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Fourth International, Spring 1954


Manager’s Column


From Fourth International, Vol.15 No.2, Spring 1954, p.38.
Transcription & mark-up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


The first issue of Fourth International as a quarterly, and in a new format, met with an enthusiastic response from literature agents and readers. Detroit and Boston sold out their bundle orders and wrote in for additional copies. Detroit comrades are now doubling their regular bundle.

Increased sales are reported by Philadelphia literature agent George Lorca.

“The credit for this,” he writes, “doesn’t really belong to Philly though. It should go to the comrades who did such a successful job of re-styling the magazine and to those who gave us the contents.

“One person, after reading the magazine straight through, told me he had only one objection to raise. The subtitle, he said, called the magazine ‘A Marxist Quarterly,’ and it should be called ‘The Marxist Quarterly,’ because it’s the only one there is.”

Minneapolis literature agent Helen Sherman writes: “The FI cover is beautiful and the new magazine is 100 times more usable and attractive as a whole.”

Nick Bennett comments for San Francisco: “The new FI came in today and we are enthusiastic about it – both about the looks and the material in it.”

“We are so proud of the new FI!” write the Chicago comrades, “‘Oh, it’s so beautiful!’ – that’s the expression from all quarters around here. We are glad that Arne Swabeck’s article was republished in full. Read in connection with the one by Murry Weiss, it makes a well-rounded fundamental analysis of the present situation and perspectives.”

V.R.D. of Minneapolis sends the following letter:

“Very special note! Will you please round up the staff and congratulate them for that wonderful job on the FI. It is magnificent, it is beautiful, it’s artistic – most important of all, theoretically and politically powerful. Many thanks to everyone who had anything to do with it.”

A circle of readers in Canada ordered 20 extra copies of the Winter issue, and write:

“Everyone here is very favorably impressed by the new format of the FI. The cover is very good, and it’s fine to see the cuts and photos scattered through the pages brightening up the magazine. The contents of this issue are proving particularly valuable to us.”

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