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Fourth International, June 1947


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, June 1947, Vol.8 No.6, p.162.
Transcribed, edited & formatted by Ted Crawford & David Walters in 2008 for ETOL.


Our Reading agent, H.S., increased his Fourth International bundle by three copies.

“This is part of the fulfillment of our promise,” he writes, “to again get a bundle of 10 copies and more, I hope. The bundle order had been decreased because some of the people to whom we had been selling single copies took subscriptions during the campaign.”

*  *  *  *

Zeke Abel, new literature agent for New Haven, Conn., ordered an additional 15 copies of the May issue. He says, “These FI’.s will be used by the Connecticut State branch in covering a Wallace meeting scheduled for June 8 in New Haven.”

Comrade Abel also informs us that “in the past week three FI subs have been obtained.

*  *  *  *

Newsstand sales of Fourth International in Detroit are averaging about 12 to 15 a month. The sales for April are broken down by E. Brent as follows: Family Newsstand 2 copies, stand at Michigan and Lafayette 4 copies, Carl’s Bookshop 4, Cass & Warren’s Drugs 3 copies – a total of 13. Comrade Brent states:

“We are now on a paying basis with Cass & Warren’s Drugs. This drugstore is across the street from the Wayne University and the magazine sells regularly there.”

*  *  *  *

W.L., a subscriber in Lorain, Ohio, asks that we send him another copy of the May issue and expIains why he didn’t receive the first one mailed to him.

“The fault is in the mails – all I received was the wrapper which was quite tattered and wet and was carelessly wound around some other person’s mail which I got instead of the FI. I enclose 25c and a 3c postage stamp so you can send me another copy. I really do not want to miss an issue as I like the magazine very much. It helps me watch the economical and political trends.”

*  *  *  *

The following comments were made by G.B., New York City:

“The opening article in the May issue – May Day, 1947, A Day of World Struggle For Bread, Peace and Socialism! – was most inspiring. Now, when we are being attacked from all sides by anti-labor bills which, if passed, will take away the only assurance we have of getting our rights as workers, who is on the our side? Certainly not the bosses’ stooges who have the nerve to debate these bills on the floor of the Senate; certainly not these ‘defenders of democracy’ who want to outlaw Communism and let the Ku Klux Klan remain legal. No! It is people like the author of the May Day article in the FI who give us courage and hope and tell us how we can rid ourselves of these slave drivers forever. Not only in America but all over the world.

“The workers are expected to tremble in their boots now because the master has cracked his whip. But as long as facts like those expressed in the May Day article are printed, it will give the workers courage to defy the whip.”

*  *  *  *

A friend in England writes:

“We are now in touch with a young German POW whose political ideas are very close to the principles and policy of the Fourth International. We pass on to him copies of your literature which he receives eagerly. He hands it on to his comrades who are sympathetic to his ideas. There is a possibility that he maybe able to get a copy of The Militant and FI placed in the reading room of the camp; he has already approached the camp librarian with the Socialist Appeal ... I would like to express appreciation of the article in the November FI by E.R. Frank on, the role of Stalinism in Europe. This was a most balanced account of the situation confronting Europe.”

The following back issues of NEW INTERNATIONAL are urgently needed or binding:

  • 1934 – July.
  • 1935 – Jan., March, May.
  • 1938 – Jan Feb, March, Nov.
  • 1939 – Jan June, Oct., Nov.
  • 1940 – Feb.

If you have one or more copies of any issue listed above will you please send them to Fourth International, 116 University Place, New York 3, N.Y.

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