in Lancashire, England stresses the need for Marxist literature:

“A thousand thanks for your letter and parcels received today. The comrades here were delighted at your response. We hope that it will now be possible for us to receive copies of Fourth International and The Militant – two invaluable organs – regularly. We should also be pleased if you could let us have any of the past (and present) party publications in the form of pamphlets and books. We are in a very bad way for the Old Man’s material – as a matter of fact we have seen only a few copies of his main works – even these have been borrowed. It may be possible to make arrangements in regard to payments for material.

“The field Is very favorable to us for a good development. Sales of material are very good. But as I have said previously we must work very hard to educate our comrades and friends; only in this way will we win the battle. And to do this we need material.”

In addition to the international notes received during the month, we’ve received many heartening letters from our friends and agents at home:

* * *

The article by Albert Parker on the Negro March-on-Washington movement, which appeared in the May issue of Fourth International has drawn many favorable comments.

George S. Schuyler, most widely read Negro columnist in the country, warmly recommended the article in the Pittsburgh Courier, as follows:

“Best critique of Randolph’s March on Washington movement appears in the magazine Fourth International (20 Cents), published at 116 University Place, New York. The caustic comments of the author, Albert Parker, and his sound logic should provoke considerable thought in colored America about the eminent labor leader and Spingarn Medallist.”

We’ve received many requests for copies of the magazine containing this article. And because of the publicity and warm reception this article has enjoyed, Pioneer Publishers is printing it in pamphlet form to be sold at a popular price.

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