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Fourth International, March 1947


Review of the Month

Documents from Latin America


From Fourth International, March 1947, Vol.8 No.3, p.71.
Transcribed, edited & formatted by Ted Crawford & David Walters in 2008 for ETOL.


We call special attention of our readers to the material contained in this issue, dealing with Latin American developments. The article by Charles Cornell on Wall Street’s program for Latin America provides an excellent background for the documents from Bolivia and Peru.

We are proud to publish the splendid Manifesto issued by a group of our Peruvian co-thinkers. It is still another proof of the power and vitality of the Trotskyist program which is sinking its roots deeply in colonial and semi-colonial countries, whose peoples bear the brunt of imperialist oppression.

The Trotskyist in Peru launched their organization last year with this Manifesto. They plan to hold their first National Conference sometime this year, and in preparation for it are elaborating their full programmatic position. The consistent and clear principled line of their first public domument augurs well for the future of the Peruvian Trotskyist movement.

The article from Bolivia was written shortly after the overthrow of the Villarroel government last July. In the space of a few months after the dictator was hung from a lamp-post in La Paz, the Revolutionary Workers Party (Trotskyist) experienced a rapid growth. It initiated the formation of a Proletarian United Front which presented its own slate in the January 5, 1947 elections to the Bolivian Parliament. Of the eight candidates elected on this slate, four were miners and four were representatives of the RWP (three Deputies and one Senator).

Juan Valverde’s dispatch reporting this important electoral victory, concludes with the words: “The RWP is converting itself into a mass party. And this is undoubtedly the most salient fact about present political developments in Bolivia.” (For the complete text of this dispatch see The Militant , February 1.)

We salute our co-thinkers in Peru and Bolivia. The future belongs to them.

Bolivia, by Juan Valverde

Manifesto of Peruvian Trotskyists

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