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Fourth International, March 1945


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, vol.6 No.3, March 1945, p.66.
Transcribed, marked up & formatted by Ted Crawford & David Walters in 2008 for ETOL.


Fourth International sales in Allentown have increased during the last few months. Not only did our agent, Leona Massey, order additional copies of the January issue, but requested that we “increase the regular monthly bundle three copies until our new Literature Agent Newell sends the new order.”

We welcome H. Newell as Literature Agent for Allentown.

* * * *

A new high in sales for one of San Francisco’s newsstands is reported by R. Haddon, agent:

“Whitey’s Smoke Shop in Berkeley sold their entire order of fifteen this month, so we’ll increase his bundleto twenty with the current issue.

“The new FI publicity is most impressive. It will be interesting to watch the results.”

Our agent refers to a printed card which will be inserted in each issue of Fourth International. The card gives brief information about the magazine and offers our readers a special subscription rate of $2 for the first one-year sub and $1 for each additional sub. Every reader of Fourth International is urged to utilize this offer to either renew his subscription and get a sub for a friend, or subscribe for two friends.

* * * *

A. Field reports plans to increase the number of subscribers in Minneapolis:

“In line with your campaign to get more people to subscribe to Fourth International we are planning to intensify our work in the sale of the FI. We plan on working especially among our party people, some of who do not get the magazine through the mail. Would it be possible for you to make up a list of the FI subscribers we have here in Minneapolis, so that we can get to work?”

* * * *

Los Angeles has opened a new bookshop in Southside, according to our agent Al Lynn, where Fourth International, The Militant and other Trotskyist literature can be purchased. The “Workers’ Bookshop” is located at 8026 Seville Avenue, South Gate.

* * * *

Appreciating the lasting value of Fourth International. Bill Crane reports a project to bind them, thus permanently preserving the magazine for the use of the Milwaukee Branch:

“We are planning to have our loose files of Fourth International bound and would appreciate receiving the indexes for them. (Our files go back to 1934 as we were fortunate to pick up most of them from Chicago.)

“The contents of the January FI are excellent (as usual), but I did miss the archives section’s regular reprint of an article by the Old Man.”

Sidney Crabbe of Boston writes:

“A contact and subscriber to the FI would like to know if she can obtain a full-size reprint, suitable for framing, of the Lenin cut which appeared on the cover of the January issue.”

At present we do not have any prints suitable for framing, but so many of our friends are inquiring about the possibility of getting pictures of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and other revolutionary leaders that we are considering a portfolio of such pictures that can be sold to readers of Fourth International.

* * * *

The following inquiry was sent to us by D. Hilson, our agent in Akron:

“Have you received a subscription to Fourth International, sent in on a coupon clipped from the January issue, from the Akron area? The Akron Public Library copy of this issue has had its coupon clipped.”

Although we have received several subscriptions recently on the coupon clipped from the FI, we have not received one from the Akron area recently.

* * * *

Subscriptions to Fourth International during the month indicate that our magazine is making new friends over a wide area. New subscriptions, for instance, have been received not only from India and South Africa but from Brecksville and Novelty, Ohio; Wonalancet, N.H.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Philadelphia,Pa.; Baltimore, Md., etc.

* * * *

We quote several letters received from friends in other countries.

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