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Fourth International, January 1949


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, Vol.10 No.1, January 1949, p.2.
Transcription & mark-up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


Rising costs of every publishing expense – including even postage – have forced Fourth International to raise subscription rates slightly beginning Jan. 1. We hope $2.50 a year (12 issues) will come closer to meeting monthly deficits. Outside of the US the rate is now $3 a year.

The Militant, weekly organ of American Trotskyism, also had to raise rates to $2 a year and $3.50 outside the US.

The new rate schedule is:





Fourth International


12 issues




The Militant


52 issues






One year




Bundle rates are unchanged.

* * *

Many Militant subscribers hurried to get their renewals in under 1948 low rates, dozens also renewed or added Fourth International subs, which were acceptable at 1948 rates up to Jan. 1. Two Philadelphia readers took combination renewals for two years each.

Three-fourths of all recent FI subs were renewals and three-fourths were for a full year or more. A dozen libraries made their annual or biennial renewals and the Detroit public library took out a new subscription.

* * *

Most of the subscriptions, at least 90%, were for both Fourth International and The Militant.

* * *

New foreign requests were, from India, Germany, Austria, England, Scotland and Canada. Half a dozen Canadian subscriptions were renewed, including also The Militant.

* * *

“I would like to know when my subscription runs out for Fourth International and The Militant. I don’t want to miss any issues. They are the real goods.” – Wiseton, Sask.

* * *

Expiration dates of Fourth International subscriptions are indicated on every wrapper by a number printed with your name and address. This is the Whole Number of the issue on which your sub will end.

At any time you can determine how many issues are still due you by subtracting from the number on your wrapper the Whole Number that appears in the masthead on this page.

For example: If this is your first issue on a new or renewed subscription for 12 issues, the number on your wrapper is 102. Subtract the whole number on this page, 91, and you still have 11 issues due. No.102 will appear on your wrapper until your sub expires.

* * *

Because we were unable to publish October or November issues in 1948, all active subscriptions were extended accordingly. Subs that would have expired with October were stopped in December. Those that would have ended in November will end with this issue. The Whole Numbers are continuous. September issue was No. 89; December was No. 90 and this is No. 91.

* * *

Only eight issues of Fourth International appeared in 1948. The first two were bi-monthly, January-February and March-April.

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