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Issue 11: April–May 2000



Death Penalty on Trial

Notes of the Quarter


Briefing: The Shape of world Capitalism, by Ahmed Shawki & Paul D’Amato

  • WTO: Corporate Club, by Paul D’Amato
  • >IMF: Debt Copby Joel Geier
  • World Bank: Plunder with a Human Face, by Eric Ruder
  • Death Penalty on Trial, by Eric Ruder

    • Interview with Leonard Weinglass, conducted by Eric Ruder

    Mexico after the Student Strike, by Todd Chretien

    Cuba: Crisis of State Capitalism, by Hector Reyes

    A Strike Derailed, by Meredith Kolodnor & Shaun Harkin

    Reprint: What is Sectarianism? by Duncan Hallas


    • Hurricane Carter
    • World History from Below
    • Iraq Under Siege
    • Explaining Economic Instability
    • Rootless Capitalists
    • Joe McCarthey’s European Cousins
    • The Catholic Church in Ireland

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