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Fourth International, June 1944


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, vol.5 No.6, June 1944, p.162.
Transcribed, marked up & formatted by Ted Crawford & David Walters in 2008 for ETOL.


Letters from our Los Angeles agent report increased newestand sales of Fourth International:

“We just received the 100 extra magazines in the nick of time. Due to the extra amount we have to place on the stands we always need more than our actual order would otherwise be.

“The March FI had a good sale on the newsstands – 82 copies on three stands. I expect this to have its effect on the sales of the April issue as well. I have noticed that quite a few people come to the office for literature and discussion after having picked up our literature on these stands.

“As long as we are getting those extra FIs you might as well increase San Pedro’s order. I am hoping that we can get going on the newsstands out there. We now have someone to handle the Hollywood stands so I should have some results on that within the next few weeks.

“The May issue kept up the standard of the previous issues. It is getting so that when a real good issue comes in, it is only average.

“I am enclosing more money on our FI account. Our aim is to pay for the current issue and always be paid up for the forthcoming issue.

“Please send us a bound volume of Fourth International and The Militant for 1943,as I think we have a better chance of selling them when we can show them to people.”

*   *  *

A subscriber in Toledo asks A reader in Toledo praises the technical and theoretical level of Fourth International, according to the following letter from our agent:

“We received the May bundle of FI’s and want you to know that we are proud of the magazine. It is set up with very good type and easy to read. The black and white effect is attractive. A friend who reads it thinks the FI is a clean looking magazine as well as an excellent theoretical magazine. We intend to expand the FI here and hope to get it out to more people.”

*   *  *

A subscriber in Dayton highly commends the series of articles on Japan by Li Fu-jen, which appeared in the February, March and April issues of Fourth International.

“I received the second copy of the April FI The series of articles on Japan is one of the finest pieces of scholarship I have read in a long while.”

* * *

Seldom a month goes by without requests for back issues of the magazine. For instance, a subscriber in New Haven asks for “three additional copies of the April FI

A subscriber in Toledo asks:

“Can you get me two copies of Fourth International for February, 1941? I want that issue for the article by the Old Man on Trade Unions in the Epoch of Imperialist Decay.”

A subscriber in New York City requests “the issues of the FI dealing with the Harlem and Detroit riots (August 1-3). If the Harlem riot is dealt with in more than one issue of the FI, send the other issues.”

The Wisconsin State Historical Society of Madison placed an order for all of Vol.2 (1941) Fourth International and the January, February, March and April issues of Vol.3 (1942) Fourth International. [1]

Our agent in St. Paul states:

“We do not have any January issues of the FI left. As you know, that is the one with Grace’s article on race (Myth of Racial Superiority by Grace Carlson). It was used as a basis for discussion in a Negro group here so you can see how popular it is. We have suggested it be made into a pamphlet and are looking forward to this. We could sell many more copies of ical that FI here.”

*   *  *

The following unions have asked that they be placed on the exchange mailing list of Fourth International:

Meat and Cannery Workers, Local Union 66, AFL and the CIO Political Action Committee whose letter is interesting: “Plans for a comprehensive nation-wide news service for political action are now complete. As part of this service, we have established a central news clearance desk here at the national headquarter. . . Your part in furthering the news service is to send us whatever material you feel should be given national distribution. But even ‘before that, would you please see that we are placed on your mailing list. If possible, we would like to receive two copies of each issue – one for clipping and one for our permanent file.”

*  *  *

Readers of Fourth International will be interested to know the outcome of the 3 month Militant subscription Campaign launched April 1, during which period an introductory subscription of 13 issues for 25c. was being offered. The goal was 3,000 new readers to The Militant.

During the first eight weeks of the campaign over 3,000 new subscribers were obtained by agents and friends of The Militant, the only weekly newspaper in the country that tells the truth about labor’s struggle for a better world. By the time this issue of Fourth International reaches our readers, the subscription Campaign will have officially terminated with approximately 6,000 new subscribers reading The Militant.

Footnote by ETOL

1. In the original text this sentence read: “The Wisconsin State Historical Society of Madison placed an order for all of Vol.2 (1941) New International and the January, February, March and April issues of Vol.3 (1942) New International.” A this is obviously an error we have corrected it.

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