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Fourth International, April 1944


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, vol.5 No.4, April 1944, p.98.
Transcribed, marked up & formatted by Ted Crawford & David Walters in 2008 for ETOL.


A man came into our office during the month and asked if we had “the magazine available in which Leon Trotsky’s military material appears.” He became quite excited when he looked over the articles in the December, January, February and March issues. He mentioned that some of his friends had seen the material in the original and that he couldn’t miss getting “any of the Old Man’s stuff ...”

A letter from our Los Angeles agent also expresses appreciation for the timely articles by Leon Trotsky:

“The March FI Is almost sold out so please send. us another ten and put them on our bill. The sequence of articles by the Old Man on Marxism and militarism is an extremely good one and I don’t doubt that in a few month you will be experiencing a mad scramble for those back issues in which they are contained.”

* * *

Our friends eagerly await the publication of James P. Cannon’s new book, The History of American Trotskyism, as shown by the letter received from our Boston agent:

“Our contacts seem to enjoy the FI and often comment on the articleS. The best in comments on the March FI was, ‘I enjoyed Cannon’s article so much I wish the book was published.’”

This book is scheduled for publication early this spring by Pioneer Publishers.

Our agent In Seattle reports that “the magazine is very well received by all the members and I do not recall one bit of criticism about it. We all believe that its contents are well balanced. Our bundle usually is not sold out. But, as you know, our order was all sold out for February and we had to order an additional five. This is unusual but we sure are hoping that it will continue.”

* * *

Milwaukee writes:

“We would like to increase our Fourth International bundle. In this connection, please send another copy of the February FI as I sold my personal copy.”

* * *

Two more libraries have asked that they be placed on the mailing list of Fourth International and that we send files of the magazine to become a part of their permanent record: Broadman Library of the World War and Post-Wardom in New York City and Western Reserve University Library in Cleveland. They write:

“The Western Reserve University Library is initiating a collection of representative publications of the American labor press. This material will be used for instructional purposes and original investigations in the fields of labor relations, labor problems, personnel management, and related subjects. It is our intention to establish a comprehensive and outstanding collection of source material.”

* * *

Our English friends express appreciation of Fourth International:

“We find your publications invaluable, and are anxious to receive them as regularly as war time conditions permit.

“We feel optimistic of the British situation, the pending unification is a great historical event, which we are sure will result in the more rapid growth of the British Section and the more extensive education of its members.

“We would express our solidarity with those comrades who are now in jail and wish success to those who have undertaken the difficult task of filling the breach.”

* * *

Readers of Fourth International who have not yet subscribed to The Militant will he Interested in the Militant Subscription Campaign launched April 1. This campaign was made possible through the victorious struggle of The Militant, supported by its readers and militant unionists, in gaining back its second-class mailing rights, which were revoked by the Post Office Department in March, 1943.

For a brief period The Militant is offering 13 issues for only 25¢.

If you are not already a subscriber to The Militant, this is an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with the only weekly newspaper in the country that tells the truth about labor’s struggle for a better world. If you are a subscriber to The Militant, then you can take advantage of this opportunity to introduce your friends to the paper by sending in a trial sub for them.

You read Fourth International because of its accurate Marxist interpretation and monthly summary of political events; you will want to read The Militant for its accurate up-to-date reportage of world events vital to the interests of the ’working class.

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