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International Socialism, Autumn 1962


Letter to Readers


From International Socialism, No.10, Autumn 1962, p.14.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


Dear Reader,

This quarter’s post bag has been uncritical and, therefore, devoid of interest. Our last issue was commended nem con and nobody seemed to mind the absence of new names. This issue is different. Not only are all but one of our named contributors new, but each is merely the viable portion of a veritable iceberg of supporting talent. In one case – Song with Teeth – the iceberg is a movement; in another – The Young Socialists – if consists of a half-a-dozen members of Labour’s youth organization who seek refuge from Transport House’s withering finger in anonymity.

Each of the three articles is unfinished – and we ask readers to do their best to fill them out. Is autonomy the solution for the YS? Can parallels be drawn from experience abroad? On the Labour Party and CND, is the history traced comprehensive? the policy advanced correct? What has been the course of events within the anti-Bomb organizations themselves? Finally, let us have more songs and circumstances. We hope to be able to devote a lot of space next time to comment, amendment and additions.

‘next time ...’ Ah yes, we were to have published Tony Cliffs double number on Russia next time. We shan’t. The venture is postponed until the Spring since the manuscript is still to be completed (although work is going night and day) and the response to our appeal for funds has been disappointing. Winter’s will be a regular issue with ... no promises.

This is our tenth issue and it looks as if we are going to stay. To mark the occasion and secure our future, we propose to broaden the base of our activities and allow the raucous voice of democracy to be heard. Plans are afoot to start IS Readers’ meetings in as many places as we can and have them elect the editorial board. Details have yet to be worked out, but the countdown has started.

Readers might wish to see our portrait in the Rogue’s Gallery at Clapham High Street. Labour Review has devoted an entire issue to sticking pins into IS (particularly into. Alasdair MacIntyre) and suchlike revisionists, all of – which, dare we say it, tickled us pink.


The Editor

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