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International Socialism, Winter 2000




From International Socialism 2:89, Winter 2000.
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THE REVOLUTION in Serbia is an event of international importance. The overthrow of Milosevic by the Serbian workers and the student movement Otpor! clearly proves, for the first time since the Portuguese Revolution of 1974, that the impulse to revolution has not left the European heartland of the capitalist system. Yet this is a democratic revolution, not a socialist revolution, argues Lindsey German. How will the movement now develop? How will the new government confront the workers? How will it deal with the NATO powers and Kosovo?

A NEW INTIFADA shows the heroic capacity of the Palestinian masses. Its roots lie in the frustrations of the peace process that has led the PLO to police the settlement agreed with Israel. Anne Alexander describes the barbarity of the Israeli state, how the Palestinians arrived in this situation, and the limitations of the PLO’s politics.

BORIS KAGARLITSKY’s The Lessons of Prague is a study of the key questions now facing the anti-capitalist movement. In part a contribution to the discussion begun in our last issue by Chris Harman’s Anti-capitalism: Theory and Practice, The Lessons of Prague defends the Prague demonstration from accusations of ultra-leftism and goes on to locate the main lines of debate opening up before the movement.

THE ZAPATISTA movement in Mexico has appealed to some in the anti-capitalist movement as a new method of organisation. Mike Gonzalez looks at the movement’s current potential.

STUART HOOD fought with the Italian partisans for the liberation of Italy during the Second World War. Here he recalls a seminal moment in the history of the European left.

GEORGE LUKÁCS’s recently published A Defence of History and Class Consciousness provokes Mark O’Brien’s critical response. Book reviews include Judy Cox on David Harvey, Megan Trudell on Robert Service and Esme Choonara on Naila Kabeer’s The Power to Choose.

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