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Fourth International, January-February 1948


Editorial Corrections


From Fourth International, Vol.9 No.1, January-February 1948, p.27.
Transcription & mark-up: Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


The following editorial corrections of the Draft Theses adopted by the International Secretariat of the Fourth International on The Russian Question Today (Stalinism and the Fourth International) arrived too late for inclusion in the text which appeared in our November-December issue:

At the end of Section 1, The Russian Question (Page 264, second column) insert the following paragraph:

“This program of struggle within the Soviet Union remains essentiallyvalid for the present period. The Russian Bolshevik-Leninists,on the basis of this program, work out specific slogans corresponding to the concrete unfoldment of the situation.”

In Section 2 Stalinism Outside Russia (page 270, second column, 3rd line from the top), point (d) which reads: “d) Fight against the GPU by all means” is deleted. Insert in its place the following paragraph:

“d) Against the GPU, the Stalinist murder machine, the Trotskyist wage unceasing warfare by all the means at their disposal. The Stalinists have taken advantage of every social upheaval to kill off numerous Trotskyist and other anti-Stalinist militants in order to eliminate physically all cadres who could give revolutionary leadership to the working class (Spain, Greece, Indo-China). The whole criminal record of the GPU must be constantly exposed. The greatest alertness must be shown to all new GPU crimes in preparation. The broadest sections of public opinion must be mobilized against them. The fullest and most careful measures of self-defense must be undertaken. Against the calculated cold-blooded murder methods of the GPU, we must utilize every means at our command.”

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