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Fourth International, October 1944


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, vol.5 No.10, October 1944, p.290.
Transcribed, marked up & formatted by Ted Crawford & David Walters in 2008 for ETOL.


Reports from our agents show a steady increase in the sale of Fourth International:–

San Francisco: “Please send five additional copies of the August FI We are completely out of this issue. Also please increase our monthly order by five copies. We have now placed the FI on two newsstands in Berkeley, Sather Gate Book Shop and Whitey’s Smoke Shop. We hope we can get these places to take the magazine on a regular basis and I believe we can do this if we make an effort in this direction.”

* * * *

Our New York agent reports that the sale of the August FI (Trotsky Memorial Number) reached a new peak, that the increase in sales over the preceding month amounted to almost fifty percent. Several newsstands, one of which sold sixty copies, sold out two weeks before the September issue came out. Our agent feels “that the sales of the FI can be greatly increased it the magazine comes out earlier in the month. Whenever an issue appears late in the month, we receive many loud complaints from the newsstand dealers who report a constant clamor of our New York readers.”

(We are working to push up the date of publication one week each month so that soon the magazine will be going to press in time to reach our agents by the first of each month.)

* * * *

A letter from our agent in Chicago shows that back issues of Fourth International are being preserved as well as utilized:

“We have decided to have our back issues of the FI bound here, which we can do quite cheaply. We assume that, in view of the prices quoted by you for the bound volumes, you do not have many on hand. We lack a few back issues and request that you send them to us if they are available.”

(We urge all agents who have files of back issues to follow this procedure. We will be glad to furnish indexes for the various years and also single issues which may be missing upon request.)

We still have in stock a few bound volumes, as listed, for those readers who do not have files of back issues or who do not wish to get the binding done themselves:












* * * *

Some excerpts from letters received this month follow:

New Haven: “Will you kindly send me a copy of the April 1944 issue of your magazine? I understand that there is a discussion in it of social reconstruction in Japan.”

(The article referred to is “Japan Faces The Abyss” by Li Fu-Jen, a series in the February, March and April Issues of Fourth International.)

St. Paul: “One comrade was selling pamphlets door-to-door when he ran into a worker who had been getting the FI from a friend of his. Had them all for two or three years back. His child, when asked questions such as ‘Why is there segregation and Jim Crowism,’ replied in memorized answers from our party line. We’d had no previous contact with this man.”

* * * *

Plentywood: “I am sending money for the August FI. It sure is good this month.”

* * * *

Bellport, L.I.: “Thank you for the sample copy. Enclosed is $1 for a six-month subscription.”

* * * *

Chicago: “I am very interested in your magazine and also in all your publications so I am requesting information. I have read a few numbers of Fourth International since I have been in this country.

“I am enclosing herewith $2 to pay my subscription for this year, including all the copies of the previous months.

“I wish to tell you that I am a Peruvian-born citizen of this country. I came here to study. In 1930-32 I was a militant in the Communist Party of Peru, but I was excluded because of my Trotskyist tendencies.”

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