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International Socialism, Summer 1966


[The Editor]

Letter to Readers


From International Socialism (1st series), No.25, Summer 1966, p.19.
Thanks to Ted Crawford & the late Will Fancy.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


Pressure on space in IS is getting almost impossible, particularly because we have had a crop of letters and comments this time – two interesting letters criticising our position on Rhodesia arrived too late for inclusion in this issue and will have to be held over till next time. The next press date, for IS 26, is 20 July, and anyone who wants to write something should let us know in good time and have the actual piece to us by that date. We had hoped in this issue to have celebrated Guyana independence with a serious analysis of Guyana, including the relatively unknown Left opposition (unknown in Britain, that is), and a selection of poems from young West Indian writers, but this has now had to be held over until next time. Similarly, a longish memoir on Luwick Hass, the Left Oppositionist just imprisoned by the Polish government for his class analysis of Poland (cf. elsewhere in this issue) has had to be postponed: its postponement should in no way inhibit strong protest at the attempt to eradicate by force the most promising internationalist critique to appear in Eastern Europe for some time.

Paul Derrick’s piece in this issue is the beginning of an examination of the new book on incomes policy by Tony Cliff and Colin Barker, and we hope other people will write in their comments and criticisms either of Derrick or the book. The book itself is vital reading for all readers of this journal and all industrial militants coming to grips with the implications of incomes policy: it is the first long and serious Left critique of government policy and contains vital ammunition.

Readers interested in the shop stewards’ movement will be glad to learn of a new building workers’ paper, Rank and File, obtainable at fourpence (plus postage) from J. Gatley, 18 Gatesgarth Road, Langley Estate, Middleton, near Manchester. Donations to the same address. Any readers able to spread the word among building workers could find worse ways of spending their time.

Our contributors this time include Audrey and Jim Kincaid; Audrey is a graduate of Keele, formerly active in the Labour Party in London and now in Aberdeen; Jim (cf. his biography, IS 10) now teaches sociology at Aberdeen University. Peter Sedgwick is well-known to our readers, both for his contributions in IS and, most recently, for his critique of Marcuse in The Socialist Register, 1966. Paul Derrick is a well-known contributor to Tribune and The Sunday Citizen, and is the author of a Fabian pamphlet.

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