International Group
A journal of Marxism in the Labour Party

Journal of the International Group. The International Group was a significant split from the International Marxist Group / Socialist League in 1985. Formerly the largest minority, Faction One, led by Phil Hearse, Dave Packer, Davy Jones, and Bob Pennington, they left after two smaller minorities formed what they regarded as an unprincipled alliance to block them from the leadership of the group. They published nine issues of “International- A journal of Marxism in the Labour Party” before fusing with the Socialist Group (formerly Workers Socialist League) in 1987 to form the International Socialist Group which then published Socialist Outlook. The IG / ISG considered itself to be a sympathising section of the Fourth International and became the official section at the 1995 World Congress.

These issues of Socialist Outlook scanned by the Splits & Fusions Blog dedicated to the history of British Trotskyism.

Contents by Issue

No. 1, November-December, 1985
No. 2, January-February, 1986
No. 3, March-April, 1986
No. 4, May-June, 1986
No. 5, July-August, 1986
No. 6, September-October, 1986
No. 7, November-December, 1986
No. 8, January-February, 1987
No. 9, March-April, 1987 Final issue



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