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International Socialism, Summer 2001




From International Socialism 2:91, Summer 2001.
Copyright © International Socialism.
Copied with thanks from the International Socialism Archive.
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FROM THE DRUGS COMPANIES’ defeat over patenting in South Africa, to the cancellation of the World Bank meeting in Barcelona for fear of protests – we are winning. But victories raise serious issues. How do we react to police violence? Should we take on the state physically or build local networks? Who are our allies, and who are our real enemies? International Socialism presents a forum in which Susan George, Walden Bello and Chris Nineham put forward their visions of where the movement should go. Fundamentally, how do we answer the question raised by Susan George – what does ‘overthrowing capitalism’ mean in the 21st century?

THE BREAKDOWN of the Labour Party’s base is continuing apace, while the Socialist Alliance/SSP challenge is breaking new ground in British politics. Author and Socialist Alliance national committee member Mike Marqusee responds to John Rees’s analysis in International Socialism 90 of how and why this is happening, and adds his voice to the discussion of how we build a new left here in Britain.

MIKE DAVIS, author of Magical Urbanism, takes a look at the seeds of revolt sown in the youth rebellions of early Cold War America. From the ‘Zoot suit’ riots of 1943 to the battles on Sunset Strip, he shows how rebelling against the local sheriff led to identification with the civil rights movement.

IRISH WOMEN’S lives have transformed in recent years. Goretti Horgan shows how the needs of Irish capital have coincided with shifts in patterns of emigration, marriage and childbirth, but also how collective struggle has started to break down the church’s hold over women’s lives. Can the new protest movement point the way forward for women’s liberation?

JOHN LISTER offers some solutions to the continuing crisis in the countryside, plus Mike Gonzalez on the Zapatistas, and Dragan Plavsic on two new books on Kosovo.

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