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Fourth International, January 1945


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, vol.6 No.1, January 1945, p.2.
Transcribed, marked up & formatted by Ted Crawford & David Walters in 2008 for ETOL.


The importance of placing Fourth International on newsstands cannot be overemphasized. Our records show that during the past year newsstand sales have risen continuously. New York, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles – all those branches that have placed the magazine on newsstands in their areas – report monthly increases in sales. Those branches relying exclusively on other methods of distribution should place Fourth International on at least one newsstand at once. Begin with this issue!

Bill Crane, our agent in Milwaukee, has already made plans to put the magazine on a newsstand. He accordingly requests that we increase the Fourth International bundle to cover Milwaukee’s expanding circulation.

Good sales at one newsstand are reported by R. Haddon of San Francisco:

“Please increase our bundle order another five copies. Whitey’s Smoke Shop in Berkeley is doing phenomenally well with the magazines. The first month we placed three – and they all sold; next we placed five – and they all sold; and now I have been informed that the current issue, of which ten were placed, is completely sold out!”

J. Millen of Philadelphia requested an increase of eight copies a month in November. In December he wrote again:

“So far this month we have sold twelve copies of the FI on the local stand, as compared with three or four copies in previous months. Our supply has long since been gone, so we hereby give you notice to increase our monthly order by ten copies.”

* * * *

A letter from our Toledo agent, A. West, reports a good beginning in selling Fourth International subscriptions to subscribers of The Militant. We quote: “Enclosed is $9 to cover three one-year combination subs. They all are subscribers of The Militant.”

We can think of no better source for Fourth International subscriptions than among those workers who subscribe to The Militant. Every agent should make plans to utilize this opportunity for subscriptions.

* * * *

We quote from several of the interesting letters sent us by our subscribers:

Lorain, Ohio:

“With the dawn of another year comes time for a renewal of my subscription to Fourth International. If I had not been satisfied with the publication during the first year I have been a reader, I doubtless would not have bothered about a renewal, so results speak for themselves. I may say that my preconceived opinions of what wickedness was going on in high places (religion, political and commercial) were quite correct, as is so well and factually brought out in the many able articles contained in Fourth International.

“I was very much impressed with the information on Japan and India. So much real news regarding the oppressed of these two nations is never forthcoming from so many of the so-called writers and commentators. They know on which side their bread is buttered. The mess in China is just as bad. The Chiang-Kai Sheks are very wealthy and worse still, they are quite religious. When we search sacred history, we find that Jesus was an ordinary working man and his faithful few followers were likewise. We can also see that it was the religious and political bigwigs (the Scribes and Pharisees) who had those friends of the common people put to death. Look at the bunch of world leaders of today – all profess one religious faith or another. None however seek to approach in deed the ideals that the man of sorrow died for. History repeats itself and how!

“Now then, enough for this time. Enclosed is money order for two-years’ subscription. Wishing the publishers continued success, knowing quite well they will call everything by its real name and be hated by the common foe of the masses for so doing. The truth is so damning.”

* * * *

Sheffield, England:

“I have much pleasure in writing these few lines to tell you how much I look forward to receiving each copy of Fourth International and The Militant in which I find much material for lectures and discussion. I receive these regularly from a friend in this town.

“Of course, I get into a few rows if I happen to lend them to one person before another person has had them, but I now lend one The Militant while the other has Fourth International and swear them both to secrecy from the other. This is popularity.

“I found extra special enjoyment in reading Felix Morrow’s article in the June 1944 issue entitled, Social Role of Religion.

“Here’s wishing a quick return to the party work of the 18 imprisoned comrades and success “to the Socialist Workers Party!”

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