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Fourth International, January-February 1952


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, Vol.13 No.1, January-February 1952, p.2.
Transcription & mark-up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


Orders for extra copies of the November-December issue of Fourth International are still coming in from Socialist Workers Party branches. Oakland and Minneapolis sold out their first and second bundles and are now selling their third bundle of this issue. Orders for additional copies from Akron, Chicago, Cleveland, New York and Pittsburgh also reflect the serious response and added consciousness inspired by the World Congress issue.

New York Literature Agent Ethel Swanson writes that “this is not an issue just to be read, but to be studied. It’s a kind of milestone in our analysis of world events.” Ethel believes in the possibility of broader sales of the FI at schools and meetings and comments on some experiences of Militant and FI salesmen with the latest issue which bear this out.

“On occasions when we had one particular salesman who didn’t just have the FI along with other literature,” she writes, “we had very successful sales. At one of the schools where two comrades sell The Militant regularly with the FI, we tried selling with one salesman holding the FI only. Our sales were more than twice as large. I sold four in this way at a Stalinist civil rights meeting. My approach was on the basis of the contents rather than on the general basis that this is our theoretical magazine. Sales at our own meetings were very good also. One of the reasons for this is that the comrades did not leave the selling up to the person at the literature table but pointed out to friends that ‘this is an issue you just have to read.’

“I think it is the unanimous opinion of comrades that the World Congress issue is the best since the one on Asia in Revolt. We feel that it is very important to organize meetings around it since it contains a synthesis of all our discussions in the past few years on the vital questions of Eastern Europe, Yugoslavia, China, and in general on the Stalinist influenced movements. Also, with issues like these, we have to make more concrete campaigns to get the FI into the hands of advanced workers, students and radicals.”

“The new FI went over with a bang,” writes Chicago Literature Agent Bert Deck. “As you know we sold out our regular bundle within the first week of its arrival. Half of our second bundle is now gone. And I have no doubt that the few remaining will soon find anxious readers. We are planning a series of discussions around the magazine for the near future. Mitch and Manny were the sparkplugs on FI work. Manny arranged to have this issue sold at a campus newsstand and Mitch sold 15 copies to friends on the campus.”

Lillian Russell, Oakland Literature Agent, writes, “Please send us extra copies of the new Fourth International as soon as possible. This one we don’t even have to sell.”

Jean Simon writes to increase Cleveland’s bundle. The September-October issue was completely sold out, she reports. Extra copies were needed also of the November-December issue. “We’re having a series of discussions on the World Congress resolutions and speeches,” Jean writes, “so the FI which contains them is indispensable. It has to be studied, not just read.”

* * *

R.D. writes for a group of FI readers in Toronto, Canada:

“Just received the latest issue of the Fourth. Really excellent. Have rushed out to get a money order for extra copies. We will probably want more, but this will do as a starter.”

T. Burns, a friend in London, England, wishes to compliment the editors on the last issue.

“The issue, of your splendid magazine carrying the 64 page report on the Third World Congress of the Fourth International is one of the most remarkable achievements of our movement. It is especially so coming from within that bastion of imperialism which now heads world reaction. The splendid layout, technical and political efficiency, which in themselves emphasize the seriousness of those responsible, also in their own way serve notice on Washington that one day the mighty giant which is US labor will rouse itself and combine the advanced technique of its present day capitalist production methods with the firm Marxist understanding so ably expounded by Fourth International. On that day the bankers of Wall Street, their flunky politicians in Washington and Hoover of the FBI will find their plans for world enslavement ground to dust by the greatest of all forces, the American working class.”

J.S., a friend in Saskatchewan, Canada, writes,

“I am 75 years old and am still looking forward to seeing socialism in action. If not complete at least on the correct road. And I hope to do my bit to help. I am reading the last issue, the November and December Fourth International, with intense interest, especially the report on the Third World Congress. I completely agree and appreciate every word of it. I would be sending more money but the farmers here are getting a slap in the face this year move than ever. I sure am glad to have The Militant and Fourth International to read. They both are excellent reading for anyone who really wants to know the truth and have an analysis of world trends and events. I have also read The Road to Peace by JPC. He sure deserves credit for such an excellent piece of work.”

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