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International Socialism, Autumn 1960


[The Editors]

A Letter to Readers


From International Socialism (1st series), No.2, Autumn 1960, p.36.
Thanks to Ted Crawford & the late Will Fancy.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


So far, not at all bad. Sales in London are good; good also in the Provinces (although Left Clubs and NALSO affiliates have shown some reluctance in parting with the lolly). Space forbids mention of anything but the highlights internationally: Australia is winning by a long head, Asia is represented by India (thanks for that editorial comment in The Call comrades) and Japan (readers will notice active participation from that quarter). Holland is selling well and France promises collaboration, starting with an article by P. Chaulieu (editor of Socialisme ou Barbarie, of which much more anon) in our next issue. Italy’s risorgimento is not too far off either, we are told. The New World is represented for the time being by Argentina (we hope the suppression of the Praxis group and the banning of their fortnightly, Revolution, will not weaken their desire to state their case abroad), by Mexico and the United States (placed last in punishment for not meeting our highest hopes). Africa is, still, darkest, although one hurried note from Jo’burg had time for ‘The net is closing fast’.

Success doesn’t always go to the pocket; some of it reaches the head. And here we tender our humble apologies to the many reviewers whose short notes are growing long beards, to Eric Heffer whose survey of the work done by the Imre Nagy Institute in Brussels has been picked clean of all but its advertizing essentials, to Peter Sedgwick whose important article on workers’ control has had to be held over for the next issue, and to the many others whose creative fires have had to be damped.

Critics of our typographical experiments to date might feel they have had a hand in the current Restoration. In all fairness they should know that the art editor has been exiled to Geneva, but threatens to return at any moment. Abu’s presence in our middle pages should reassure those of our readers who fear a sacrifice of soul to politics, which, of course, quite logically, leads us to a consideration of recent changes in our editorial board.

Our more conspiratorial comrades might tend to look for wolves in sheens’ clothing amongst our new adherents. A useless endeavour: the wolves are dressed in wolves’ clothing, and clearly labelled, and likewise the sheep. The mechanics of our editorial labours are yet obscure, but our democracy, ‘guided’ though it be, is growing. More and more évolués will be associated with editorial power in future.

The seamen’s strike caught us unawares. We hope to deal with its weightier aspects in the next issue, especially with that most elusive of all customers – the relations between rank-and-file movements and union bureaucracies. No promises, mind. We are also thinking – again, no promises – of organizing a school for militants to discuss and debate Sedgwick’s forthcoming article on workers’ control.

Finally, lolly. There are many fivers still at large. Catch them. There are over 600 public libraries still undisturbed. Disturb them by placing orders. There are innumerable bookshops and stalls that haven’t yet heard the magnificent news of our birth. Tell them. There are hordes of atheists who receive Christmas presents. A year’s sub to IS is the perfect solution.


Yours fraternally,

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