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International Socialism, Spring 2002




From International Socialism 2:94, Spring 2002.
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THE PEOPLE of Argentina exploded onto the streets in December 2001, no longer willing to pay for the crisis caused by their rulers. After toppling four presidents in as many weeks, where will the protests go now? Chris Harman, author of A People’s History of the World, looks at the history of struggle in Argentina from the pitched battles between workers and the state in 1919 to the present day. He assesses the balance of forces in the current revolt, and asks who is in a position to win the leadership of a struggle whose outcome will be decisive for the global movement against neo-liberalism.

CLASS STRUGGLE is back on the agenda as rail workers, post workers, teachers and others are taking to the picket lines in defiance of Blair’s privatisation programme. Are we facing a return to the 1970s? As a fourth major union elects a left winger as general secretary, what should our attitude to the trade union bureaucracy be? Martin Smith examines these questions by revisiting the tradition of rank and file organisation.

ZIMBABWE has hit the headlines recently, as the British establishment screams about protecting the rights of the whites being forcibly evicted from their land. Mugabe talks of anti-imperialism, but whose side is he really on? What is the situation of the black majority in Zimbabwe? And what is the character of the main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change? Leo Zeilig clears up the confusion with his brief history of the Mugabe regime, and his analysis of the current crisis and the left in Zimbabwe.

PIERRE BOURDIEU, a leading sociologist and latterly anti-globalisation activist, died in January 2002. Jim Wolfreys remembers the life and work of this important figure on the French left.

BOOK REVIEWS include Richard Greeman, executor of Victor Serge’s literary estate, on Susan Weissman’s Victor Serge: The Course is Set on Hope, and Dave Crouch on The Bolsheviks and the National Question.

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