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Fourth International, November 1946


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, November 1946, Vol.7 No.11, p.322.
Transcribed, edited & formatted by Ted Crawford & David Walters in 2008 for ETOL.


Bundle order increases indicate an upward trend in sales of Fourth International.

L. Morris, Connecticut State Agent, writes:

“Believe it or not, we need some more October FI’s. We covered a meeting of the Yale Union (similar to the Oxford Union) featuring Norman Thomas on ‘Soh-oh-cialism.’ We sold four FIs, 10 Militants, and 24 pamphlets. So send us five more copies of the October FI, in addition to the three extra I have already ordered. We may still need more.”

George Grant, Cleveland Agent, requests:

“Please increase our bundle order for Fourth International by five copies a month, beginning with the October issue. We have had considerable success with the FI in a drugstore near the Western Reserve University campus. We started with four copies there several months ago, but we left seven of the last issue and they were sold out.”

E. Brent, Detroit Agent, writes:

“C. Neil, who is in charge of newsstands, is going to try to place our literature on some new stands near schools and universities, as Carl’s Bookshop at 9109 Woodward Ave. has been selling more Fourth Internationals than all the other stands put together.”


Jarvis Mitchell, a worker living in Cambridge, sent the following comments after reading the June issue of Fourth International:

“I never went to college, but I’ve done some reading in my time. I’m one of those guys who wants to know what it’s all about, where everything came from, and where it’s going. And I can’t help seeing how much this age is like that of ancient Rome, when everything was dying and decaying there. This atom bomb horror makes me think so much of Nero who tortured women and children and the fact that the capitalists are willing for the atom bomb atrocity to be described in all its details in the paper and even shown on the screen. Isn’t that just like Roman days when people went to the arena and saw even children tom by wild beasts? And this executing conquered enemies, putting them in chains and all that – I think more should be said on this point. Truman is Nero the Second to me. And all capitalist politicians and editors are just like the Romans, cruel as the grave; criminal, monstrous like madmen reeling to their doom. That’s how I know that capitalism can’t last much longer. I’d like to get this idea into print. No capitalist paper would take my comments, of course, but I wish Fourth International would publish them. And isn’t it true that when any ruling class is dying, such monsters as Nero, Churchill, Roosevelt, Truman, etc., appear to defend it and commit such crimes against helpless people, even torturing little children who can’t help themselves! I remember it was said of the ruling Romans of that age – they had lost the power to say if anything was good or evil. Isn’t that just like the rulers now?”

[Note by transcriber: Much shorter Notes than usual as the page is largely taken up with legal requirements to be stated once a year in the publication.]

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