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Irish Marxist Review, November 2013




From Irish Marxists Review, Vol. 2 No. 8, November 2013, p. iii.
Copyright © Irish Marxist Review.
The links have been slightly modified and checked (May 2020).
A PDF of this article is available here.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the ETOL.


John Molyneux is editor of Irish Marxist Review and author of a number of books including The Point is to Change It! An Introduction to Marxist Philosophy and The Case for Socialism in Ireland, with a blog

Andy Durgan is a leading member of En Lliuta in Catalonia in the Spanish state and author of The Spanish Civil War and many other books and articles on Spanish politics and history.

Memet Uludag is a Turkish-Irish socialist in Dublin, active also with the Anti-Racist Network and the Irish Anti-War Movement who writes regularly at

Keir McKechnie is a youth development practitioner focussing on working with vulnerable young people across Scotland. He is a long standing member of the SWP in Glasgow and has recently written a pamphlet on Scottish Independence.

Brian Kelly is Reader in History at Queens University, Belfast, and author of Race, Class and Power in the Alabama Coalfields, 1908–1921 as well as many other studies on racism, slavery and related issues.

Tina MacVeigh is a Community Worker, has a PhD in Applied Social Science from UCD, and is a People Before Profit activist and representative in the Dublin South West Inner City.

Paul O’Brien writes on history, politics and literature and is the author of Shelley and Revolutionary Ireland and The 1913 Lockout.

Michael Taft is Research Officer with UNITE the Union and is author of Notes on the Front, a blog on political economy He writes in his personal capacity.

Sinéad Kennedy lectures in the Department of English at NUI Maynooth, is a leading pro-choice activist and author of Socialism and the Fight for Women’s Liberation in the 21st Century.

James O’Toole is a socialist activist in Dublin and author of Revolution! A Beginners Guide.

Annette Mooney is a nurse and teacher and a socialist activist in Dublin.

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