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Fourth International, March 1943


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, vol.4 No.3, March 1943, p.66.
Transcribed, Edited & Formatted by Ted Crawford & David Walters in 2008 for the ETOL.


The 1942 issues of FOURTH INTERNATIONAL have now been bound.

The volume, bound in red cloth, with “Fourth International, 1942” printed on the back, contains a comprehensive alphabetical index by authors and subjects, making the wealth of material contained therein readily accessible.

The volume includes many articles by Leon Trotsky which had never appeared before in English; articles by James P. Cannon, Felix Morrow, William F. Warde, John G. Wright, Marc Loris, and many other competent writers on the main events month by month and such subjects as capitalist economy in the war, agricultural problems, dialectical materialism, colonial struggles; articles on the Second and Third Internationals, centrist and petty-bourgeois groups; articles on the USSR and other countries.

Containing 384 large-size pages of Marxist analysis and reports on the American and international labor movements, the volume is a real must for every worker’s library. The price is $3.00.

Our friends have sent us many letters during the month giving moral support and financial aid in our struggle to keep our mailing rights. So far the Post Office authorities burned our December issue and released the January and February issues. We would like to quote from some of the letters.

* * * *

Our friends in other countries have also sent us some very encouraging letters from which we would like to quote:

“I beg to inform you that soon I will subscribe for one year to your newspaper and especially the magazine which is, unquestionably, the most authoritative political one published in the English language. I also wish to get the bound volume of that stupendous magazine, for I am interested in keeping it.”

“I have just received my first copy of the Militant and am looking forward to receiving them regularly as also the Fourth Internationals. It would be extremely helpful to receive more than one copy of these publications as there is a big demand for them. I took my one copy out the first evening it arrived and found difficulty in getting it back into my hands to finish reading it.”

* * * *

We are very happy to announce that the article, West Coast Longshoremen and the “Bridges Plan”, which appeared in the December 1942 issue of Fourth International and about which we received so many fine comments, has now been printed in pamphlet form, with an introduction that includes “a number of positive proposals indicating a way out of the blind alley into which the American workers are being led by the bankrupt policies of the Stalinists and other labor fakers.” This pamphlet, 24 pages, sells for 5 cents and can be ordered from Pioneer Publishers, 116 University Place, New York City.

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