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Fourth International, January-February 1953


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, Vol.14 No.1, January-February 1953, p.2.
Transcription & mark-up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


Due to various and unforeseen technical difficulties Fourth International has been delayed in appearance. Readers of the magazine wrl have their subscriptions extended to include all issues covered by their subscriptions. Editors of Fourth International are busy now in the effort to make up, for the time lost and the next two issues of the magazine, we hope, will appear at shorter intervals. We would like also to thank the readers for the patience and consideration they have shown.

* * *

Just a few words to catch up on reader’s reactions on previous issues:

C.R H. of Minneapolis wrote in a letter enclosing $5 for the renewal of his subscription:

“The article by Harry Frankel, Capitalism and Democracy is worth the price of a year’s subscription alone. Of course, all the material in the magazine is good but that article is, in my opinion, exceptional. I read it very carefully and intend to read it very carefully from time to time in the future.”

Mrs. R.D. of Detroit found that “the article covering the NYU lecture by Clarke was excellent (in the debate with three professors) was excellent ... I was really pleased with it.”

“We have been reading Fourth International for several years now,” say C. and G.P. of Lloydminster, Alberta, “and have found no other paper that can compare with it as an education in Marxism and Marxist analysis. As far as we are concerned, we like the paper just as it is. However, it must be simplified to some extent to reach a broader mass of readers, the end result being an overwhelming increase in the number of Marxists in this country – so much the better.”

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