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International Socialism, March 1996




From International Socialism 2:70, March 1996.
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Copied with thanks from the International Socialism Archive.
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SOUTH AFRICA has abolished white rule, but can Nelson Mandela meet the aspirations raised by the end of apartheid? Alex Callinicos analyses the forces that brought victory and shows how they are colliding with the ANC led government’s endorsement of the capitalist system. He argues that Mandela has already abandoned some of the promises on which he fought his country’s first free elections and goes on to outline a strategy for the workers’ movement and the left.

STRIKES, DEMONSTRATIONS and protests shook French society late last year. Chris Harman looks at the origins of the revolt against French prime minister Juppé’s plan, the role of rank and file activists and the politics of the official Communist and Socialist leaders of the movement. He examines the parallels with 1968 and the prospects for future struggles.

BLACK PANTHER Huey Newton’s life is both an inspiration to socialists and a lesson that taking on the state without a clear strategy is a dangerous game, as Brian Richardson’s review of Newton’s autobiography shows. A more successful course is charted by Lenin’s struggle to build a revolutionary party, as Adrian Budd’s book review demonstrates.

KINGSLEY AMIS’ very different life ended last year. Gareth Jenkins cuts through plaudits Amis’ novels received and provides a critical view of his work.

CLASS STRUGGLE has never been far from the surface of British history and its full breadth is represented in our book reviews. Lee Humber reviews a new collection of essays on the English Revolution, Mark O’Brien reviews a classic history of the rise of the British working class, and Martin Smith’s Bookwatch celebrates the 70th anniversary of the General Strike.

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