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Fourth International, July 1942


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, vol.3 No.7, July 1942, p.194.
Transcribed, Edited & Formatted by Ted Crawford & David Walters in 2008 for the ETOL.


From a friend in New Zealand come these most welcome words: “I am receiving both weekly and monthly papers fairly regularly and enjoy same. The monthly is the best I have ever read.”

The very interesting letters we continue to receive from abroad are a real source of inspiration.

Home-letters from agents and friends are likewise interesting and not without inspiration.

A letter from the new agent K.M., of Detroit, shows that a real speed-up is taking place in all phases of Fourth International activity:

“The Public Library here has accepted a complete file of our newspapers and magazines ... This material will be available, of course, to the general public.

“We are planning to place complete files of our theoretical magazine in both the city and state universities if it is possible to do so. At present we have a large number of back copies but with various numbers missing from each volume. Enclosed you will find a list of what we have on hand. If you could supply us with copies of the numbers which we lack, you would be more than welcome to the copies of those numbers of which we have too many.

“Our efforts to push the sale of Fourth International, to obtain new subs for it, and to use it in our contact work, insure us against a similar accumulation in the future.”

As far as we know, all agents who have made the attempt have been successful in placing Fourth International files in the public libraries. This is really a fine idea and you agents who have not gone into this matter ought to dig into your back files, make up complete sets of the magazine, and contact the library in your town. If there are back numbers missing, write us and well send you those particular issues so that you will have a complete file of the magazine.

Our agents on the West Coast have made an excellent showing during the past month.

“Please apply $100.00 on the Militant bill and $50.00 on the FI. If I can lower the boom on some prospective contributors I will probably have more for you this month.

“We are determined to liquidate our outstanding obligations and will make every effort to avoid falling again into the pitfall of debt. It’s much easier getting in that getting out.”

* * * * *

We’ve received many requests for Leon Trotsky’s article, Their Morals and Ours, contained in the June, 1938, New International. Our stock of this issue has been depleted, but we have been informed that this article Their Morals and Ours, will soon come out in pamphlet form. It is being printed by Pioneer Publishers to be sold at a popular price.

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