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International Socialism, Spring 1994




From International Socialism 2:62, Spring 1994.
Copyright © International Socialism.
Copied with thanks from the International Socialism Archive.
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OPPRESSION IS part of daily life, whatever the right wing may say. Women, blacks, lesbians and gays are only some of those who, for instance, suffer discrimination in jobs and housing, are pilloried in the press and subject to physical assault. But how are we to fight oppression? Is an aggressive assertion of, say, the gay or black identity, enough? And do groups based on identity politics, like Queer Nation in the United States, provide a strategy for liberation?

American socialist Sharon Smith looks for the historical roots of identity politics and goes on to challenge the ‘post-Marxist’ theoreticians whose work underpins the practice of identity politics.

CRIME WAS to be the stalking horse for a Tory government whose every other policy has failed. But within months of the Tories’ get tough policy being announced it all began to go horribly wrong. Now everyone from chief constables to prison officers thinks that the government has got it wrong. Iain Ferguson investigates.

GEORGE ORWELL’S Homage to Catalonia is quite simply one of the best books ever written about revolution. But it has always suffered attack from sections of the left – Stalinists then and some feminists today. John Newsinger looks at the history of the Spanish Revolution, Orwell’s politics and the reaction of his critics.

THE 20th CENTURY novel is examined by Gareth Jenkins while our other book reviews look at the work of some distinguished Marxist historians: E.P. Thompson’s study of revolutionary poet William Blake, Guy Bois’s investigation of the birth of feudalism and John Saville’s history of the 1945 Labour government’s foreign policy. Bookwatch looks at the history of the Russian Revolution.

RISING PRODUCTION costs have meant a small price increase, our first for five years. We hope readers will agree that, at a price still well below comparable journals, International Socialism is excellent value.

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