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Fourth International, September-October 1947


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, September-October 1947, Vol.8 No.8, p.226.
Transcribed, edited & formatted by Ted Crawford & David Walters in 2008 for ETOL.


Alfred Lynn, Fourth International agent in Los Angeles , writes us about a new promotion idea he is trying out.

“I asked the Socialist Workers Party branches of the Los Angeles Local,” he says, “to submit the names and addresses of their 10 best Militant readers. Then we picked 11 names and sent each one the following letter and a copy of Fourth International.

“Dear Militant Reader,

“Since you have been a Militant reader for a good while, we are sure that you will enjoy reading our other publication – our magazine, Fourth International.

“This magazine contains excellent articles by leading socialist writers and workers on all current labor and international events, as well as reprints of the best writings of Leon Trotsky.

“We have sent you a sample copy of our magazine and we are enclosing a subscription blank in this letter for your use.

“Note the reduction in subscription rates to $1 for a whole year. The magazine now appears every two months.”

*  *  *  *

In the Detroit area they are going after increased newsstand sales. For this purpose Howard Mason, Fourth International agent, ordered additional copies of the September-October issue.

*  *  *  *

Agents in other localities have probably tried various and different methods of increasing Fourth International circulation. We would welcome these promotion ideas for this column.

*  *  *  *

Friends of Fourth International in other countries are making sure that our magazine is read by as wide an audience as possible.

A.M. of New Zealand writes:

“I write with difficulty. I am nearly 70, almost blind. Your publications are read by me sometimes, but always passed on to some of the wage workers ... You may continue sending the publications and what is dear to the heart of a Scotchman, they are cheap. You will write to me again and tell me just how the account stands and I shall send remittance, not forgetting the fighting Fund Appeal, which I neglected over the years – just through procrastination.”

*  *  *  *

A reader in Palestine tells us that he is doing everything possible to see that our “publications will be read by many friends isolated in all parts of this country.”

*  *  *  *

J.P. of France sent the following letter:

“I want to thank you once more for the paper I receive every week and also for the Fourth InternationalI. enjoy very much reading both the magazine and the paper, which publications I appreciate for their high theoretical level and fight against capitalism as well as against Stalinism ... I am a militant Trotskyist in the Fourth International since 1939,but I have never seen in our movement a paper like yours. I think your paper, The Militant, teaches us how to make a good workers’ paper. I have followed with a great interest the nine articles of Comrade Cannon on Stalinism and Anti-Stalinism. I agree that he shows the only way to fight Stalinism and to denounce the professional anti-Stalinists. I translated into Spanish the best passages of these nine articles.”

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