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International Socialism, Spring 2003




From International Socialism 2:98, Spring 2003.
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Copied with thanks from the International Socialism Archive.
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THE SCALE of the movement against war on Iraq surpasses anything known in history, and its progress will have repercussions for generations to come. Sam Ashman looks at the development of the movement internationally, from anti-capitalism to anti-imperialism.

THE INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN Against US Aggression on Iraq was launched at a historic conference in Cairo last December. The Cairo Declaration, reprinted here, was issued as a statement of aims and has attracted considerable support from all over the globe.

THE MEDIA can leave activists in fits of rage as the TV and newspapers seem to spew out so much one-sided capitalist propaganda. But is it really so simple? Colin Sparks takes a look inside the media, analysing the conflicting pressures on owners, editors and media workers. He assesses the role of the mass media as a capitalist enterprise, but one that must connect with the everyday experience of workers.

LULA’S VICTORY in the Brazilian presidential election last October represented the hopes of millions of workers. But straight after speaking to cheers at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, he jetted off to Davos to meet and greet the architects of neo-liberal globalisation at the World Economic Forum. Mike Gonzalez looks at Lula’s political history, from young trade unionist to much-feted leader of the Workers Party, and asks – will he live up to his promise?

TWO ARGENTINIAN ACTIVISTS chart the debates since the popular uprising in Argentina in December 2001, and argue that the organised industrial working class must be central to the movement if it is to unite the different sections and demands of the popular assemblies.

BOOK REVIEWS include Rachel Aldred on Daniel Bensaïd’s Marx for Our Times, Dave Renton takes a look inside an American triumphalist’s mind with Why the West has Won, plus a Deutscher Prize winning history of Alabama coal miners, the Jewish Revolt, and Robert Brenner’s latest work on the US economy.

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