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From International Socialism 2:67, Summer 1995.
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MILLIONS OF people are turning to Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’. Award winning journalist Paul Foot looks at the reasons for Blair’s popularity and the prospects for class struggle under a future Labour government. In When will the Blair bubble burst? he examines the limits of Blair’s popularity, the economic and political boundaries within which he is imprisoned and outlines an alternative socialist strategy. In One Hundred Years of Revisionism, Socialist Worker editor Chris Harman looks at previous attempts by leaders of the labour movement to abandon socialist ideas, and shows how Tony Blair is obliged to be more right wing than his predecessors.

THE 50th anniversary of VE day has raised many serious questions about how the ruling classes of Europe were prepared to collaborate with fascists and fought to carve out empires, not to protect democracy. The war ended in a massive eruption of working class radicalisation across Europe. Chris Bambery looks at the rise and fall of those hopes. Even in the darkest hours of the Second World War, workers resisted the Nazis. Alex Callinicos reviews an inspiring account of resistance in the concentrations camps and a study of the German working class under Hitler’s Third Reich.

MANY SOCIALISTS and activists accept the idea that the media is responsible for the Tories’ election victories and dominates the way workers think about politics. In his article Is The Media All Powerful? Chris Nineham argues that, despite the media empires owned by tycoons like Rupert Murdoch, the media’s influence can be challenged.

PETER MORGAN reviews a comprehensive history of the American West which delves into the wars against the Native Americans and the growth of working class organisation and charts the fortunes of the area, from the Gold Rush of the 1840s to the growth of Los Angeles.

CHINA IS one area of the world which seems untouched by the revolutions which swept away the political systems of Eastern Europe. But China has been wracked by revolt, as Charlie Hore’s Bookwatch shows.

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